Uttermost Clocks – A Nod to Time-Honored Craftsmanship

Uttermost is expanding their home furnishings manufacturing business by increasing capacity and opening new distribution centers on both coasts. Their products emphasize quality and product value through innovative finishes and advanced engineering processes.

Roman skeleton clocks have become an increasingly popular decorative trend, and Uttermost’s table clock designs showcase this popular aesthetic.

The Uttermost Company

Uttermost is known for crafting exquisite home accents. Their products range from framed art and desk clocks, traditional clocks and contemporary desk clocks – as well as table lamps and lighting fixtures of varying styles.

Bob and Belle Cooper established the company in 1975 as family-owned and managed, dedicated to offering prestigious home furnishings at reasonable prices. Since its beginning, its growth has been propelled by three priorities: superior service to Retailers; increasing product value through better design and pricing strategies; and treating employees, sales representatives, and designers as partners in business.

At H & H Home Products, their products are created from only high-grade materials and feature signature design elements to meet various decorating personalities. H&H employs hundreds of employees both domestically and abroad with offices located all around the United States as well as Asia; they also have a distribution center located in Rocky Mount Virginia with partner factories across the world.

Uttermost offers more than just accent furniture and wall decor; their home accessory selection also includes artwork in different colors, textures, sizes and shapes for any style – they have framed pieces in every style from modern art pieces to decorative plaques with pictures to trays candlesticks and vases with various shapes and finishes to choose from.

Many items come prewired and ready for hanging. When hanging larger framed art, use the self-leveling adjustable J-hook hardware included with each piece to ensure even distribution of weight across its entirety. If unsure, seek advice from an experienced designer.

Most clocks made by this company require one AA battery to operate properly. Make sure to install these before hanging your clock on a wall, ensuring that none of its hands collide.

Pendulux Clocks

Pendulux wall clocks are handcrafted masterpieces designed and constructed for longevity. Drawing inspiration from World War II aircraft or Leonardo Da Vinci sketches, each timepiece exudes passion and purpose; using metals such as solid brass and high-grade aluminum they exude rustic elegance while remaining timelessly stylish.

From the Tyler table clock’s heavy nickel-plated case to Engine Room’s oversize fasteners, each clock embodies materials that speak to past eras. From steamboat captains’ engineering genius to 1950s rocket ships’ technological progress, each clock provides an opportunity for reflection while still bearing practical beauty.

Pendulux timepieces are meticulously designed in California and manufactured worldwide to precise specifications, drawing inspiration from industrial, nautical and militaristic influences to craft timepieces that are masculine yet modern. Their industrial, nautical and militaristic inspiration has resulted in pieces with masculine silhouettes while remaining relevant for contemporary living – each piece tells its own tale and can tell it on multiple levels! Orders usually ship within 24-48 hours from Richmond CA while orders received at trade shows may take slightly longer as shipping rates are calculated according to weight / dimensions with rates determined solely by carriers themselves with no surcharges imposed by Pendulux.

Clocks from Pendulux

Imagine Leonardo Da Vinci, Thomas Edison and Jules Verne sitting together with parts and tools, creating useful products that stir the imagination and satisfy their soul. That is the idea behind Pendulux, which designs wall and table clocks inspired by industrial, nautical and aviation themes.

These artisan clocks evoke vintage aesthetics while infusing passion and purpose into each design, from rocket ship rockets to 1930s steamboats – each clock tells its own unique tale. Crafted from solid brass or high grade aluminum, each timepiece bears the signature Pendulux craftsmanship – masculine yet graceful, rugged yet sophisticated pieces designed and manufactured in California but available worldwide via FedEx Ground shipping from Richmond CA – making Pendulux clocks timeless additions for today’s homes while nodding back to vintage aesthetics of vintage aesthetics while providing timeless clocks from yesteryear! Each clock boasts its own individual personality. From audacious rocket ships soaring past to graceful 1930s steamboat designs – every detail has its own story to tell. From rocket ships flying off of rocket ships oppilations of steamboats of 1930s steamboat designs from California’s design is unique. Each clock tells its own individual tale. Manufactured worldwide from materials like solid brass and high grade aluminum, each timepiece bears its own special tale from California where its manufacturing worldwide production. Free Shipping Every Day via FedEx Ground from Richmond California! Free Shipping Daily from Richmond California (ships via FedEx Ground from Richmond California). Ships directly from Richmond California (shipping via FedEx Ground from Richmond California), Pendulux clocks offer timeless design while paying homage to Californian past while serving today as timeless additions! Ship via FedEx Ground from Richmond California or Richmond California from Richmond California from Richmond California designs in California while providing timeless additions. Free Shipping Every Day Shipped direct via FedEx Ground from Richmond California for FREE Ground delivers directly from Richmond California (ships ships Richmond California (Free shipping Every Day Shipped via Fedex Ground From Richmond). Ship from Richmond California) (Free Frequent California! Ship via Richmond). Free Freight from Richmond. California). Ship via Richmond.). Free Frequent Ground from Richmond California). Shipments directly via Fed Ex Ground from Richmond. CA). Shipment US from Richmond. CA) to anywhere on US. CA). Free Shipped from Richmond. CA) for Free! CA). Shipment today’s Richmond California warehouse). Shipment Ground from CA). Ship from Richmond.CA). Ship from Richmond. CA). Shipping!.com from Richmond California from CA). Free Ground from CA)! & CA! * Ship From Richmond Ca! & California for Ground from CA! *From California Ship from CA! Free From CA via US Shipped Direct! & Ground ship from Richmond. California (US Ground for ships worldwide for FREE. * Ship from CA

Clocks from Uttermost

Uttermost was founded by Bob and Belle Cooper in 1975, with three core principles at its foundation: offering superior customer service; creating products of great design at reasonable pricing; and treating employees, sales representatives, designers, distributors as partners in business. Now with over 6,000 products offered through thousands of independent retailers nationwide; Uttermost boasts some of the lowest damage rates in its industry due to advanced product engineering techniques and packaging reinforcement techniques.

Timelessly elegant yet contemporary in design, this wall clock boasts a braided metal frame finished in Brushed Brass with Satin Black accents, quartz movement and requires one AA battery to run smoothly.

With its distinctive combination of premium-grade materials and eye-catching high-style design, the Harrison collection brings timeless elegance into any room in your home.