Vondom Outdoor Furniture

vondom outdoor furniture

Vondom is an industry leader in the design, production and commercialization of vanguard IN&OUT furniture such as pots, lamps and outdoor rugs. Their team of engineers, industrial designers and architects exhibit passion for design.

Their selections of sculptural furniture will transform any ordinary space into an extraordinary and luxurious setting, inspired by design culture. Their collections have been developed in collaboration with top designers like Karim Rashid, Stefano Giovannoni, Ramon Esteve or JM Ferrero.


Vondom furniture is designed to stand out and make an impression, not blend in. Valencian company Vondom’s collections aim to transform even the simplest environments into spaces full of glamour and elegance, creating dialogues between form and environment for an enhanced experience of relaxation and hospitality.

To meet this goal, the brand collaborates with leading designers and architects to craft pieces that are both sculptural and functional. Marcel Wanders’ Suave collection offers modular sofas, lounge chairs and pouffes that can be adjusted according to user needs – enabling the pieces to seamlessly adapt into different contexts while still expressing their individual personalities.

The brand works closely with an in-house team of designers to craft collections that represent its design culture. Their creations, such as the Jut chair, prove that even practical products can become beautiful pieces with rotational moulding allowing bold shapes with defined edges to become works of art.

Rotational moulding also allows designers to produce a range of different textures and finishes for Vondom collections, giving it a more natural aesthetic while still being resistant to weather conditions or external factors that might damage other forms of furniture.

Many collections include lighting that can add further sculptural appeal. This feature can be particularly advantageous when placed in areas that value light such as wellness and spa areas.

The brand’s collections, like the Spritz and Delta series, draw their inspiration from the purity and lightness of seaside life, while Delta adds expressive shapes that convey spontaneity and emotion. Each series embodies vondom’s commitment to providing its customers with only premium-grade outdoor furniture products both aesthetically and functionally. Please visit our Miami showroom to experience vondom outdoor furniture for yourself!


Vondom is an award-winning manufacturer of indoor and outdoor furniture known for their innovative, contemporary designs that enhance any space. Their designs feature bold pieces with eye-catching sculptural pieces perfect for contemporary spaces. Vondom prides itself on design culture; working with designers who understand its aesthetic while pushing limits in product creation – such as Fabio Novembre, Stefano Giovannoni, Eugeni Quitllet, Ora Ito Ross Lovegrove Karim Rashid Javier Mariscal as designers who collaborated with them on dynamic pieces that were both functional yet sculptural.

vondom’s designs go beyond just being beautiful pieces; they are also highly practical and long-term durable. Utilizing fade-resistant fabrics designed to withstand direct sunlight or unpredictable weather conditions, vondom furniture allows you to spend more time relaxing and enjoying your patio or poolside area without fear of damage to furniture from sunlight or rain.

Furniture from this company is also highly adaptable and suitable for a range of environments. For instance, their Vela collection offers loungers and armchairs with modular structures so you can customize it according to the space in your outdoor living area – this makes transforming it into an elegant dining room, relaxing reading nook, or cozy lounge area easy!

The Jut collection is an eye-catching modern outdoor furniture set crafted with injection polyethylene resin using rotational molding technology, featuring bold angular forms unique to this manufacturing method and giving it its distinctive bold aesthetic. Available with lounger, two chairs, an extendable table, and stools – each available in various vibrant hues to meet your personal taste – The collection can also be purchased separately as individual items to suit individual style preferences.

No matter the style of your home or eclectic space, 1stDibs has something perfect to meet all of your vondom outdoor furniture needs. Curated by expert designers and architects, its wide range of avant-garde indoor and outdoor pieces offers something suitable for anyone.

From Studio A-cero’s Wing lounger, designed especially for comfort, to Stone planters reminiscent of sandy soil, you will find everything needed to transform your space into an oasis of luxury and comfort.


Vondom creates beautiful indoor and outdoor furniture designed to stand the test of time no matter where it’s placed. By using only high-grade materials and producing pieces with exceptional durability, Vondom produces pieces you’ll cherish for years. Their planters feature sturdy construction which can stand up against harsh weather conditions as well as self-watering systems with remote LED lighting controls programmability – not forgetting an impressive selection of shapes and sizes so you’re sure to find just the perfect match.

Vondom furniture stands out with its striking aesthetic that blends sculptural design and modern flair, featuring innovative pieces by its designers who push boundaries to craft new, striking pieces that stand out in even the simplest spaces and add a chic yet distinctive feel. Their approach has cemented Vondom as an industry leader.

Located near Valencia in Spain, this brand produces and distributes an innovative variety of cutting-edge products. Their strong emphasis on design culture enables them to collaborate with many of the world’s acclaimed designers such as Karim Rashid, Fabio Novembre, Stefano Giovannoni, Ora Ito Eugeni Quitllet Ross Lovegrove Javier Mariscal.

Vondom not only produces furniture for hospitality projects but also outdoor accessories to complete hospitality environments. Their outdoor products range from lounge essentials such as couches and coffee tables to dining essentials such as chairs and tables – with Vondom’s unique selections often becoming art pieces themselves – making the brand the ideal finishing touch to any commercial venture.

Viva Lagoon is proud to be an official UK distributor for Vondom products and is passionate about introducing our clients to this amazing brand and their designs. These stunning pieces can transform any space into an exquisite, glamorous atmosphere sure to wow guests and clients alike, so we look forward to helping you discover your ideal piece of Vondom furniture for home or business use.


Vondom was founded in Valencia Spain to revolutionize people’s understanding of outdoor furniture. Their innovative use of moldable, bright plastics with ecological properties that resist weather conditions allows for unique shapes and designs that are both durable and beautiful. Vondom takes sustainability and responsibility seriously using only environmentally responsible production methods; furthermore they have collaborated with well-known designers like Karim Rashid, Ross Lovegrove and Ludovica & Roberto Palomba on creating collections which combine beauty with sustainability.

As part of their design process, they search for designers who can take an idea and turn it into something truly remarkable. Their goal is for their pieces to be more than functional objects; they should serve as works of art that transform any space into something memorable. Their aesthetic is modern while keeping sustainability and durability top of mind; using high-precision technology they strive to produce new innovative materials and designs that can last for many years to come.

Their commitment to sustainability is evident in their Brooklyn Chair, made from recycled fishing nets from the Mediterranean Sea and reflecting its beauty as an island retreat. Meanwhile, their Ibiza Sun Lounger showcases function combined with style – its sleek contemporary silhouette reflecting Ibiza itself!

Recent collections by Ethan Allen showcase their continued exploration with recycled materials, such as the Africa collection. Inspired by the tranquil waters of the Mediterranean, this recycled outdoor furniture line uses plastic from abandoned fishing nets as well as other waste material to craft furniture with lasting appeal.

Future goals of their company include expanding their sustainable offerings by adding pieces that are both beautiful and eco-friendly, as well as conducting extensive research to find ways to further lower carbon footprint. With these endeavors they aim to become an environmentally responsible business that strives for a brighter future – thus sparking their revolutionary revolution that extends far beyond designer furniture; becoming part of everyday life itself.