White Wicker Patio Furniture Sets

Outer’s wicker sets arrive in easy-to-maneuver boxes and require only light assembly; each includes an instruction manual as well as all of the hardware you will need for set assembly and can even feature machine-washable cushions!

Quality wicker lasts years outdoors when exposed to full sun and rain, exhibiting even weave patterns and symmetrical rows. Avoid cheap plastic materials which degrade rapidly, adding landfill pollution.

Easy to maintain

Wicker furniture makes an eye-catching statement in any outdoor setting, thanks to its lightweight construction that facilitates easy mobility and wide range of styles and finishes that complement any decor. However, like all furniture it requires some basic upkeep if it is to maintain its beauty for as long as possible; whether natural or synthetic wicker, regular cleaning will extend its life and keep its beautiful finish.

Wiping down wicker periodically is key for maintaining its beautiful aesthetic and keeping it looking its best; any buildup of dirt should also be eliminated by use of umbrellas and shade trees to block direct sunlight rays.

If your wicker furniture is painted, touch up its finish every few years to preserve its beauty and prolong its longevity. This is especially important with resin wicker as its surface can quickly deteriorate if exposed to environmental conditions. If any cracks or chips occur, get them repaired quickly to preserve its aesthetics and preserve its beauty.

Both natural and synthetic wicker are susceptible to fading if exposed to direct sunlight, so placing it under an awning or covered area will extend its life. To further extend its longevity, covering it at night or when not in use will protect from dust, pollen, bird droppings or debris which could potentially harm its material composition.

General cleaning should be accomplished using a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to extract dirt and debris from crevices, while in more serious instances mild dish detergent or vinegar solutions may be needed for deeper cleansing. Be wary when applying these solutions as prolonged exposure could cause swelling or warping to occur in your wicker furniture.

Be mindful that wicker is soft; heavy objects should never be placed upon it when wet as this could break or loosen its slats, speeding up drying times. A fan, sunlight or breeze may help speed this process along. Inspect your wicker regularly for signs of wear such as wide gaps between its slats which could indicate it needs replacing.


Wicker furniture is an adaptable addition to any outdoor living space, perfectly complementing various styles of decor and working well in any environment. The light color makes wicker easy to combine with other pieces in any patio furniture set or decor scheme, and the woven material accentuates natural elements of any garden or lawn space. Furthermore, its white hue helps brighten up an urban condo or country cottage – white wicker works in either situation!

Wicker furniture offers an abundance of choices, spanning traditional dining sets to contemporary sectional sofas. Some pieces include accent chairs or ottomans for extra seating space – find something that best matches your personal taste and budget!

Wicker furniture is an increasingly popular choice for outdoor seating, thanks to its durability and easy upkeep. However, it is important to remember that wicker isn’t best-suited to humid environments due to its ability to absorb moisture – something it should do less often due to absorption by fibers absorbing moisture through raindrops soaking through to its fibers and eventually leading to mildew or mold growth. To minimize this possibility, clean it regularly after each raindrop falls and air it thoroughly after it rains as prolonged sun exposure could damage fibers causing the fabric wicker itself fade over time – something frequent cleaning will do just fine.

Selecting the ideal wicker furniture will transform any deck, porch or patio into an inviting and relaxing environment for entertaining or unwinding. Our collection offers an assortment of sizes, shapes and styles so that you’re sure to find a set that perfectly complements the needs of your space.

For a thoughtful present idea, why not buy one of these beautiful wicker furniture pieces as gifts for someone special in your life? A rocking chair set would make an impressive present for newlyweds or that special couple in your life; patio tables or side tables from this collection would also be thoughtful birthday presents that could become family heirlooms over time. The quality is unrivalled!


White wicker patio furniture sets can add a sophisticated touch to any outdoor setting. Made of one of the most durable materials for outdoor furniture, wicker has proven itself durable against weather conditions that would quickly wear away other forms. Plus, its natural aesthetic looks great in most settings! Choosing furniture that fits both your space and budget needs is key.

When purchasing white wicker outdoor furniture sets, quality should always come first. Look for ones constructed with high-grade resin wicker and aluminum frames; make sure the frame shows no sign of corrosion or rust and inspect for signs of rust or corrosion as soon as you arrive home from shopping. When possible, avoid box store wicker sets made with steel frames as these often bend and rust over time.

The highest-quality wicker furniture is built to withstand decades of use. To do so, it must feature a sturdy base, comfortable cushions, an eye-catching pattern and all-weather wicker materials that can withstand both sun exposure and sudden rainfall changes. Furthermore, you should choose pieces with little assembly necessary so as to extend their longevity.

Wicker furniture is also easy to keep clean and maintain, requiring minimal upkeep with mild dish detergent and a garden hose. This makes it a good option for busy homeowners who don’t wish to dedicate too much time and energy to maintenance tasks.

FCI London offers all-weather resin wicker furniture designed by some of the industry’s premier manufacturers to fit every taste, style and color preference. Choose from sofa lounges, dining tables and sectionals as well as pieces designed especially for children!

All-weather wicker furniture is one of the most durable options for patio seating, constructed of synthetic strands woven tightly together to achieve maximum strength. To get maximum value from all-weather wicker, look for pieces made of synthetic and polyethylene resins which have been combined into strong lightweight frames; dyed to achieve consistent colors before being dyed again for consistency. When shopping for all-weather wicker be sure to look for products labeled HDPE (high density polyethylene), as this type is non porous and fade-resistant.


White wicker chairs offer an elegant accent for outdoor furniture, and could make the ideal addition to patios. Their classic style has long been appreciated by homebuyers as a classic staple that stands the test of time and elements alike. Wicker chairs are easy to maintain and withstand weather changes making them the ideal addition.

When shopping for wicker patio furniture, be sure to select high-quality pieces. The ideal sets will feature thick aluminum frames with tightly woven synthetic fibers to withstand weather damage; avoid cheap sets that sway up and down or become unsteady after only months of use.

The type of wicker used in your set will also have an impact on its lifespan. High-quality resin-made wicker will stand up well against moisture and fading; to ensure longevity check the label to see that yours is made from HDPE material which stands up well to sunlight, rain and snow for years; anything less may fade quickly and need replacement sooner.

Another aspect to keep in mind when purchasing wicker furniture is cushioning type. Although most sets come equipped with cushions, it’s essential that they provide both comfort and durability – ideal cushions should feature high-density foam cores covered with durable polyester fabrics for optimal results. Some wicker seats even include plush pillows for additional relaxation!

When on a tight budget, affordable white wicker patio furniture can still be found by selecting sets with matching ottomans that can be stored underneath chairs when not in use. This will create a cohesive and stylish appearance that will impress guests.

Wicker furniture may appear more costly than other options, but its many benefits make the investment worth its while. Thanks to its versatile nature and low costs, wicker can fit easily with any decor style, making it the perfect addition for outdoor spaces at any home.