Add Comfort and Style to Your Patio Furniture With Chair Cushions

patio furniture chair cushions

Relaxed afternoons under the sun or dinner parties with friends are made more enjoyable when sitting on clean and comfortable patio furniture. Upgrade your outdoor seating with fresh chair cushions!

Pick fabrics that can withstand moisture and the sun’s harsh rays; when cutting out patterns for new patio chair cushions, always add one inch for seam allowance.

Sunbrella Fabric

Sunbrella fabric is an exceptional weather resistant material designed to bring style and comfort to outdoor furniture. Available in an array of colors and designs to complement any decor, this breathable breathable material makes seating enjoyable year-round – it even resists fade! Durable yet easy to maintain and clean up afterwards – Sunbrella fabrics won’t lose their hue after being exposed to UV rays for just a few hours in direct sunlight!

Many brands of furniture feature Sunbrella fabric furniture, such as Lloyd Flanders, Woodard, Telescope Casual and Treasure Garden. What’s best is that you don’t have to purchase an entire set of outdoor furniture in order to enjoy this fabric–instead, they can simply replace cushion covers on existing pieces!

Sunbrella fabrics are 100% solution-dyed acrylics, meaning the fibers have been fully saturated with UV-stable pigment before weaving, providing more resistance to fading than other dyed fabrics and mold and mildew resistance so they won’t sag or discolor after repeated use. Additionally, these materials are mold and mildew proof so won’t discolor over time either.

Sunbrella fabrics are durable and easy to care for, making them an excellent choice for patio furniture that must last. But as with all cushions, care must still be taken to keep them looking their best and protect the fabric from becoming damaged over time. Regular cleaning should help safeguard its longevity.

Sunbrella fabric can be easily maintained using just mild detergent and water, eliminating any concerns over chemicals found in traditional household cleaners compromising your cushions. In addition, these non-toxic fabrics are non-hazardous to children or animals so that you can feel safe letting your family use them. Sunbrella also boasts excellent color retention properties so your cushions will still look like new after years of use!


Olefin fabric is an increasingly popular choice for outdoor chair cushions. As a tough, tightly-woven material that resists mildew and moisture damage, it makes an easy clean-up solution – simply wipe down with soapy water or bleach-based solutions; additionally, its production leaves minimal waste behind, so it makes an eco-friendly choice!

Olefin fabric’s synthetic fibers make it exceptionally moisture resistant, meaning raindrops simply sit on its surface rather than seeping in. Furthermore, olefin dries very quickly so as not to allow any dampness that might lead to mold growth.

Olefin fabric features a dense weave, which makes it more resistant to fading than other fabrics. While other fabrics may fade over time, olefin stands up well against both UV light and direct sunlight exposure and thus makes olefin ideal for areas like living rooms and bedrooms which receive sunlight regularly.

Olefin may be an ideal alternative to Sunbrella, but there are certain key differences you should keep in mind before purchasing it. Sunbrella offers more durability, more vibrant colors and patterns and better moisture, acid and fungal resistance than its competitor olefin.

If you are on a tight budget, olefin is an economical and practical fabric choice; similar to Sunbrella in quality yet less costly than alternatives such as acrylic performance fabrics; however if you need high-performance protection against fade and moisture damage then acrylic performance fabrics offer superior durability and longevity over their less durable olefin counterparts.


Vinyl fabric is an affordable and practical choice for patio chair cushions, making it a top pick among many homeowners. Easy to maintain, vinyl can come in an array of colors from neutrals and brights to bold brights and dramatic darks – although some users may find its lack of breathing capability uncomfortable when sitting against skin during hot weather, and moisture retention may leave it sticky after extended use.

An inexpensive alternative to vinyl is spun polyester fabric, which offers resistance against fading, mildew and stains as well as having excellent four-way stretch properties for easy shaping and contouring. Unfortunately it doesn’t come equipped with anti-UV coating, so for maximum longevity it would be wise to spray some form of UV protectant spray over your seat cushions in direct sunlight.

Woven vinyl fabric may also make an excellent option for your patio furniture cushions, providing them with a natural appearance and lots of character. They’re resistant to fading, mildew and staining while being easy to clean with water – though they may require additional protection against snow and rain.

As part of your selection process for patio chair cushions, climate should also be an important consideration. If you live in an arid region with few harsh winter elements to deal with, vinyl may not provide extra durability; but for chairs exposed year round to elements it would be worthwhile investing in more weather-resistant fabric like solution dyed acrylic or polyurethane which can withstand these extreme elements.

Textured Linen

If you prefer the look and feel of natural materials in your outdoor seating area, our collection of seat cushions crafted from textured linen fabrics may be just what you’re searching for to add a luxurious touch. Durable yet soft enough for everyday use, they come in an array of colors and styles designed to complement your decor perfectly while being fade resistant and bleach cleanable – making these practical choices for everyday life!

Custom designed to fit a range of Polywood dining chairs, these seat cushions are constructed using performance fabrics designed to withstand nature and everyday use. Gloster Wave fabrics feature an innovative knitted structure for unparalleled levels of softness and texture in outdoor performance fabrics; with inherent stretch properties they ensure an ideal fit with even difficult cushion shapes for an amazing chair cushion that looks as great as it feels season after season.


Polypropylene textiles are durable and recyclable materials with excellent flame retardancy properties, making them suitable for outdoor furniture applications such as cushions. Produced through both weaving and non-weaving processes, woven polypropylene fabrics have similar construction to polyester using high speed mixers to combine it with other materials like activated carbon or colorants over an extended period. Non-woven versions involve melting polypropylene blocks infused with fillers, stabilizers or antioxidants before being spun into fabric sheets using heat presses – making non-woven variants ideal for outdoor furniture applications such as cushion covers.

Consider your lifestyle and location when selecting fabric for chair cushions outdoors. For instance, if you will be enjoying warm weather in your backyard, lightweight synthetic fabrics like acrylic are great. Canvas or vinyl may be better suited to covered decks and patios. Also keep climate in mind – regions with more rainy or arid conditions require different fabrics.

Clean your cushions regularly using a solution of Borax, mild detergent and water to eliminate dirt and prevent mold, mildew and stains from developing. Doing this will keep them looking their best!

If you want your cushions to last as long as possible, consider having them professionally cleaned every six months. Regular upkeep will keep them looking and feeling new for many years to come.