Uttermost Clocks Add Sophistication to Your Decor

Large wall clocks make great accent pieces for living rooms that can be difficult to decorate, such as open hallways. Discover one with modern or European vintage styling that fits right in with your room decor seamlessly.

Uttermost is a family owned and operated company located in Rocky Mount, Virginia that prides itself on providing high quality home accessories at reasonable prices. They specialize in offering accent furniture, decorative mirrors, alternative wall decor pieces, art work clocks lamps lighting fixtures rugs to name just some products offered in their line of products.

Pendulux Clocks

Pendulux designs functional products that excite both imagination and soul. Drawing inspiration from industrial, nautical and militaristic sources, their products boast utilitarian lines with clean finishes for masculinity. Each clock, lamp or other product designed by Pendulux at their office in Port Richmond, California and then manufactured using skilled craftpeople all around the world is finished off by these unique fabrication techniques for an added layer of quality and character to each finished piece.

As an homage to engine rooms found aboard steamships, ships, and industrial factories, this mantel clock features heavy hardware with exposed hex screws for a rustic appeal. A classic clock dial and bold hands encased behind thick glass lenses add functionality while being visually pleasing features of this mantel clock.

If you appreciate aviation’s golden age, this table clock brings fighter pilot precision directly to your desk. Based on an altimeter from WWII aircraft, its sturdy brass screw and rugged shape convey strength while its high contrast black dial and cream colored hands exude accuracy with every spin of its hands – just like you were navigating at breakneck speeds yourself!

Reimagining naval vessel binnacles into something stunning like this reimagined binnacle from naval vessels must surely be one of their signature designs. Crafted of polished solid aluminum with brass trim for extra durability, its sturdy frame boasts repurposed compass dial and period hands as accent pieces while its thick glass case protects it from subsea dangers and keeps it securely locked into place.

Pendulux products embody this creative genius of Leonardo Da Vinci, Thomas Edison and Jules Verne in one room with an assortment of parts and tools. Each reworked item combines historical elements with modern technologies for an original yet visually appealing item perfect for home or office. Together they form a collection of timepieces sure to amaze, amaze and enchant.

Uttermost Wall Clocks

The Uttermost 06083 Warehouse Wall Clock features hand forged metal clock with mottled rust brown finish, featuring aged ivory face. A wire cage style front completes its unique design. Quartz movement ensures accurate timekeeping. Requires one “AA” battery.

Uttermost has wall clocks designed to complement every style and decor in your home, whether you are creating something brand new or refreshing existing decor. Choose from traditional, contemporary or rustic styles when selecting your wall clock from Uttermost’s selection – and place it anywhere from the wall, table or mantel, floor or standing on its own – making uttermost wall clocks an excellent way to add character and charm into your space! Uttermost wall clocks are especially great additions in bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens but can also add character and charm when decorating living rooms or dining rooms or hallways!

Uttermost Mantel Clocks

Uttermost was founded by Bob and Belle Cooper of Rocky Mount, Virginia in 1975 with their mission being simple yet timeless: creating great home accessories at reasonable prices. Uttermost accomplishes this through award-winning designers, custom finishes, innovative product engineering techniques and advanced packaging reinforcement. Their success can be found among some of the world’s premier home furniture retailers such as Goods Home Furnishings; success they attribute largely to three principles that govern them: superior customer service; providing great products with sharp pricing strategies; treating employees/sales representatives/designers like partners in business relationships; treating employees/sales representatives/designers like partners in business relationships – these principles remain at the core.

Our collection features an assortment of mantel clocks with their own distinctive styles. All are offered in various finishes and come equipped with quartz movements that don’t require winding – perfect for keeping tabs on time without hassles! Many products in this collection include remote controls and are powered by batteries, making it simple to keep track of time without the need for additional electrical outlets. Be sure to review each individual product page carefully for details, including dimensions and other important information that will ensure the clock you choose fits into the space you have planned for it. If any queries arise, feel free to reach out – our team would be more than happy to provide any additional assistance necessary in finding you an ideal home accessory!

Uttermost Table Clocks

Uttermost table clocks exude classic industrial charm while adding sophistication to any room’s decor. From its metal frame and face on this Shyam table clock to the aged brass scaffold stand of Arta Modern Table Clock – each piece was designed to look beautiful no matter where they’re displayed in your home, featuring quartz movement for accurate timekeeping.

Uttermost was established by Bob and Belle Cooper of Rocky Mount, Virginia in 1975 with one simple goal in mind: providing high quality home accessories at reasonable prices. They accomplish this with custom finishes, innovative product engineering solutions and advanced packaging reinforcement technologies, plus the help of talented designers. The company employs hundreds of workers at its various factories and operates a state-of-the-art West Coast distribution center for increased capacity and faster shipping to their customers. As opposed to many of their competitors who place value on quantity over quality, they take great pride in the craftsmanship of each of their employees, sales representatives and designers as partners in their success. Goods Home Furnishings has built long-term relationships based on these core principles with some of the world’s most prestigious home furnishing retailers like Goods Home Furnishings. Their company continues to grow while adhering to these core principles and adopting emerging styles.