Upgrade Your Backyard With a Black Friday Patio Furniture Sale That’s 61 Percent Off

Upgrade your backyard for summer entertaining with outdoor furniture discounted 61 percent, as well as patio accessories like this wood fire table and this useful patio cooler.

Frugal shoppers tend to avoid purchasing furniture during spring and summer seasons, but wise shoppers know this is often the best time for finding great bargains.

Time of Year to Buy Outdoor Furniture

Fall is the optimal time for purchasing outdoor furniture, as you can take advantage of deep discounts while still arriving with it in time for summer. Furniture suppliers need to make room for new models arriving next spring, so they offer discounted pricing as a means of clearing older pieces off their inventory. Plus, few people search for patio furniture during this season so there will be ample deals that offer up to 50% savings!

Winter offers some excellent patio furniture bargains; however, selection may be limited and delivery may take time; additionally, quality may not match that seen elsewhere in the year.

Outdoor furniture purchases can be costly; especially if you want high-quality pieces that will stand the test of time. So it is essential that if you plan on investing in new patio sets, you know when the ideal time and season are to purchase patio sets in order to maximize savings and get maximum value from your purchases.

As with any product, outdoor furniture prices fluctuate throughout the year depending on seasonal demand and supply factors. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at these influencing factors and offer strategies on how you can get a great deal on patio furniture.


Once summer ends around September, retailers want to get rid of any patio furniture left in inventory and may offer sales or discounted prices to get people buying before it goes out of style for good. They may also want to recoup some of their investment before upgrading their new models; this is when you’ll find some of the best furniture deals; though you won’t have as much variety available as during spring and summer sales periods.

Furniture buying can be a significant financial commitment, so it’s crucial that you know when is the optimal time of year to find great bargains. Pay attention to seasonal and holiday events – such as Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day sales – in order to find great sales offers.


As soon as it warms up, retailers start increasing outdoor furniture sales. While they might not offer as many big discounts as end-of-season clearance deals do, buying early gives you time to enjoy your furniture throughout the summer season and beyond. In addition to traditional patio sales around Easter and Memorial Day, President’s Day has recently emerged as an excellent time for purchasing garden furniture; though its sales periods don’t compare with Fourth of July and Labor Day sale periods.


As summer winds down, furniture stores will be eager to clear out excess inventory in preparation for new styles. September can be one of the best times to shop for patio furniture as prices will likely be much more favorable than they would have been during July or even May.

Now is an excellent time to purchase items you may have had your eye on but have been waiting on, but not the ideal moment for creating an entirely new space. People looking to entertain guests and spend more time outdoors tend to increase demand for furniture during this season, meaning demand will likely remain strong for outdoor pieces.

As the holidays near, retailers will offer steep discounts to move inventory and create space for holiday merchandise. This presents an ideal opportunity to upgrade your living or dining area with furniture you have been admiring – be it tables and chairs you have been eyeing up, or pieces from their new catalogue that you hadn’t yet discovered.