Why Choose Poly Patio Furniture?

An investment in quality Poly Outdoor Furniture sets is an invaluable way to enhance your outdoor experience. Crafted with eco-friendly plastic material and featuring vibrant hues that mimic wood grains, such as this set from Poly.

No matter if it’s grilling with friends or lounging poolside, PHAT Tommy’s poly patio furniture provides lasting memories with its durability and easy upkeep.

Easy to Clean

Poly furniture stands out among its competition because of its ease of care and maintenance requirements, with features that resist mildew, mold and staining/fading that make for simple cleaning with soft cloth or sponge wipings or low pressure power washer use. You should use low pressure settings on power washers when hosing down poly furniture – any stronger water pressure could potentially damage fibers of its construction and cause uneven wear on its fibers over time.

If your furniture has an especially persistent or stubborn stain, consider trying washing it with a solution of 1/3 bleach and 2/3 water to dislodge any pollen or dirt that has gotten stuck between its grooves. This should help get rid of organic debris like pollen that has settled onto it.

Alternative, you could try scrubbing your poly furniture with an ordinary brush and dish soap, being sure to scrub more vigorously than you would on wood furniture. Furthermore, magic erasers may help with any stubborn marks or stains not eliminated through regular cleaning procedures.

Poly is great because its color holds, without needing restaining or restaining, making poly furniture maintenance-free. Thanks to UV protective agents built into its material, your furniture won’t fade over time from sunlight exposure or moisture, saving both hassle and money when it comes time to repainting or restaining it!

When repainting poly furniture, it is recommended that you do so when the weather is dry. This will ensure the new coat of paint cures completely without peeling or flaking in the future.

If you want your poly furniture to withstand the rigors of winter weather, it is advisable to cover or store it during snowstorms and harsh storms. In extreme heat or cold environments it may also be wise to store indoors in order to protect it from temperature-related damages.


Poly furniture stands out from its competitors as being easy to keep clean, without needing extensive maintenance like its wood counterpart. Poly furniture won’t splinter like wood does and will remain vibrant even under adverse weather conditions, making it perfect for patios, decks, gardens, poolside areas or beachside retreats.

Wood furniture resists moisture, mold, and rot for extended durability and doesn’t require painting – saving both money and the environment! Additionally, using less harsh chemicals that harm the environment.

Poly furniture provides the ideal way to turn any outdoor living space into an inviting spot where families and friends can gather. Be it for graduation celebrations, gender reveal parties or simply relaxing together – your backyard will serve as the setting for many memorable moments that you can share together for years. Create the ideal atmosphere with Poly furniture so that these memories last a lifetime!

Poly furniture is an investment worth making as it will always look brand new over the course of its lifespan. Highly resistant to harsh weather conditions and other elements than either wood or metal furniture can stand up well against them.

Since it’s made from recycled materials, you can feel good about making an eco-friendly decision for both the environment and your home. Furthermore, its lack of harmful chemicals means there won’t be any risk to soil or water sources from toxic leaching into its composition.

HDPE poly furniture provides another advantage; this eco-friendly material is used in food containers, cosmetics and facial care products; its neutral pH makes it non-toxic while not emitting formaldehyde or carcinogenic fumes. Plus it doesn’t absorb moisture, meaning chemical-based staining or waterproofing products won’t have an adverse impact on either you or the environment – no wonder so many people choose eco-friendly HDPE furniture! It is no surprise so many are opting for HDPE furniture in their homes and work environments! No wonder so many are opting for eco-friendly HDPE furniture over traditional wood grain versions! It is no surprise so many people opting for eco-friendly HDPE furniture these days – or rather why so many opting for eco-friendly HDPE furniture made of HDPE for their homes and business environments!

Weather Resistant

Your backyard is where memories are made – be it graduation celebrations, gender reveal parties or just relaxing with family. Make it beautiful yet comfy and long-term by adding poly furniture into its design.

Poly furniture offers superior moisture, weather and insect resistance as compared to its wooden counterpart, making it easier than ever to keep clean and looking brand new despite regular use. Furthermore, its natural colors remain UV stable which ensures they won’t fade with prolonged sunlight exposure. Whether entertaining guests in your backyard or simply relaxing alone on your deck chair there’s nothing better than Amish-crafted poly outdoor furniture sets to complete your experience.

Poly is one of the more eco-friendly choices for outdoor furniture, thanks to being made primarily of recycled plastic bottles that can then be formed into furniture pieces. Furthermore, its composition ensures it doesn’t emit any smells or chemical fumes when in use.

Poly’s environmental friendliness lies in its minimal maintenance requirements: staining, painting and waterproofing are no longer needed to keep it looking its best; all that’s required for long-term upkeep is soap and water wash maintenance! In addition, its hardware components are corrosion resistant for added protection from rusting over time.

Plastic outdoor furniture stands up well against snowy climates, unlike wooden outdoor pieces which need to be covered up during the winter or stored indoors. Poly can withstand freezing and melting snowfall which otherwise would damage wooden furniture by cracking and splintering it, making poly outdoor furniture one of the more durable choices available in cold environments.

As if all that weren’t enough, the high-density polyethylene that makes up poly patio furniture is completely recyclable – in fact, most of it used in manufacturing Trex furniture comes from old HDPE products that have already been recycled! Repurposing it keeps beautiful materials out of landfills where they could leach into soil over time.


Contrary to traditional wooden patio furniture, our poly outdoor furniture will not warp, crack, or discolor with weathering. The all weather poly material used during manufacturing process has been specially pigmented and UV protected so as to provide maximum UV protection without fading under sunlight exposure.

Phat Tommy Furniture is dedicated to producing eco-friendly, long-term furniture pieces of exceptional quality and beauty that meet environmental sustainability criteria. Our furniture is constructed using thick recycled HDPE plastic that reduces landfill space and energy use; plus our outdoor pieces are handcrafted in America so that there’s no need for overseas freight ships and airplanes that burn fossil fuels; while Amish artisans craft each piece by hand according to your specifications – eliminating large warehouses that consume both water and air conditioning costs.

Poly is an environmentally-friendly option, made from recycled milk jugs and other plastic products to produce a solid molded product resembling wood grain. Since there are no harsh chemicals used in its creation, Poly can safely be used anywhere outdoors without ever fading or rotting away over time.

Poly furniture requires minimal upkeep compared to many types of outdoor furniture, which typically needs to be sanded, re-stained and resealed over time. Furthermore, our furniture does not absorb moisture so as to be resistant to mildew and mold growth.

By eliminating maintenance needs for furniture on your patio, our poly outdoor furniture allows you to spend more time enjoying it instead of worrying about upkeep. Furthermore, unlike wood patio furniture, it will never rot or attract insects!

Selecting furniture for your outdoor living spaces is an important decision, and Phat Tommy provides a selection of styles and colors to meet any aesthetic. Crafted in America and customizable according to your specifications, our poly patio furniture provides sustainable solutions for any backyard – we hope we can assist in helping you find your dream addition for patio pool area, front porch or deck!