How to Create a Bohemian Getaway With Bohemian Patio Furniture

bohemian patio furniture

Create an inviting bohemian oasis on your patio by selecting furnishings with bohemian charm. Low-slung hammocks, rattan chairs, and lounge beds bring an air of relaxation into any backyard space.

Colorful influences from various cultures, patterned pillows and poufs with vivid prints, and juxtaposing textures all come together in this eclectic style. Find natural elements such as jute rugs and Moroccan Boucherouite rugs to complete the look in your patio decor.


Rattan makes a beautiful addition to bohemian patio decor, thanks to its natural aesthetic of curvilinear forms, reedy textures and earthy hues that complement this free-spirited style that celebrates uniqueness and individuality.

Add a rattan outdoor couch or chair to your backyard for an inviting lounge area, perfect for reading and socializing. Combine it with a cushiony, curved wicker daybed for lazy afternoons in your own boho getaway! Additional furniture pieces like woven wicker dining sets, wrought iron chairs and teak wood benches will help create a bohemian-style patio offering plenty of seating options.

Rattan wicker patio furniture can be made of various materials, from natural woods and plant-based reeds to synthetic resin strands. Rattan makes an excellent choice for bohemian-inspired patio design as it is strong yet lightweight enough for easy movement or repositioning, offering endless design opportunities. Furthermore, this water-resistant material resists staining and weathering to ensure longevity of use and design inspiration.

Comforters and blankets that showcase bohemian decor feature fringed borders, tassels and other details to complete its handmade aesthetic. Flowers such as paisleys or geometrics add variety and visual interest while decorative pillows and cushions help you express your unique boho style while adding comfort and texture to rattan outdoor furniture.

Layered rugs in earthy hues such as sienna, umber and ochre offer comfortable surfaces to set rattan patio furniture on. Choose pieces with distressed Persian designs like Ikat or distressed Persian designs as well as bold floral prints or stripes to complete your boho color scheme.

Lighting up the night with romantic charm requires pairing your rattan wicker patio furniture with flickering candles or lanterns and outdoor lamps crafted of wrought iron, wood and metal to make an impression in your bohemian patio deck. Solar or string lights can create an enchanting ambience on this deck as can tiki torches, chimeneas or fire pit tables for further illumination of this space.


If you want to create a bohemian-style outdoor living space, incorporating various elements will bring together its design. These may include unique rattan styles, colorful fabrics and various accessories; all will help to form an cohesive look while adding character.

Natural rattan furniture exudes charm, making a statement in any decor style from boho chic to coastal and eclectic spaces. Plus, its durability means less maintenance is necessary; when shopping for outdoor pieces of rattan patio furniture look for pieces woven from weather-resistant materials that can withstand UV rays from sunlight without degrading over time.

Bohemian decorative pillows and throw blankets are essential components of boho decor, providing the perfect finishing touches to complement rattan patio furniture. Available in an array of colors, sizes, patterns and styles to meet any design aesthetic – embellished with fringes or other embellishments can further accentuate their look! For an eye-catching display without going too over the top try layering different textures and color schemes instead.

Rattan patio furniture comes in many shapes and colors, making it simple to find furniture that perfectly complements your garden. A sleek, streamlined shape is often preferred for creating an exotic bohemian vibe while rounder styles can help to create a cozier, inviting ambience.

Bohemian landscapes cannot be complete without lush greenery. Aim to include as many plants as possible in your space, hanging some from the ceiling for dramatic effect. Add ferns, cacti and succulents into your decor, as well as grow an indoor herb garden if your backyard space is limited.

Add an authentic bohemian touch to your backyard by installing boho-inspired lighting. String lights and lanterns are great ways to fill your space with light while creating an intimate, soothing ambiance at night. Pair these fixtures with candles or natural-looking lighting options for added ambience in a bohemian garden!


Join nature by adding a boho-inspired color palette. Earthy tones and bold patterns are popular choices, though you could also opt for more dramatic accents like blues and greens. An outdoor rug in earth tones helps define your boho patio while throw pillows featuring bold patterns provide cozy seating and add style.

Bohemian decor embraces contrast in terms of styles and fabrics, so don’t be intimidated to mix furniture pieces and fabrics together. A sleek modern loveseat and rattan armchairs pair nicely with an acacia wood table; or try pairing an industrial metal coffee table with rustic bistro chairs to create a stunning patio space that feels relaxed yet chic.

Rattan furniture accentuates its natural aesthetic when enhanced by warm earth tones; however, bohemian patio furniture also looks fantastic in modern neutrals like greige (a current paint trend). Greige coordinates well with natural tones such as reclaimed wood and pops of bolder color such as green – an elemental color which connects people to nature and encourages healthfulness – as well as working well with woven rugs, rush baskets and rattan furniture.

Patterns are an integral component of boho style, so don’t be intimidated to experiment with various prints on your rattan furniture. Bold floral, paisley, and geometric designs work beautifully in many colors; alternatively you may prefer earthier tones typically associated with bohemian style. Just be sure to pair these vibrant patterns with solid-color cushions or upholstery pieces to complete an eclectic and playful aesthetic!

Bohemian patios provide the ideal setting for enjoying al fresco dinners or free trade morning coffee with friends. If you want to add an air of elegance, try hanging a lace curtain or gauzy drapery. Add wicker lanterns or string lights for warmth and ambiance; don’t forget plants as part of the design for maximum impact – original handmade pots and vases add the final touches that complete this unique space!


If you’re shopping for bohemian patio furniture, accessories are key in creating the desired atmosphere and atmosphere of relaxation and unwind. From pillows and blankets to macrame chairs, these pieces of patio furniture can easily be transformed with the appropriate accent pieces.

Bohemian accessories offer limitless possibilities, from colorful flowers and stars motifs, to decorative items with fringed edges, fringed tassels or other details that add a special touch. Choose decorative pieces with bright motifs like flowers and stars from cultures around the world; for instance you could place a basket filled with seashells in your relaxation area for display; add vintage lanterns with string lights for outdoor lighting; display fringed throw pillows that bring magic and fringed throw blankets as focal pieces to add depth and dimension when creating your patio decor – or perhaps you need help! When it comes to boho-inspired decor you have endless choices when it comes to finding decorative pieces and decorations featuring fringes, tassels, fringed edges and details that bring magic and magic!

Add an outdoor rug with vibrant patterns or colors inspired by your region for added boho charm. Outdoor-grade rugs will withstand rain and sunlight; alternatively you could cover a patio table in a sheet of jute or sisal material instead.

Enhance your boho design with candles and various forms of lighting, such as rattan wicker garden lamps that add romance and mystery. For a more casual setting, place storage accent tables made from stone or teak near where you relax.

Bohemian patio design allows for flexibility and beauty; whether adding an eclectic flare to an existing patio or creating one from scratch. The key is mixing different styles of furniture so it appears as though your patio was put together over time rather than from one set – for instance arranging modern sofas next to classic club chairs while including wrought iron bar stools around your teak dining table is perfect!