Contemporary Patio Furniture Ideas

Modern outdoor furniture extends your personal style into the great outdoors, seamlessly merging the spaces of both your home and yard into one cohesive design. Our carefully curated selection of unique outdoor furniture, shade products, and accessories offer something suitable to meet the needs of every style preference imaginable – be it entertaining guests or creating an idyllic oasis for yourself and loved ones to relax or play in.

Modern Sofa & Coffee Table

Modern coffee tables make an elegant centerpiece for modern living spaces, drawing the eye with their eye-catching tempered glass bases and sleek silhouettes. A weathered-finished particle board top pairs nicely with its eye-catching base to provide a combination of traditional and modern styling that easily complements most decor themes. Convenient storage shelves can hold books, magazines and remote controls; side drawers offer space for small items like batteries. Finish the look off by rolling out a neutral or geometric area rug; add matching sofa and chairs to complete the ensemble!

Consider both the size and style of your sofa when selecting a coffee table. As a general guideline, its height should be roughly two-thirds of its width; its shape should also be taken into account: circular or oval-shaped tables are ideal for sectionals while rectangular and square tables work better with straight leather sofas.

For a traditional wood-style accent table, choose one with fluted legs or an intricate Mission-style frame. To achieve an antique finish or distressed details for more vintage aesthetic, consider opting for coffee tables with fluted legs. Alternatively, for a shabby chic vibe choose an upholstered coffee table that provides both stability and comfort – such as an ottoman.

If your modern decor leans toward sleek and minimalist aesthetic, opt for closed storage furniture to promote organizational efficiency while keeping the living space feeling open. Display decorative trinkets or collectibles on open shelving to add an eclectic and personalized aesthetic. Keep shelf and drawer openings free of clutter in order to prevent spills, messes or other issues; for additional storage solutions explore modern console cabinets or entryway furniture which offer ample room for shoe storage as well as cold weather accessories.

Modern Chaise Lounge Chairs

A chaise lounge chair can make the perfect addition to any outdoor living space, providing a relaxing place for reading or relaxing as well as sunbathing. Modern outdoor chaise lounge chairs are made of various materials including wood, metal, plastic and wicker; select one that best meets your needs and aesthetic preferences.

Contemporary chaise lounges often consist of wood or rattan frames with fabric cushions attached, while others may feature fade-resistant, weatherproof fabric upholstery. Wicker chairs often offer multiple colors and finishes so it should be easy to find something to complement the aesthetic of your backyard or patio.

If you’re shopping for a chaise lounge for your living room, start by measuring its dimensions to ensure a chair that will fit perfectly and offers ample room to sit back and recline.

Most modern chaise lounges feature an ergonomic shape that conforms to the shape of the body, with cushions typically filled with foam or fiberfill to provide a comfortable seat that supports spine health and facilitates spinal decompression. You may even find some options featuring down padding for an even plushier feel.

Though chaise lounges tend to be standalone pieces, some modern chaises from Restoration Hardware’s Cloud Collection come as part of sectional sofas with custom fabrics ranging from neutral taupe hues to vibrant blue hues – providing the ideal way to relax after an eventful day of sightseeing or meeting friends for happy hour drinks and conversation.

If you want to maximize space efficiency, consider purchasing a modular chaise lounge chair like MG+BW Outdoor’s Range 2-Piece Lounger that can be broken apart into separate parts for easy customization of seating. Use all pieces together for full chaise use or remove one part to make an ottoman that serves as footrest, extra seating or can even be fitted with a tray to serve drinks – this option makes life much simpler in smaller spaces as you only purchase what pieces are necessary now and add on later if required.

Modern Farmhouse Table

If you want to bring modern farmhouse aesthetic into your home, there are various ways you can achieve it. An effective and straightforward option is using a modern farmhouse table in the dining room – typically made of rustic wood with natural finishes and typically paired with simple chairs or benches for an inviting space. To give a more eclectic and casual atmosphere in this area, experiment with mixing and matching chair styles; our tutorial on mixing and matching dining chairs should help provide guidance.

Farmhouse style furniture and decor has an iconic, timeless aesthetic that will never go out of fashion, making your home inviting for both visitors and family members alike. Most farmhouse pieces feature distressed surfaces for an authentic and worn appearance; however, you may also find pieces with new paint coating for a clean and fresh look.

One great way to incorporate farmhouse style into your home is with a modern farmhouse coffee table. These tables combine contemporary and rustic elements into an original piece, which works in any home decor style. Plus, there are also industrial or minimalist versions of these pieces which work even better!

If you love the look of modern farmhouse tables but worry about how they’ll fit into your home, don’t fret! There are numerous ways that these pieces can be tailored to meet your specific needs – paint the base to match or contrast with your wood table top; add metal or glass accents for a modern or contemporary feel; etc.

Are you in search of an elegant modern farmhouse table that will be the center of attention in your dining room? Consider the Keats Rectangular Dining Table as it combines rustic and modern design elements into an attractive look, making this piece perfect for any setting. Featuring solid sheesham wood with a warm chestnut finish tabletop, seating six comfortably and boasting sturdy square block-style legs – making this dining table suitable for families with growing children!

Modern Sofa & Bench

Add sofa or lounge chairs to your patio furniture ideas for an ideal spot to read, unwind and admire the scenery. Jazz it up even more by including throw pillows and coffee or end tables so your beverages remain within easy reach.

If you want the look of modern outdoor sofa, but don’t have enough room for an entire sectional, consider opting for a corner or L-shaped sofa instead. Not only can it save space but will give the impression of larger living space when entertaining outdoors.

An easy-to-assemble modern outdoor bench will add a contemporary vibe. If you have a sunny backyard with a wood fire pit, add it as part of a cozy spot on your patio for conversation and relaxation.

This modern backyard features all-black poolside lounge chairs crafted from the same concrete material used for its retaining walls, to help them blend in with and complement its color scheme. They’re joined by elegant concrete tables to complete this sophisticated poolside retreat.

Modern patio furniture comes in various materials designed to withstand both harsh weather conditions and regular use. When choosing patio furniture, it’s essential that you consider how it will be used and its exposure to weather when selecting style and material options for you patio set. Metal can rust; painted surfaces fade; while wicker is great at keeping cool but its fibers may become fragile in extreme heat conditions.

DIYing your own modern outdoor couch for less is easier than you think with this easy design that requires only wood and fabric pieces. A great way to bring modern seating options into the backyard and provide extra seating options for guests and family members!

If you want a modern patio sofa but are on a tight budget, direct-to-consumer online retailers offer sectionals that have similar looks and quality as luxury brands with additional customization options for length, depth and cushion fill options – an approach popular with Benchmade Modern customers, who specialize in modern styles with this approach.