Wicker Patio Furniture

woven patio furniture

Wicker patio furniture stands out as having its own distinctive feel and character, adding relaxation and peace into any home environment.

All-weather woven furniture is constructed of resilient materials that can stand the test of time, including sun damage and rain as well as wear from pets and children.


Add an inviting atmosphere to your pool or garden patio with woven furniture! Wicker is a natural material, boasting luxurious looks when combined with soft cushions. Additionally, its durability and lightweight nature makes it easy to transport or rearrange as desired. Plus its timeless look works well in modern outdoor settings and pairs beautifully with other styles of furnishings!

When choosing a woven patio set, look for one with a durable aluminum frame. Cheaper frames may appear attractive at first, but under stress will bend or buckle easily – to prevent this, look for one using thicker gauge aluminum with ample support underneath seating areas and ask the sales person to lift the wicker up and demonstrate its support frame system.

Thick cushions should also be considered when shopping for a woven patio set; thicker ones tend to provide greater lumbar support, as well as better stain and dirt resistance. An ideal cushion should be covered in weather-resistant olefin fabric that quickly dries.

Woven furniture adds an inviting and relaxing ambience to any space, especially when combined with a koi pond or tropical garden. A good woven patio set should accommodate multiple people comfortably while including a table; additionally it should provide room for throw pillows to provide added visual interest and add visual comfort – as well as being easy to maintain for years of enjoyment! A well-cared for set can last 4-7 years with proper attention; making this investment worth your while for any homeowner.


Woven patio furniture makes a welcome addition to nearly any decor style, from rattan and jute to wood and stone – from minimalistic to traditional aesthetics. Wicker looks especially great when combined with natural fibers such as olefin or Sunbrella fabrics for maximum impact.

Woven patio furniture offers an array of color choices that makes it suitable for any environment, creating an array of atmospheres from neutrals, browns and greens for an inviting feel, to bright white and cream for a modern aesthetic. Furthermore, weathered finishes create an aged rustic style.

Wicker outdoor furniture is lightweight, making it easy to transport or rearrange for a change of scene. Many woven patio sets use aluminum frames combined with synthetic or natural wicker to keep weight low – this helps ease movement while remaining durable enough for years of service.

If you are searching for an eco-friendly wicker set, recycled plastic furniture could be your answer. Available in an array of colors and seating capacities, recycled plastic furniture offers endless customisation possibilities to fit the perfect set into any space – not to mention being resistant to fade, mildew and weather fading for outdoor use!

Finding a suitable wicker sofa requires finding one that complements your existing decor. Opting for neutral colors will blend in seamlessly, or choose dark brown wicker sofas to enhance a rustic or farmhouse aesthetic. Lighter hues like tan or beige may work best with coastal or beach-themed decor while earthy tones add an air of tranquillity when designing gardens or koi pond designs.

If you’re looking to add woven furniture to your backyard oasis, pairing your wicker chairs and sofa with complementary wicker tables or side tables could create the ideal setting for relaxing with friends or family. These accent pieces make a statement piece that also can create more intimate settings.


Homeowners have the chance to make an environmental difference when purchasing woven patio furniture. Going green doesn’t need to be drastic; even small changes can have a substantial effect. Energy efficient appliances, LED light bulbs and selecting outdoor furniture crafted from sustainable materials are great ways to reduce carbon emissions in your home and reduce carbon emissions.

Woven furniture creates an intimate, natural ambience on any patio design vision. From pools to koi ponds, gardens, and oceanfront views – adding wicker seating can further relax a relaxing space and highlight surrounding plants and colors in any relaxing decor scheme.

While some woven furniture is produced using synthetic resin, most is composed of organic natural fibers like rattan, bamboo and seagrass that is then woven into benches, chairs, tables daybeds and loungers – this eco-friendly method minimizes nonrenewable resources while supporting local employment and production.

Opting for furniture made from recycled materials is another effective way to reduce your ecological impact when purchasing woven furniture, such as baskets repurposed from existing baskets or items crafted using cane stalk and rattan reclaimed from old baskets; both options reduce waste while keeping this popular material out of landfills.

Many eco-friendly patio furniture manufacturers utilize wood harvested responsibly, such as FSC-certified teak which offers long-term durability while helping preserve forests. Plus, this wood holds its ground against weather changes – providing low impact sustainable furniture solutions!

Eco-friendly woven furniture options include pieces crafted from reclaimed and recycled aluminum, steel, glass and other recycled materials such as natural wood or metals that provide style and comfort similar to their mass-produced counterparts. Furthermore, these pieces can last decades longer due to being built to last.

Woven furniture is not only eco-friendly, but it can also be safe for those with allergies. Its smooth surface helps resist allergens while eliminating dust mites, while emitting negligible amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs have been linked to itchy eyes, runny noses, asthma symptoms, respiratory conditions and other health concerns; as a result people with sensitive skin can enjoy outdoor spaces without worrying about symptoms that arise during exposure.


Wicker furniture adds an air of elegance to any outdoor living space. From lounging poolside with a book to hosting friends for an intimate dinner party, woven patio sets provide the ideal solution. Online retailers offer an assortment of unique wicker furniture at reasonable prices; choose between sofas, loveseats and coffee tables or build your own custom set based on pieces that best suit your space and lifestyle needs.

Wicker furniture can be an extremely versatile choice, yet selecting a material durable enough to withstand outdoor elements is key. Vinyl or polymer may fade in direct sunlight; therefore it’s wiser to look for HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) rather than PVC resin when purchasing outdoor pieces; its superior quality will help ensure they remain in excellent condition year after year.

Rattan and wicker are natural, beautiful options for adding some flare to your backyard or patio space. While at first glance they may appear similar, each material offers distinct advantages when it comes to materials, manufacturing processes, durability, design versatility and pricing – so ensure you know which will meet the unique requirements and styles of your space! Learn more about what distinguishes rattan from wicker in order to select the optimal option(s).

Wicker patio furniture brings an organic charm that creates an inviting outdoor space. Use it to complement existing decor or add pops of color with patterns pillows; its natural look also goes well with water features like ponds or oceanfront views.

Joybird offers an expansive selection of stylish woven furniture sets at online retailers like Joybird. Their family-owned company uses locally sourced materials and eco-friendly design practices, and specializes in mid-century modern styles. Furthermore, Joybird offers free fabric swatches as well as zero APR financing plans, 365-day returns and limited warranties to help create the outdoor space of your dreams – plus they partner with One Tree Planted so every order plants a tree!