White Aluminum Patio Furniture Is Durable and Stylish

This outdoor table’s frame and finish are constructed of professional powder-coated aluminum for extra peace of mind when leaving it outside all season long, plus it comes with a 3-year warranty!

Aluminum stands out as one of the few metals that do not rust, making it a relatively carefree material that requires very minimal upkeep and maintenance.


Aluminum patio furniture provides both durability and style when selecting outdoor seating arrangements for homeowners’ backyards, while its lightweight nature makes moving it around without exertion easy. When looking for patio sets that satisfy both criteria, aluminum is often the go-to material. Aluminum also ages gracefully over time to maintain its beauty, as it retains its attractive appearance over time. Plus, its lightweight nature makes aluminum easier than other options to move around the seating arrangements without breaking a sweat!

Lancaster Table & Seating’s white aluminum patio chair is an ideal solution for restaurants, bars and lounges looking to outfit their outdoor dining/patio areas with comfortable seats for customers. Boasting a modern slat top design this chair stands up well against harsh outdoor elements while its 1 3/4″ umbrella hole ensures shade for guests.

Aluminum furniture is not only lightweight and easy to transport; its unique alloy blend can withstand even the harshest of weather conditions without succumbing to corrosion. Furthermore, maintenance requirements are minimal with aluminum pieces; no need for frequent scrubbing and refinishing like wood or iron furniture pieces would necessitate; making aluminum an excellent choice for anyone wanting to spend less time maintaining their outdoor space and more time relaxing on it!

Though some may find aluminum furniture too dull or dull to be appealing, there are ways to add flair and color that make these pieces more visually appealing. Fabric cushions will soften the hard metal surfaces while adding warmth and coziness to any outdoor space. Plus, vibrant or colorful cushions stand out against neutral-colored frames to bring more vibrancy into the backyard!

Homeowners can find aluminum furniture to meet any aesthetic preference, from contemporary pieces with sleek lines and modern features, such as those featured on contemporary chairs, to more classic options with intricate details that complement any type of decor.


Aluminum outdoor furniture stands the test of time thanks to its durable composition: this strong metal can withstand all sorts of elements without cracking, such as heavy rain and humidity, better than other forms of metal furniture, like iron. Aluminum’s durability can be partly attributed to how its frames are assembled: extrusion involves hollowing out and then shaping a hollow rod of aluminum into desired forms before powder coating seals them all together and protects from environmental elements.

Aluminum’s inherent strength makes it the ideal material for furniture that must be durable, comfortable and stylish. Aluminum furniture comes in various styles and colors that blend easily into any type of home decor theme; when looking for patio sets made out of aluminum furniture be sure to consider sets with chairs, benches and tables to find one that perfectly matches your space and seating arrangement needs. Also consider its color or style which could impact upon how your backyard oasis appears overall.

Cleaning and dusting aluminum patio furniture regularly are crucial steps in maintaining its condition. Use only non-abrasive cleaners designed specifically to tackle metal surfaces as harsh chemicals like bleach can deteriorate their finish. Avoid direct sunlight as much as possible to prolong the paint’s longevity and prevent any fade or weakening from taking place over time. Should any scratches or dents develop in your aluminum patio furniture, most can usually be repaired by adding touchup paint in its matching hue to touch up any imperfections. If you need additional protection, there are a variety of protective covers that can help shield aluminum furniture from moisture and debris while acting as a deterrent against thieves and vandals. These covers provide extra safety against moisture accumulation as well as theft.

Weather Resistant

As with any outdoor furniture, it’s essential that it remains protected from the elements and maintained with cleanliness. Any material left exposed for extended periods will deteriorate over time due to moisture exposure, eventually becoming unusable.

Aluminum patio furniture has become increasingly popular because it resists corrosion. This is thanks to aluminum’s unique nature; when exposed to air it forms an oxide coating over itself which protects it from components that could otherwise corrode it. Therefore, aluminum should always be stored in an enclosed or shaded space during precipitation events and when possible be taken indoors during prolonged spells of rainfall.

When it comes to maintaining aluminum furniture, the first step should always be removing loose dirt. This can be accomplished using a bristle brush or sponge with mild detergent mixed in water as cleaning solution and rinsed afterwards with either a hose or bucket of water; this ensures stains are eliminated as well as calcium build-up prevented – an issue for cast aluminum furniture that must be kept looking its best!

If you discover calcium build-up on aluminum furniture, do not use an abrasive cleaner; this could potentially strip its finish. Instead, mix distilled vinegar and water as this is safe to use when cleaning away calcium deposits.

Mold and mildew pose the greatest danger to outdoor furniture. They can quickly take hold on all forms of materials, rendering your pieces dirty and discolored; yet with minimal effort you can quickly rid yourself of this nuisance. Scrubbing with a soft-bristle brush or mixing equal parts borax and laundry detergent into a solution is one effective way of doing so; soak fabric items for at least 30 minutes then rinse.

Alternative treatments for your furniture could include lemon or boiled linseed oil; just ensure it dries completely before use again.

Easy to Maintain

Aluminum outdoor furniture is an excellent choice for your patio as it requires little upkeep. Not prone to rusting, aluminum can withstand the elements without being compromised; and will even stand up well under occasional splashes of rainwater or splashes of moisture; though for optimal performance it should always be covered when not in use and kept away from direct sunlight.

Maintenance of aluminum furniture involves frequent and thorough cleaning and dusting with dampened cloth soaked with warm water and mild detergent, to effectively get into all nooks and crannies of each surface, wiping it down thoroughly to eliminate all dust accumulation as well as residue left behind, to avoid discoloration of aluminum.

Aluminium surfaces may become scratched and dented from normal wear-and-tear or being moved around by guests, and can often be repaired using nonabrasive metal polish or baking soda and water mixtures. If deeper scratches exist, touch up paint designed specifically for aluminum is available as an effective remedy.

Aluminum patio furniture should be protected from the weathering effects of sun and wind by keeping it covered when not in use and stored indoors during winter storage. This will extend its life, helping it last longer. Using protective sealants designed for metal surfaces provides extra layers of protection that helps avoid rusting.

Teak outdoor furniture should be oiled every two to three months in order to maintain its natural color and water resistance. Tung or linseed oil are excellent products to use here; simply be sure that any protective coating remains on after each wash and use cycle, such as after each rain storm or strong wind event. Reapply as necessary during long spells of harsh weather – covering it during long stretches is also advised in order to prevent further deterioration and insect infestation!