Protect Your Investment With Outdoor Patio Furniture Covers

Cover your patio furniture to extend its lifespan and protect it from sun, mold and insect damage as well as water and rust damage.

To select an ideal cover for your outdoor furniture, it’s essential to opt for sturdy yet resilient material that can withstand all climate conditions. Polyester fabric is among the best choices as it can withstand rain and wind without degradation over time.

Weather-Resistant Materials

Outdoor patio furniture comes in various forms and materials, each offering their own set of advantages and disadvantages. However, all pieces need protection regardless of material – and patio furniture covers are an effective way to secure your investment and keep it ready for use when necessary. A good cover can keep rain, snow, wind, dirt pollen mold spores away as well as prevent unwanted elements like rain from spoiling what was once an inviting backyard setting.

The ideal patio furniture covers are constructed of resilient, waterproof, and UV inhibiting materials to provide all-season protection and keep your furniture looking new year round. A quality cover should also be lightweight for easy putting on and off and conform to fit perfectly over your furniture without compromise to its integrity or appearance.

Wooden furniture may become susceptible to warping when exposed to moisture, while metal pieces may rust with time – an eyesore and potential health hazard for children, adults, and animals alike. Cloth furniture absorbs moisture quickly and develops mildew quickly which makes for an unhealthy and unsightly mess – the best way to prevent this is investing in high quality waterproof covers that will safeguard your investment and extend its life.

Many popular outdoor patio furniture covers are constructed with Teak, IPE (ironwood), or Synthetic Resin Wicker; materials known for being resistant to rot, decay and insect infestation. While such high-end materials may be costly upfront, a quality cover will extend its lifespan and make your investment worth your while in terms of both time and money spent.

An excellent cover will include special features to maximize its performance and functionality, such as drawcords and elastic hem cords for tightening down and custom fitting. Vents that allow airflow can help reduce mold build-up while built-in storage pockets keep things tidy.

Water-Repellent Coatings

Possessing beautiful outdoor furniture can be an asset to both your home or business, but overexposure to the elements may cause it to deteriorate over time. Over time, signs of fading or mildew may develop that make the pieces appear worn and unattractive; fortunately there are several methods available for weatherproofing furniture to maintain its aesthetic beauty and keep it looking brand new!

One effective method for weatherproofing outdoor furniture is using protective covers that will keep moisture and debris out. There are covers specifically tailored to chairs, sofas and tables; they help prevent water penetration that leads to mold growth as well as protect furniture against fading due to environmental stresses.

As another way of weatherproofing outdoor furniture, waterproof coating on cushion foam may also help. You can find this type of coating at various fabric-by-the-yard retailers like FoamOrder which provides custom cushion covers in any size or thickness foam cushioning material. Waterproof coating provides added protection from water damage while being easy to keep clean when dirt or mildew accumulates within cushions.

To keep outdoor furniture and cushion covers looking their best, regular cleaning should be performed on them. Use mild cleaner with water to wash the cover before gently scrubbing with a soft-bristled brush or sponge and rinsing thoroughly afterwards in order to eliminate soap residue build-up.

At times of heavy rainfall or intense sun exposure, it is wise to cover or store your furniture to protect it from getting wet or damaged by moisture or sun rays. Doing this will prevent furniture and cushions from getting sodden and damaged while also shielding their covers from damage caused by UV rays.

To protect your investment and ensure the best look possible for your outdoor furniture covers, it’s advisable to regularly clean them. Doing this will remove stains, mildew, mold and extend their lifespan – for best results use a gentle detergent or cleaner suitable for your fabric type.

UV-Resistant Fabrics

Outdoor furniture covers provide protection for tables, chairs, sofas and loveseats from dust, rain, snow, dirt, mold, mildew and harmful UV rays while offering extra security to your investment. Protecting wear-and-tear damage helps save you money in repairs or replacement costs in the long run; in addition to this benefit extending its lifespan while keeping it looking new for longer.

Different outdoor patio furniture pieces require different weatherproofing measures for protection against rain or windy conditions, so in order to select the appropriate cover for your furniture you must first carefully measure its height, width and depth; look out for features like straps, elastic hems, Velcro zipper fasteners leg ties or fasteners that keep it securely attached;

Polyester makes an excellent outdoor furniture cover because it adapts well to virtually all climate conditions. Polyester fits snugly onto furniture, protecting cushions from debris and water entry, yet lightweight enough for easy putting on and off, remaining stretched nicely even under high winds.

Sunbrella fabric offers another solution for outdoor furniture covers: It’s made of fibers designed specifically to withstand life outdoors, offering resistance against rain, sun, dirt and wear-and-tear. Plus it comes in an array of colors, patterns and textures designed to complement any decor!

Fabric treated with water repellant and UV protection coatings to shield furniture from harmful rays is also treated to be fire retardant, rot and mildew resistant and stain-proof for added peace of mind.

Opting for durable yet stylish outdoor furniture covers from Outsunny will transform your home into an oasis. Available for various pieces of outdoor furniture and completely customizable to meet your specific needs, these covers can save time by not having to move your valuable furniture in and out of storage when the temperature heats up; plus they protect valuable pieces from damage while prolonging their lifespan – saving both money on repairs/replacements while making sure your outdoor space remains looking its best for longer!


Your patio can become an oasis of relaxation when filled with inviting furniture, colorful rugs and accessories. Unfortunately, patio furniture quickly goes from fabulous to drab when left exposed to dust, dirt, rain or other outdoor elements; thus a sturdy cover protects it and lets you continue enjoying it longer.

Waterproof covers are essential in protecting outdoor furniture from being damaged by moisture, so selecting one to meet your individual needs is crucial. There is a wide selection of waterproof covers designed specifically to withstand windy conditions or provide breathable protection, including those featuring UV-resistant coating or made from weather-proof materials like polyester or vinyl.

Consider also the strength and durability of fabric when purchasing outdoor furniture covers, choosing thick, robust material resistant to ripping or tears as this will prevent ripping down the line. Double stitched edges reduce tear risks over time while choosing breathable fabric allows moisture undercover to escape easily.

An effective outdoor furniture cover must fit snugly over your furniture; otherwise it could damage its paint or varnish and blow away in the wind or become caught up with other outdoor fixtures, like awnings and fences. Look for covers equipped with straps, elastic hem cords or fasteners so it stays secure over your furniture.

While outdoor patio furniture is designed to withstand the elements, it’s still wise to provide it with waterproof covers whenever possible. Even durable materials like wicker or wrought iron may still sustain damage from rain. Rain damage often leads to wood rot and mildew growth – therefore wicker furniture should either be brought indoors or at least covered when not being used.

Plastic furniture can become cracked in freezing temperatures, and should therefore be stored indoors or covered when not in use. Teak wood patio sets, on the other hand, tend to be naturally weather-resistant as well as being resistant to mold, mildew and rot – however if left exposed to sunlight they can become fragile and damaged over time if left without protection from direct sunlight.