Vondom Outdoor Furniture – Stylish, Unique, and Sustainable

vondom outdoor furniture

Create glamorous outdoor spaces with vondom’s sculptural furniture. From Faz and Vela collections, to Suave and Stone sofas – each piece of vondom’s furniture is an individual work of art!

Modern outdoor furniture collections from this company cover everything from dining essentials to lounge necessities. Their luminous lighting designs add an air of sophistication, while planters and accessories transform outdoor areas into magical havens after dark.


Vondom creates stunning, contemporary furniture pieces using premium materials and cutting-edge production processes to produce functional outdoor pieces with timeless beauty and modern appeal. Vondom’s designs can withstand elements such as rain, UV exposure and heat; plus their products stand out against other elements in an outdoor space like lighting and plants – and can even be broken down and recycled at its completion of life cycle! Vondom prides themselves on sustainability and recyclability: their furniture can even be broken down for recycling when their time has come to pass!

Vondom’s aesthetic is defined by an amalgamation of geometric forms and natural forms, achieved using techniques such as rotational molding and injection molding. They offer contemporary outdoor furniture in many styles and textures that perfectly reflect this combination – such as their Jut Collection of loungers and sofas with ergonomic shapes designed to blend into modern architecture.

Vondom furniture stands out with its attention to detail. Working closely with top designers, Vondom produces cutting-edge designs that combine beauty and functionality, creating furniture that stands out and turns any room into a luxurious oasis.

From its UFO lounge chair – which draws its inspiration from floating sculptures and the UFO shape itself – to the Blow outdoor sofa, which encircles sitters in smooth curves reminiscent of waterfalls – and Ramon Esteve’s Frame collection, which draws upon iconic pagoda languages – this brand provides something suitable for everyone.

Vondom outdoor furniture includes essential dining essentials like tables and chairs, lounge essentials like couches and coffee tables, plus accessories like lighting and planters – everything needed to transform any space into an eye-catching oasis that will leave guests and clients alike speechless! Viva Lagoon is honored to present the world-renowned vondom brand and invites you to explore their extensive line of innovative furniture that blends style, functionality, and sustainability all into one great product line!


Vondom was established in Valencia, Spain to redefine what people expect when they hear “outdoor furniture.” Their mission is to offer an alternative design concept that is stylish yet sustainable through using moldable, bright plastics that are eco-friendly, resistant, reusable, and extremely versatile. Vondom also employs strict sustainability practices in every aspect of production: only high quality materials are used and their environmental footprint reduced as much as possible.

Vondom has built its modern outdoor furniture line around sustainability as its core value, using roto-molding and injection of polyethylene resins that are 100% recyclable. These resins have been specifically formulated to resist elements while offering various finishes to complement any decor; their collections of tables, chairs, lounges, daybeds, cabinets and planters work beautifully in any landscape setting while they can also be found suitable for both residential and commercial settings.

Design culture is at the core of their success, and they work closely with international designers to craft pieces that articulate this dialogue between environment and form. Their designs transform even mundane spaces into glamorous atmospheres that stand out.

These designs include the Blow outdoor sofa that engulfs its users in smooth curves and the Africa recycled furniture collection by Eugeni Quitllet – designed with its wave motif inspired by Mediterranean seashore.

Archirivolto Design created another sustainable furniture collection called Spritz. Drawing inspiration from shells’ proportions and harmony, this line comprises chairs, armchairs, stools and high tables – each made out of eco-friendly material.

Vondom’s sustainable furniture collections aside, Vondom also provides an impressive range of eco-friendly pots designed to be reversible and customizable with remote programmable color LED lighting. In addition, these pots have self-watering mechanisms to accommodate planting purposes – they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes!

Vondom has collaborated with some of the most sought-after designers to produce furniture and planters of unparalleled innovation and style, including Karim Rashid, Ross Lovegrove, Ludovica & Roberto Palomba and Ramon Esteve who all contribute their innovative creations to Vondom’s collection.


Vondom’s commitment to sustainability can be seen through their stunning selections of sculptures that read like works of art while remaining long-lasting. Crafted with polyethylene resins using rotational molding manufacturing technology, these striking forms are 100% recyclable at the end of their lives. Furthermore, Vondom employs energy-saving LED lighting as part of their responsible practices.

The brand places great emphasis on innovation, as evidenced by their extensive collection of outdoor furniture and accessories. Working closely with renowned designers like Karim Rashid, Ross Lovegrove, Ludovica & Roberto Palomba and many more to produce collections unrivaled for innovation and glamour, the resultant pieces offer stunning aesthetics while being highly functional in any residential or commercial design project.

Vondom’s collection features beautiful yet functional furniture designed to meet all aspects of outdoor living – seating, dining essentials, lounge pieces and more – with an emphasis on functionality and beauty. Their designs combine aesthetics and durability in order to meet the growing need for sustainable solutions in outdoor spaces such as rain or sun exposure. Vondom also takes great pride in its sustainability initiatives – using premium components in cutting-edge production processes so their products withstand weather elements such as rain or sun exposure without losing their durability or beauty.

When selecting modern brands to furnish your home or commercial space, it is essential to take into account how their products will hold up over time and in adverse weather. Vondom’s modern designs stand out while still being engineered for heavy commercial usage and inclement conditions; this combination of style and utility is what sets them apart from other modern brands.

Vondom’s Factory collection draws its inspiration from cast iron architecture found throughout New York City and offers seating, side tables, high tables and lamps in this modern collection. Gridded frames add utilitarian appeal while soft neutral-hued seat cushions add comfort. All pieces in this line can withstand elements without losing their beautiful aesthetic over time; visit our showroom to view the entire assortment and discover your ideal match.


Vondom pool furniture and outdoor designs make an impressionful statement by fusing beauty and utility into modern works of art that can withstand nature. Their premium components and production processes allow these pieces to withstand rain, UV exposure, extreme temperatures and more; seating collections put ergonomics first to ensure comfort is never compromised; dining tables and chairs add a touch of elegance while lighting fixtures transform landscapes into magical realms after sunset.

Vondom was founded in 2010 with a vision of revolutionizing how people expect outdoor furniture. Their mission is to push design while upholding sustainability and responsibility by producing innovative products made with moldable, bright and robust materials that are 100% recyclable or reusuable – working closely with renowned designers to produce cutting edge furniture, planters and accessories that redefine modern outdoor living.

Faz is a modular collection of furniture and planters designed to suit the specific needs of any space, featuring sun loungers with an auxiliary table, chairs and armchairs, modular sofa and coffee tables, daybeds and an outdoor lamp. Additionally, this collection provides homeowners with plenty of choices in terms of colors and finishes so that their perfect combination fits their aesthetic.

Blow Sofa, designed by Stefano Giovannoni and Elisa Gargan, encases its users with smooth curves for an inviting seating experience. Constructed of one piece of matte white polyethylene that makes this modern outdoor sofa durable but stylish enough for indoor spaces alike; lightweight yet easy to maintain – you can even outfit this with LED lighting!

The Wing collection is an outdoor furniture set designed by Eugeni Quitllet with a striking, sculptural presence that makes an eye-catching statement. Drawing inspiration from both sea and city environments, as well as technology and sensuality – in an attempt to capture both sides of human existence. Its organic lines break free from rigidity while its fluid forms add movement and lightness. Enhanced by matte or lacquered finishes available to choose from – perfect for any interior or exterior space!