Uttermost Floor Lamps Combine Premium Quality Materials With Unique High-Style Design

Uttermost Floor Lamps Combine Premium Quality Materials With Contemporary High-Style Designs. This two-light tapered wood floor lamp boasts an exquisite burnished oak finish complemented with antique brass highlights and rust black metal details, and its round hardback drum shade has a light oatmeal linen fabric with natural slubbing for an impressively contemporary aesthetic.

Discover a wide variety of designs, sizes, and finishes that suit any decor style – we guarantee it! Browse through our collection to find your ideal lamp.

Table Lamps

Table lamps can make an elegant and functional addition to a nightstand, desk or table – whether as standalone pieces or complementing existing decorative elements – and often come equipped with dimmers for additional illumination when reading and performing other tasks. Some even come equipped with remote controls to easily make adjustments between rooms (check your location rating if using outdoors).

Table lamps differ from floor and overhead lighting in that they are designed to sit at an eye level when sitting or standing nearby, as well as having wider shades than regular lamps to shed more light outward.

Table lamps serve many practical functions in the home, from making washing easier by providing focused light for stubborn stains to brightening dimly lit living rooms with their exquisite designs and taller heights. Their functional features set them apart from other decorative lighting fixtures.

Some of the most sought-after table lamps feature Tiffany-style stained glass pieces arranged decoratively into a stunning pattern to produce a mesmerizing lamp shade when illuminated by switching it on. Other popular decorative styles include floral patterns, dragonflies and roses.

Consider how well the design of the table lamp you select will complement and accentuate the rest of your decor and the overall appearance of the room when making your decision. Coordination between styles creates a cohesive appearance, reinvigorating and reinforcing your design theme.

Shape and size of table lamps also play an integral part in their functionality and aesthetic value. Too small of a lamp may make its presence felt in a space, while too big one will overshadow it, diminishing your decor’s beauty and dulling its impact.

Finally, the type of bulb a table lamp uses will have an impactful influence on its performance and functionality. Incandescent bulbs are widely popular; for improved energy efficiency and longevity, consider upgrading to LED or another modern technology lamp instead. Doing so will enhance brightness while using less energy overall.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are an excellent way to brighten any open area in your home. Suitable for placement in almost any room, floor lamps provide extra light that’s great for reading, working, or simply adding atmosphere and ambience. Plus they take up less room than table lamps if you want to change up the look of your decor!

With such a vast selection of styles and finishes to choose from, finding a floor lamp that reflects your personal aesthetic should not be hard. Modern minimalist designs to more ornate versions will surely fit right in with any space imaginable! Many of our floor lamps are handcrafted from high-grade materials designed to complement other elements in your design scheme – be it artworks on display or armchair accent pieces.

Floor lamps can be stunning works of art in their own right. Many models feature distinct aesthetics such as mid-century modern, industrial, Nordic or classic architectural styles; others serve as standalone statement pieces to improve the dcor of a room.

Before purchasing a floor lamp, take the time to consider its height and placement in the room to ensure it will be both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Be mindful to avoid creating any glare with nearby screens or objects and experiment with its settings on a dimmer switch until you find one you love!

Floor lamps typically do not require professional electrician installation, although you will require an electrical outlet installed professionally in either your ceiling or wall and an extension cord or power strip that can be attached to the base. If your floor lamp is located far from a power source, consider investing in a surge protector to prevent sudden spikes in electricity from damaging both its components as well as itself.


Chandeliers make an eye-catching statement piece in any home and come in all styles, shapes and sizes to complement any decor. Chandeliers come with various features – pairs or multiples can create dramatic lighting effects; smaller rooms may prefer just ambient lighting from one chandelier instead. There are even warm or cool options that help set the right atmosphere!

Chandeliers are suspended from the ceiling to provide both overhead lighting and an eye-catching focal point in any room they adorn. Used alone or multiples to highlight an architectural feature such as stairs, entryways or dining areas, chandeliers come in an assortment of materials like crystal, metal, wood and glass while traditional to contemporary styles exist; from minimalistic designs to elaborate ones.

Considerations when purchasing a chandelier should include its size, color, design and maintenance. Step one in selecting your chandelier should be to ascertain its space requirements and desired type of light source; other important considerations are bulb types and temperatures used; warmer bulbs create cozier feelings while cooler bulbs can create more energy-boosting atmosphere.

Weight of the chandelier should also be taken into consideration. Make sure it doesn’t impose an undue strain on the ceiling and is safe for children or pets, while selecting one with dimming capabilities allows you to customize its ambience for each room.

Finding the ideal chandelier requires doing your research, which can be found online through reviews and comparisons of chandeliers. Photos of different types can help narrow down your options; be aware of whether the installation process can be completed independently or whether professional assistance will be needed for best results.

Wall lighting may provide some benefits to your home, but it should not be seen as essential. Wall lighting can damage walls and leave unsightly holes that you must then cover when redecorating or reconfiguring space; additionally, wall lighting takes up valuable floor space that could otherwise be utilized for art or home decor.

Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are decorative pieces that can be utilized in various ways. Most often they serve as accent lighting to highlight artwork or showpieces on the walls; alternatively they may be placed next to beds to provide reading light, or as bedside table lamps replacements. Wall sconces may even be used in dining rooms to highlight food while simultaneously decreasing overhead lighting glare.

There is an array of sconces on the market today, each offering something different in terms of color and style. Some resemble floor lamps while others offer something more original or distinctive; some feature curved shades for spreading light more diffusely, while straight lines provide direct lighting. Materials used to craft these sconces also greatly impact their performance: metal is typically durable while glass adds delicate decorative accents while fabric brings warmth and texture while wood provides natural, organic vibes to a room.

Coastal wall sconces can help create a cohesive design throughout your home. You could, for example, pair them with coastal chandeliers and flush mount ceiling lights to achieve this look. When selecting your sconces, take note of how they complement other fixtures in terms of material composition, hue or form.

When purchasing wall sconces, it’s also important to consider their size and what space it will occupy on your walls. For instance, if you want something to complement artwork on the walls, select something smaller that won’t detract from its beauty; alternatively if you require illumination of an entryway or another space with limited light sources.