Choosing a Patio Furniture Dining Set

patio furniture dining set

Patio dining sets provide the ideal setting for relaxed Sunday afternoon brunch dates or festive get-togethers, whether they be romantic or social gatherings with friends. From rustic wood and metal sets, to more contemporary designs like glass or plastic.

To select an appropriate outdoor dining table set, first measure its dimensions and seating requirements before searching through available models for one that best meets both your style and needs.


Patio tables are essential components of outdoor dining areas, whether hosting a backyard BBQ or dining solo. There is an abundance of styles of tables available that are sure to meet any taste or space consideration. When searching for your ideal table, think about who it will seat as well as its overall aesthetic qualities.

When selecting your table, keep material preferences and durability in mind. Wood patio tables bring traditional charm while aluminum tables suit modern aesthetics perfectly. Concrete tables offer both durability and versatility with natural earthy aesthetics for added versatility. If space is an issue, bistro-style sets with one to four chairs offer compact furniture solutions ideal for patios with tight areas while still accommodating solo meals or gatherings of smaller guests.

Some outdoor tables come equipped with built-in umbrella bases for quick and easy umbrella shade placement on your patio. Or select one with a standard umbrella hole of 1.625″, so that your existing umbrella model may fit.

Once your table is in place, don’t neglect the details that can make it even more inviting for dining. For instance, adding tablecloths and runner sets can make your tabletop more welcoming; potted plants, centerpieces and outdoor dinnerware create an elegant ambience; tablecloths also protect against spills and stains, so when there’s rainstorm or hearty meals planned you can clean quickly using mild soap and warm water; with care your patio table will be an inviting gathering space that withstands any weather condition!


An outdoor dining set wouldn’t be complete without chairs! From solo meals on your deck, romantic dates with your significant other, or hosting friends for a barbecue – patio furniture chairs provide everyone with comfortable seating so they can fully appreciate nature. Choose from various chair styles, colors and materials to complement the environment you have created in your outdoor area.

Outdoor furniture must withstand harsh weather conditions, food spillage and debris from rainstorms, insects, children climbing on it, barbecue sauce fingers from fingers of barbecue pitmasters, chlorine from pool chlorination and any other elements that might stain or damage it. To protect your outdoor dining set from these hazards, invest in high quality protective covers which help reduce water build-up while preventing mildew and mold growth on chairs.

Are You Searching for Alternative Patio Dining Benches? Add an Outdoor Dining Bench! Outdoor benches offer stylish, easy to maintain dining furniture solutions suited for outdoor spaces – be they backless designs that lend themselves to picnic-like experiences, or seating with backrests to encourage recline and comfort.

Make your outdoor entertainment truly spectacular when hosting a backyard pool party or elegant after-work cocktail hour by selecting the ideal patio furniture dining set from Jerome’s selection. Available in many different sizes and designs to fit your outdoor space, or mix and match individual pieces to customize it specifically to you, Jerome’s offers high-quality furniture made of hardy POLYWOOD lumber which won’t fade with age, complete with matching dining chairs – visit one of our 10 California locations now to shop for patio dining sets that can turn your backyard into an inviting and relaxing entertaining area


Ottomans add an additional element of comfort and aesthetic appeal to any living space, while providing numerous other advantages beyond being footrests. While some may see ottomans solely as footrests, their benefits extend much further.

Ottomans can serve multiple functions – extra seating for guests, an extra table surface, or simply as an end-of-day spot to kick up your feet and relax after a long day. Ottomans come in an assortment of shapes, sizes and materials to meet every style imaginable – tuckable under tables when not needed freeing up space when not used; for more formal look try one with button tufting for added classic and sophisticated touches.

If you want an ottoman that doubles as both storage and coffee table, consider getting one with built-in compartments to store blankets, board games and remote controls – perfect for keeping your living room organized! Plus, add a tray on top for serving drinks and snacks to guests!

Rattan ottomans make an excellent addition to an outdoor living room, as they are weatherproof, durable and require little care or maintenance – perfect for an outdoor living area! Some ottomans even come covered with fire retardant materials for added peace of mind.

An ottoman can make a fantastic addition to any living room, whether placed in the corner of the room or as the centerpiece with a sofa. Both stylish and practical, ottomans provide both style and functionality in equal measures while adding pops of color into a neutral living space. They’re great for matching chairs and sofas or choosing brightly-colored options to give it its own personal flair; kids-friendly fabrics such as denim or tweed ottomans may help promote healthy posture by encouraging sitting up straighter sitting habits in children.

Chaise Lounges

If you’re creating a relaxing oasis by the pool or on your balcony, one of our comfortable and stylish chaise lounges may make all the difference. These sofa-like pieces boast extra-long seats to support your legs as you recline backwards – choose from classic wicker styles or modern aluminum finishes to suit any patio design scheme! Additionally, we also offer chaise sectionals that allow you to customize an ideal layout for outdoor living spaces.

Our luxury outdoor chaises come in an assortment of styles and finishes, perfect for standalone seating or pairing up with one or more matching chairs for a cozy seating group. Add an ottoman for foot support while creating an elegant look by layering accent pillows in bright hues – for a modern and contemporary feel, try looking for button-tufted designs in neutral tones such as grey or cream for button tufted designs.

For optimal outdoor lounge chairs, choose materials that can withstand the elements and maintain their visual appeal over time. Teak wood is a top choice due to its natural oil content which keeps it water resistant while its fine grain looks beautiful with age.

Other woods commonly used to craft outdoor chaises include cedar, hickory and redwood; all three species provide weather resistance while offering visually appealing natural finishes. Synthetic wicker furniture also remains popular outdoor seating material because its similarity to natural rattan requires less upkeep than its real-life counterpart – plus no need for refinishing!

Plastic and resin are man-made hybrid compositions that have become an indispensable element in outdoor furniture design. Available in an array of colors and with intricate molding capabilities, plastics such as polypropylene are resistant to windy conditions as well as being abrasion-resistant; acrylic is fade-proof, inexpensive and easy to maintain.

To ensure that your new outdoor chaises will fit within their designated space, take measures of your patio or garden area and measure its dimensions to make sure there is enough space. Chaises tend to be longer than traditional outdoor chairs and require more clearance from walls in order to recline fully.