Uttermost Mirrors

uttermost mirrors

The Uttermost Company stands at the forefront of fashion-forward and high-quality design. Their striking pieces often defy logic while remaining elegant, and this can be found throughout their mirror collection as well.

Heavy iron frame finished in light metallic silver with hand-crafted texturing showcases a raised rustic black center, providing ample light. A generous 1 1/4″ bevel allows this piece to hang either horizontally or vertically for easy display.

Decorative mirrors

Mirrors are one of the key pieces in any interior design scheme. Not only can they help make spaces look larger and brighter – especially those without access to natural sunlight – they can also serve as versatile decorative pieces without or with frames – adding a decorative mirror with an appealing frame will elevate its status from functional to statement-making, adding elegance and sophistication to your space.

An eye-catching overmantel mirror can add the perfect finishing touch to a fireplace by reflecting items on its mantelpiece and creating a lovely mirrored vignette. They’re also great additions for hallways or above bedside cabinets!

Hanging mirrors across an entire wall is another effective way to increase natural lighting and create depth illusion, making small spaces feel larger than they actually are. To maximize their effect, select a large mirror with an eye-catching frame and look good from various viewing angles; round mirrors work especially well at softening hard materials in a room and fitting more snugly against awkward walls than square or rectangular ones do.

Height is also key when it comes to mirror placement; in a hallway it should typically hang at eye-height for quick outfit checks before leaving home, while living spaces usually call for higher ones that reflect views or light fixtures that create stunning vistas or create the impression that more windows exist than actually exist. When done right, mirrors can add value and expand space by reflecting beautiful vistas into our rooms and making us believe there are more windows than actually exist!

Another key consideration when choosing mirror glass is the type. Plain glass provides a practical and utilitarian finish while antiqued or tinted glasses add decorative flourishes that add interest and dimension to any interior design scheme. For an exquisite touch, select mirror glasses that have been lightly foxed for even greater texture in your decor.

Consider the weight of the frame when making your selection: A substantial, dense or sculptural frame will work best in grand traditional rooms; for smaller mirrors with more delicate details a lighter, less ornately detailed frame may work better.

Floor mirrors

Floor mirrors add style and depth to any room, as well as being easy to maintain and require minimal care and upkeep. Floor mirrors should always be placed in dry places where moisture won’t have an adverse effect, particularly small rooms where their reflection can make the space seem bigger. Cleaning these mirrors requires no special products; just wipe off with a lint-free cloth dampened with kerosene or wax and they should look brand new! It is important to remember however, that their glass and frame can be fragile so special caution must be exercised when handling them – particularly in smaller spaces!

A floor mirror should be large enough to reflect an accurate full-length image. A floor mirror can be placed anywhere from living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms to provide an expansive feel in any space – perfect for dressing areas! These mirrors come in all sorts of sizes, shapes and finishes; some even boast special designs to elevate any ambiance in any environment.

Consider when selecting a floor mirror its shape and size. Based on the design of your room, there are various standing and leaning styles to select from; common types are rectangle, oval and irregular shaped mirrors with wooden, iron or silver frames available – adding even further dimension and personality.

Another type of floor mirror known as the cheval is named for its horselike appearance. With four supports at its base and an adjustable frame that can be moved freely around, this mirror makes an attractive and popular addition to bedrooms and bathrooms alike. There may also be arched floor models available.

While an uttermost wall mirror makes an elegant statement on its own, you can further personalize it by adding accessories. For example, consider switching out traditional knobs for more elegant cabinet hardware; or add an eye-catching frame or decorative inlay that stands out.

Dressing mirrors

Dress mirrors combine functionality and design seamlessly, offering users a full view of their look from head-to-toe. Typically found in bedrooms or dressing rooms, these full-length mirrors give users the ability to see how their outfit comes together from head to toe while adding depth and brightness to the space.

Uttermost is known for their elegant and sophisticated designs. They make bold choices that may appear counterintuitive at first, yet pull them off with grace and artistry – this can especially be seen in their selection of dressing mirrors; whether choosing diamond sectionals or bold gold accents you are sure to find the ideal mirror piece for your space.

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Wall mirrors

Mirrors are essential elements in any bedroom, dressing area or living space, reflecting more light to illuminate a space while adding depth and dimension. Uttermost’s selection of wall mirrors showcase their elegant high-style design – be sure to discover one!

Choose a contemporary-style mirror with sleek frames for a modern entryway or dining room, while thin frames in burnished brass or bronze give transitional rooms a classic accent furniture and decor boost. Additionally, the Cameron Collection mirrors feature eye-catching diamond sectionals that transform any living room, foyer or hallway into works of art!

If you prefer traditional interior designs, consider opting for a French trumeau mirror with Baroque detailing, Venetian mirror or chinoiserie frame for an antique touch. Alternatively, for coastal-inspired spaces consider one featuring capiz shells, bamboo or driftwood frames or one with distressed finish finish mirror.

Light up and mirror at once with one of these wall mirror lights from this collection. These innovative options integrate a light source directly into the frame or mirror itself, eliminating additional fixtures that clutter up walls. Choose fluorescent or halogen sources depending on what decorative elements of your space you would like illuminated.