Uttermost Definition

uttermost definition

Uttermost is the extreme limit or greatest degree, as well as something completed and complete. Jesus endured the utmost agony during His suffering on the cross, doing everything in his power to remain upright until it was finished and complete.

From Middle English utmost, which derives from “utter + most”. The superlative suffix “-most” was created through Middle English alteration of Old English “mest”.

Definition of Uttermost

The term uttermost refers to the highest limit or degree of something. The word is derived from Latin panteles (complete) and omnis (all), and can be applied to anything which encompasses everything: for instance:

“To the uttermost” refers to someone willing to go the extra mile in pursuit of their goal – in this instance achieving certain levels of performance or success. This phrase is frequently used in business or sports to indicate someone giving their all and going as far as possible in pursuit of desired outcomes.

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Meaning of Uttermost

Uttermost is defined as the highest degree or farthest extent. In scripture, this word serves to signify God’s promise that He will save us from our sins even to their extreme extent – offering believers comfort knowing He won’t let anything harm his redeemed people.

The word uttermost is composed of the roots utter and most, making it a superlative adjective similar to most. It dates back to late 14th century as an altered form of uttermore which originated as an alteration to Old English utera, uttara, and Old Norse uttare which all mean outermost or utmost part.

John 3:16 contains one of the earliest uses of “uttermost,” where Jesus promises Peter that He will raise him up on the last day. Jesus used a Greek term called panteles for this phrase, meaning to lift completely or up to the uttermost; this definition more closely aligns with its use within Scripture than other uses of the term uttermost.

In the Bible, “to the uttermost” is used multiple times to illustrate Christ’s great sacrifice for humanity. This sacrifice included his shedding his blood as an act of love towards us; furthermore it denoted that he would sacrifice himself and die on our behalf despite their disagreement.

Jesus demonstrated deep love and concern for his followers in this incident, serving as a poignant reminder of how salvation work must continue over time with perseverance. Our journey requires patience as it pushes us forward towards growth.

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Origin of Uttermost

Uttermost is a company steeped in tradition. Dating back to its establishment in the 1890’s as a mail order catalog business by John Willet in Rocky Mount Virginia as an enterprise-class mail-order catalog service for interior designers, Uttermost now employs hundreds of people and boasts two distribution facilities and state-of-the-art facilities in Moreno Valley California as well as partner factories throughout Asia.

Uttermost offers a diverse product selection that spans accent furniture, decorative mirrors, alternative wall art, clocks, lamps, botanicals and lighting fixtures. Many products feature hand-finished details to give them their signature aesthetic; such as the Uttermost 12793 adjoined circle wall mirror that features intricate modernist rustic design elements. Furthermore, there are timeworn clocks from Uttermost.

When purchasing frames for wall art or mirrors, make sure they contain only high quality glass and moisture barriers to protect against environmental factors like salt in the air and changing temperatures and humidity levels. This will prevent corrosion over time from taking hold and leading to framing deterioration over time.

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Usage of Uttermost

Uttermost offers one of the world’s widest selections of decorative home accents, furniture and lighting fixtures from decorative home accents and furniture to floral botanicals, wall art and clocks. Many items are hand-finished so no two pieces will ever look exactly alike; adding these elements can give any room an eye-catching and original look and feel; popular items include mirrors and wall art which add depth. Plus Timeworks decorative clocks combine rustic finishes with modern designs.

Uttermost clocks use quartz movements, making them quiet and accurate. Available in various styles – including those with wrought-iron bases – Uttermost clocks come equipped with quartz movements that produce accurate results that are quiet yet accurate. Before first using your new clock, it’s essential that the glass be cleaned thoroughly to remove dust from its pendulum and movement as well as making sure both hands don’t touch. If they do come close together accidentally, gently bending apart will correct them.

Uttermost clocks are easily available at most major retail stores and online. Their simple setup process and comprehensive instructions make for quick installation; most require one AA battery for operation, though some come equipped with batteries already included. In addition, many include clear acrylic lenses that can easily be replaced if necessary.

“Uttermost” refers to the highest or greatest degree or extent. Additionally, this term may also refer to something being completely completed or done – for instance when someone says they are “utterly committed” they mean they will do anything necessary in order to meet their goals.

In the Bible, God promises his people he will rescue them to the utmost. This promise applies equally regardless of race or ethnicity and cannot be fulfilled within seconds or minutes; rather it requires faithful endurance to ensure its fulfillment.

When hanging Uttermost art or mirrors, it is wise to have another person hold them against the wall while you mark its surface with a pencil where hangers should go. This ensures the item doesn’t fall off due to poorly placed hangers; large frames from Uttermost come equipped with self-leveling adjustable J-hook hardware for this purpose.