Choosing Patio Furniture For Small Decks

If your deck offers stunning scenery, put its focal point front and center with minimalist furniture. Sophisticated chairs and sofas with clean lines won’t block out your view.

Plantings on your deck can give it the feel of an intimate garden. If floor space is limited, consider elevating them with window boxes or over-the-rail planters for maximum relaxation.


Wood patio furniture adds natural charm and durability to your deck, but selecting the appropriate wood species and applying sufficient moisture protection are crucial in making it last. Look for material designed for outdoor use that has been treated with stain or sealer to resist sun damage as well as hardwoods such as teak that resist moisture; although Eucalyptus is also hard and beautiful but may require additional maintenance in order to keep its aesthetic.

Add different elements to your wooden furniture to create an engaging layout for your small deck. For instance, multiple loungers paired with an inviting coffee table can help separate seating areas and offer an ideal place for socializing; or opt for a cozy couch and chair combination as part of a cozy corner lounge spot.

A dining set can help make your patio an even more welcoming space for social gatherings, providing additional seating during hot summer nights.

Consider both the style and colors you desire for your patio furniture and decor. Some people opt for neutral tones while others add pops of color with accent pieces. It is important to keep in mind that the hues you select may change based on weather and environment factors; bold hues might be less suitable in an area susceptible to heavy rainfall.

Outdoor wood furniture often includes built-in storage solutions to make life easier – cushions and blankets have their own places! Ottomans provide additional seating while double as an easy solution for keeping outdoor accessories organized. You could even consider purchasing items made of recycled materials as green alternatives; such as using an old wooden crate for your coffee table!


Be a trendsetter this season with plastic patio furniture made of recycled materials crafted for contemporary elegance. Many also provide UV protection, making these pieces suitable for year-round use.

Create a stylish seating arrangement on your small deck by pairing lounge chairs with matching coffee tables. This simple configuration is the ideal way to create an inviting lounge area where you can kick back with a book while sipping some coffee or wine from your matching cups. Dress up the seats further with throw pillows and an outdoor rug for added coherence.

Resin wicker tables offer something truly original if you’re searching for something more unusual. Crafted from durable polymers derived from recycled materials, resin tables offer great weather resistance. While wicker furniture traditionally relies on similar materials like willow or cane, resin models come with more color choices and will stand up against years of sun and rain without fading or cracking over time. While more costly than its plastic counterparts, resin tables will last much longer without showing signs of wear over time.

Synthetic wicker furniture is another popular choice, offering comfort, durability and aesthetic appeal while being easier to maintain than real rattan. Made from a mixture of resins like polypropylene and PVC as well as various additives and pigments, synthetic wicker is often chosen for outdoor furniture due to its comfortable seating experience, long lifespan and ease of maintenance.

If your deck features a beautiful view, make sure that you add furniture that allows you to take in its splendor. Minimalist pieces allow the landscape to take center stage while modern colors like beachy ocean blues or industrial neutrals make for great combinations – great options if your view includes both.

Plastic patio furniture is easy to keep looking its best without needing intensive cleaning or protective coatings, thanks to being mold and fungus resistant and not absorbing water from even heavy rainfall. Stain resistance also means spills are easily cleaned up without leaving a mark of discoloration behind.


If your small deck is exposed to the elements, consider furniture made from fabric designed for outdoor use. Look for fade-resistant, water-resistant fabric that offers protection from UV rays as well as waterproof properties if possible – choosing waterproof fabrics may allow extra cushions that reduce weight from being added on chairs and sofas; when selecting metal or wicker chairs make sure they come equipped with plastic feet to prevent rusting.

Upholstered dining and seating chairs in contemporary styles provide a comfortable spot to kick back and appreciate your backyard views with family or friends. For decks that may be overcrowded, opt for narrow chairs that are easy to move around the table while visually balancing out space. Hanging seating options like swings or egg chairs provide stylish seating that saves floor space.

When purchasing fabric for patio use, look for colors and patterns that complement the existing decor of your outdoor area. A brightly colored floral print may work perfectly in modern settings with matching pillows and throws; while for casual deck settings with natural surroundings a light and neutral tone might work better.

For an elegant deck, consider selecting a set of swivel rocking chairs made with cast aluminum frames coated to prevent corrosion and rust, featuring Sunbrella fabrics for long-term comfort and easy maintenance.

Deck chairs and lounges should provide you with a relaxing spot for reading, watching the sunset, and entertaining friends. To take full advantage of your stunning landscape views, opt for minimal designs that let the scene stand out – such as melamine dinnerware, outdoor lighting fixtures or even a potting bench to store tools and hand plants.

Breezy coastal fabrics such as blues and pastels create an air of relaxed beach chic on your warm-weather entertainment deck. Choose resin wicker furniture and rope designs along with nautical-themed decorative accessories to complete this aesthetic in your yard.


DIY patio furniture can transform a small deck into an inviting oasis. If you possess some handy skills, building chairs, tables and planters that add interest can turn a mundane backyard space into an inviting getaway. Greenery will add another splash of color while keeping guests comfortable as you enjoy this backyard retreat.

For an inexpensive way to update the look of existing wood furniture, give it a fresh coat of paint or stain. This can brighten up the appearance of your deck while making it appear larger; adding decorative accents such as outdoor rugs or lights adds another level of charm and warmth.

Angela Marie Made’s cozy lounge chair is simple to put together using lengths of 22 lumber and pre-made outdoor cushions, taking only an afternoon to complete and costing under $100. If you want something extra, why not stencil a design onto the cushions for added flair.

A coffee table is an essential addition to any lounge chairs and couches on a deck, especially one with limited space. It provides a place for drinks, snacks, or the odd rocks your kids bring from outside the garden to be set down safely and conveniently. This DIY project features two lengths of 22 and one piece of 16×16 patio paver; making this DIY coffee table suitable for even beginners to take on!

With an old window or wooden crate in hand, you can create a stylish yet functional coffee table to be the envy of all your neighbors. This easy DIY project doesn’t require any power tools and you can adjust its size and shape according to the space in your living area.

Fire pits make great focal points for decks, but they can be challenging to manage in tight spaces. However, there are various alternative ways of adding warmth and ambience to your backyard by building an easy-to-build fire table – whether you use gas burners or electric flames; either will deliver equally beautiful results.