Upgrade Your Patio Furniture With Outdoor Patio Furniture Pillows

outdoor patio furniture pillows

Enhance your patio furniture with colorful outdoor pillows to add an eye-catching pop of color and comfort. Choose from rich blues for spring, vibrant reds for summer and moody charcoal grays for fall.

Many styles can be easily attached to a chair, sofa or loveseat using fabric tab fasteners that keep them securely in place. Other options may feature removable cushion covers for easier washing.


No matter the color scheme of your patio furniture, there are outdoor pillows and cushions to complement it. Select an accent pillow in rich blue for a relaxing ambiance or try floral patterns for spring. When purchasing fabric that’s fade and water resistant to ensure their new pillows remain looking their best all year long.

Custom Craft offers an assortment of all-weather fabrics that are fade and water-resistant to complement a range of outdoor furniture styles. Custom-made cushions and pillows for benches, loveseats, chairs and chaise lounges can also be provided at no additional charge. Choose between dry fast, high density foam options or fiber fill cushions for the ideal amount of cushioned comfort.


Outdoor furniture cushions come in an assortment of patterns to perfectly compliment your decor. Create a warm and welcoming porch swing experience with plush seating cushions in rich blue tones or add a floral print pattern on patio chairs for some added color accenting and visual interest. Throw pillows can add even more visual interest and complement any chair’s color scheme as well; mix and match patterns or stick with one style throughout a room for best results.

Select a fabric that satisfies both your style and budget. Polyester is an affordable, easy-care material available in both solid and patterned designs, as well as being resistant to sun and moisture damage. If you prefer something luxurious, acrylic Sunbrella furniture pads offer vibrant solution-dyed colors which penetrate every fiber, virtually eliminating fade over time.

No matter which fabric you select, creating custom patio furniture cushions requires certain supplies. Fabric scissors will help cut through both layers with ease and accuracy while sewing pins will help hold together fabric pieces as you sew them together.

With a sewing machine, creating replacement patio furniture cushions is easily achievable. Start by measuring and cutting fabric to the dimensions of your pillow’s dimensions with 1/2-inch seam allowance on all four sides; if there is piping present, measure and cut extra fabric to cover it; sew right sides together piping and two pieces with right sides facing together with right sides facing each other (Image 1). When your seams have been closed trim threads before turning pillow cover right side out and inserting pillow form(Image 2) then close hole by hand using needle and thread (Image 3).


Throw pillows are an integral component to the perfect outdoor seating area, whether that means soothing springtime blues with neutral tones, celebrating summer with vibrant hues like red or moodily blending into fall with moody charcoal gray hues. Their fabric and filling choices truly set them apart from standard seating cushions.

Decorative outdoor pillow fabrics come in an assortment of varieties, from acrylic fabric that feels similar to soft canvas and is breathable in hot, arid climates to spun polyester cushions that offer excellent cooling comfort while being quick drying and stain resistant. Spun polyester may fade more quickly in harsher weather conditions but remains cool underfoot while being easy to maintain thanks to soil and stain resistance. Seat pads and throw pillows often feature blown fiber filling that drains quickly while resisting mildew formation – perfect for layer cushions requiring durable fabric options.

If you’re layering furniture pads and throw pillows together, select fabric that complements or echoes the color of the chair or couch for an integrated aesthetic. For visual interest, combine shapes and sizes of pillows for an organic and comfortable aesthetic.


Durable fabrics should withstand outdoor weather conditions like dew drops, raindrops and UV rays; additionally they must withstand repeated cleaning and bleaching processes. You will find many fabric choices from which to select when selecting cushion manufacturers; just be sure they provide plenty of information so that you make an informed decision that complements your furniture!

Polyester cushions are an economical and straightforward choice for outdoor seating needs, offering both cost-cutting benefits and easy upkeep. Plus, its affordability means it comes in an assortment of colors and patterns for easy cleaning! Additionally, polyester is water-repellant and mildew resistant; foam and loose fill fiber cushions are other popular materials used. Foam is less dense than polyester so water drains away quickly which reduces mildew/bacterial growth whereas loose fill fiber offers water resistance as well as mildew resistance – two characteristics not found in polyester cushions! Finally, foam allows water drainage quickly while loose fill fiber synthetic fabric offers water resistance as well as mold/mildew resistance/mildew resistance in an array of sizes/thicknesses available throughout.

Sunbrella fabric stands as the “gold standard” in performance fabrics, and for good reason: its weave utilizes high-grade, colorfast yarns that create soft outdoor cushions with exceptional fade and wear resistance. Crafted with poly fibers blended together for breathability, Sunbrella feels cool against your skin while its water repellant coating helps prevent staining while repelling odor.

If your old patio cushions have faded, frayed or become stained but are still functional, consider using them as the foundation for new covers. Recovering existing cushions is both cost-effective and environmentally responsible – not only can it freshen up outdoor seating space but it will extend their life so fewer end up in landfills. To make sewing these new covers smooth and straight stitched you should invest in good fabric scissors.


If your outdoor cushions have seen better days, now may be the time to upgrade them with new ones. Replacing patio furniture pillows is a cost-effective way of adding luxury and comfort to backyard loungers or dining chairs in your backyard. Plus, high-quality fabrics resist fading and water damage for maximum furniture life extension!

Select a fabric that suits both your lifestyle and aesthetics, such as polyester fabric. Polyester cushions are durable yet budget-friendly options that come in an array of colors and patterns; however, they’re less resistant to moisture than some alternatives.

Sunbrella acrylic fabric offers colorfast and fade-resistant fabric options. Additionally, they’re mildew resistant and easy to maintain; plus their extensive range of colors and textures makes creating a coordinated patio space effortless.

High-density foam cushions offer superior support and comfort, resisting sagging and moisture retention, with their plush feel adding extra flair to patio furniture. If choosing foam cushions instead, look for high-quality polyurethane ones with antimicrobial properties for optimal results.

To achieve maximum effectiveness, follow your manufacturer’s instructions when washing outdoor cushions. Regular washing helps prevent mildew and dirt build-up while prolonging their lifespan. Consider placing them in an airtight bag to protect from rodents and dampness while providing airflow; elevated shelves also work to avoid direct contact between cushions and surfaces that might promote moisture or mildew growth; for even longer term protection use a cover when not in use!