Jaipur Area Rugs

When purchasing a Jaipur area rug, be sure to select one in a size and color that complements your current decor and meets all requirements for use in your space. When shopping online or from brick and mortar retailers, don’t get duped into paying too much!

Jaipur Living offers several design collections that cater to a range of styles. For instance, their Genesis Collection suits contemporary or modern homes while Fable boasts distressed designs which work well in traditional settings.

Quiet Time Collection

The Quiet Time Collection features textural yet solid designs that evoke relaxed comfort. Crafted of wool and jute, Hadren rug from this collection features double wearability with its texture-rich boucle construction in soothing neutral palette of gray, ivory and rust hues. Reversible for double wear! Reverseable rug! Reverseability double wearability double wearability double texture-rich boucle construction features in soothing neutral palette of gray ivory and rust hues Jaipur Living, a modern textile furnishings company founded on quality, design and care for artisans, creates this grounding contemporary rug which makes an excellent accent piece to complete a cozy social seating area or adds coziness in any hygge-centric home. Their products are co-created with designers and they take great pride in how their products are produced – including providing livable wages, health and dental insurance coverage, financial literacy education programs and access to education for artisans in villages they serve.

Terra Collection

The Terra Collection celebrates timeless, natural beauty through earthy hues and durable materials. This diverse selection – ranging from large-scale patterns to smaller accent rugs – pays homage to timeless beauty while simultaneously being durable. Each rug showcases an inspired design inspired by nature; Nanko area rug features a linear abstract pattern in an earthy palette featuring olive, orange, red, gray ivory gold. Powered-loomed power loomed rug features subtle sheening for an eye-catching finish with sophisticated colors complementing each other for an effortless finish that creates timeless beauty!

Steve Keihner was the founder and owner of an established delivery and logistics company in Ohio before venturing out on his own with Terra in Mill Valley, CA. From this experience he gained insight into sourcing, manufacturing and customer care – an approach which would serve him well when launching this venture.

Keihner wanted to create an authentic, timeless, and beautiful collection. So he searched for only the highest quality wood available – then milled, graded, and applied high-quality finishing techniques on each individual board – in order to meet this goal. As a result, Terra collection stands as our most honest and least altered collection.

Terra is proud of their commitment to quality as well as their efforts in reducing their environmental footprint. Terra sources sustainably grown teak, uses recycled and ocean plastics in production, and donates with every purchase made to the U.S. Forest Foundation’s Plant-A-Tree Program.

Terra is designed with families in mind and features stain resistance for long-lasting durability. One excellent example of this is the Starling area rug – featuring an authentic vintage aesthetic while maintaining low maintenance standards.

Terra collection products are now offered at an accessible price point for our trade customers, thanks to our partnership with Vibe by Jaipur Living, who provide stunning designs and high quality standards with competitive pricing models that do not comply with Minimum Advertised Prices (MAPs). This allows us to give customers both worlds – beautiful Jaipur Living collections at accessible price points.