Patio Furniture Chair Cushions

Replacing patio chair cushions is an effective way to update worn or outdated outdoor seating. Selecting indoor/outdoor fabrics that are fade- and mildew-resistant will help ensure that the new chair pads will last for many years to come.

Precision measurements will ensure an exact fit with your old cushion, while selecting your preferred fabric and adding features such as welting and foam padding.


When sitting on your wicker chair, it is crucial that your back and butt are adequately supported. Patio chair cushions can make outdoor dining experiences more pleasurable and enjoyable while protecting seats from damage from elements such as staining mildew UV exposure or fade-inducing weather conditions. They come in different sizes to fit different chairs too!

Keep your chair cushions looking their best by regularly cleaning them. Use a brush or vacuum to remove dirt from the surface of the cushion; alternatively spot-clean it using mild soap and water solution. After cleaning, let the cushion air dry before using again; store indoors during inclement weather or when not being used.

If your chair is missing its seat cushion or you want to upgrade the design of your outdoor decor, purchasing a replacement set could be the solution. Cushions come in an assortment of styles and colors so you’re sure to find a suitable match – with some having tie-on straps to secure their position, while others feature zippers for effortless cleaning.

Most wicker furniture seat cushions are filled with polyester to create a soft and comfortable sitting experience, but some models feature foam instead – offering greater durability, easier upkeep, mold and mildew resistance and even being treated with PFAS-free C0 treatment to prevent fading and staining.

If you want a luxurious feel, consider upgrading to a tufted seat cushion featuring buttons and tufts. Not only will this add an elegant touch to your chair but will also distribute its fill evenly across its surface. Without these decorative accents, however, the thickness will decrease by approximately an inch compared to ordering without these features – particularly helpful if using fiber-filled cushions as their fill can expand too much without support and comfort without these features.


Investment in quality chair cushions for outdoor furniture extends its life. High-grade materials resist moisture, mildew, stains, fading in harsh sunlight and joint pain due to comfortable padding that helps with joint support. Select a cushion style that complements both the design of your home and personal aesthetic; some styles even come equipped with features like tufts or buttons to enhance styling to suit individual preferences.

Your local weather can impact the durability of chair pads. Heavier rainfall or more arid climates may require stronger fabrics; to ensure maximum protection in these cases, consider chair cushions with waterproof exteriors and solid foam cores – these features help safeguard them against raindrops while still offering soft comfort when sitting down.

Protecting cushions requires using protective covers or storing them indoors during winter in an area free of moisture, such as a shed, garage, or indoor storage space. Mold and rot growth is caused by excess moisture; keeping your cushions dry prevents these issues from developing.

Regular maintenance can help preserve furniture cushions. Shaking them out periodically and giving them a thorough wash every season will help eliminate dirt, dust and debris accumulation in their fabric. Light washings with water and detergent may remove mildew stains; you could also consider investing in an outdoor furniture cleaner spray bottle to keep your cushions looking their best!

Consider choosing durable fabric as well as colors and patterns that match the rest of your yard or outdoor decor, but also ensure a smooth aesthetic experience when selecting outdoor fabric for use as outdoor furniture covers. Many companies provide an assortment of patterns with repeating elements or can be mixed and matched for more eclectic styles.

Add some flair to your outdoor decor with accent pillows. Throw pillows are a simple way to inject color or texture, easily tucking under chair seats. Other types of pillows such as lumbar or bolster pillows provide back support while sitting, providing another form of decoration to your furniture.


Our chair seat cushions are filled with high-grade spun polyester fiber for soft cushioning effect on any chair, sofa or armchair. Choose between tufted back or button back designs based on personal taste for enhanced styling options – both options available with or without inner casings for enhanced durability by preventing fiber clinging into cushion covers and providing removable zippered covers that can easily be cleaned.

Our base-priced All-Weather Spun Polyester fabric or premium Sunbrella(r) and Outdura(r) solution-dyed acrylic fabrics come with an extensive palette of color choices and are fade-resistant for use outdoors in most climates; however, direct sunlight over extended periods could potentially cause them to fade over time.

Outdoor chair cushions can be cleaned easily using a solution of borax and mild detergent. A regular cleaning schedule will help your cushions last longer while looking their best; once mildew or stains appear, simply wash in warm water before drying thoroughly.

Our replacement chair cushions are proudly manufactured in the US to fit indoor and outdoor wicker, rattan, spring, hinged chair models. Choose from our wide variety of color, style, size options!

The seat cushion features an outer one-inch layer of polyester Dacron wrap bonded to an inner solid urethane foam layer for wrinkle control and stability/support for deep seating furniture.

Our chair cushion sets feature corners with various styles: squared-off corners can be squared off or rounded for a modern aesthetic while their back corners may include squared off arched or U-shaped designs to complement most outdoor furniture styles.

Sunbrella fabrics are solution-dyed, meaning the colored dye penetrates all fibers for long-term color retention and UV ray resistance. Furthermore, these premium fabrics can withstand stains, mildew and UV exposure for years of enjoyment – just be sure to use a gentle cleanser with enough rinse time afterwards! For optimal performance when caring for Sunbrella fabric upholstery use, use only products intended to remove oil or grease as per manufacturer instructions – rinse well afterwards.


Patio chair cushions not only add comfort, but they can also add visual interest and visual texture to outdoor spaces and furniture. Available in an array of colors, styles and patterns suited to every aesthetic; many also come with accents such as tufting or trim that complete their aesthetic appeal. Patio chair cushions may be purchased individually or as replacement cushions for existing pieces of furniture.

Before purchasing new cushion covers for your furniture, it is crucial that you measure its dimensions to ensure a proper fit. Incorrectly fitting cushions may lead to wrinkles, fading and early wear if they do not fit as intended. Furthermore, covering cushions when not in use with protective covers helps safeguard them from dust particles, dirt accumulation and UV rays; regularly rotating and flipping will extend their lifespan as well.

PatioLiving’s selection of chair cushions features cushions crafted from high-quality materials designed to withstand outdoor elements, such as cotton canvas, textileene or vinyl. Cushions with an increased UV rating offer further UV protection as they help retain their shape over time.

Foam cushion fill materials vary considerably in quality. Foam is often chosen, offering optimal sitting comfort, being durable enough to withstand continued use, hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. Polyester fill is generally less costly; however it doesn’t provide as much support.

PatioLiving’s chair cushions are constructed from resilient fabrics designed to resist fading, mildew, mold, staining and solution dyeing – meaning the color permeates into every fiber for long-term color retention. Some more durable fabric options include Sunbrella and Outdura for solution dyed fabrics that last. When selecting colors and patterns for your chair cushion, mix-and-match different textures and patterns to achieve an eclectic appearance; otherwise it may become overwhelming quickly. When making decisions regarding their style and patterning it’s best advisable that they work together within a cohesive color palette in order to avoid visual cluttering over time.