Boho Patio Furniture at Big Lots

Create an enjoyable outdoor experience with boho decor on your patio. This whimsical decor style includes colorful influences from various cultures and vintage designs mixed with vibrant prints and pillows to create an upbeat yet relaxed environment.

Organic materials and natural finishes are integral parts of a boho patio design. Consider placing a comfortable wicker porch swing beneath an overarching canopy, while filling your space with plush rugs featuring distressed Persian or ikat patterns for an eclectic touch.

Natural Materials

If you prefer rustic boho designs, materials like wood and other earthy elements will add an organic and distinctive element to your patio furniture. Rattan can also provide more contemporary pieces that fit this aesthetic.

As an example, a woven hanging chair adds artistic flare to any outdoor space, and can be suspended from tree branches or freestanding frames to create a truly boho atmosphere. If you want something truly original for your patio space, why not consider adding one or more boho-inspired outdoor patterned rugs that come in various colors, patterns and textures for an authentic design aesthetic.

Raffia coffee tables add bohemian style to outdoor living spaces in no time at all. Crafted from palm tree fibers, these organic pieces can bring natural elegance into the space while offering durability as they feature glass, metal or ceramic tops for accentuating bohemian decor.

Raffia trend has extended into smaller boho patio accessories as well. Rattan wraps can add decorative accents for items like drink ware and cocktail napkins; functional pieces made of woven rattan include bar carts that store glasses and bottles for outdoor entertaining; tiered serving trays; coasters are among other woven boho patio pieces made with this material.

Be it for cozy retreat or vibrant gathering spot, lighting is key in making any boho patio truly spectacular. Lighting options like eclectic lanterns and twinkling string lights can easily transform an outdoor space into a magical Boho setting for starry nights under the stars – which Big Lots makes affordable options available to light your boho patio!

An inviting bohemian patio is the ideal space to unwind with family and friends. By following these tips, it’s easy to create a stylish and comfy boho patio in your own home – just remember to mix eclectic style elements with rustic, chic or plain bohemian elements for a well-balanced aesthetic.

Free-Spirited Vibes

Bohemian design celebrates individuality and creativity, giving your outdoor space an artistic flair. Transform your patio into a boho garden oasis using the perfect mix of natural materials, cozy textures and vibrant hues – from hammocks and rattan furniture to tropical-patterned pillows and lounge beds, Big Lots has everything you need to bring your bohemian patio ideas to life at budget-friendly prices.

Boho patio designs begin with organic outdoor materials like rattan chairs and dining tables as the foundation, followed by layers of furniture and decor reminiscent of nature – think driftwood side tables with wicker chairs attached, macrame wall hangings with woven accents or macrame wall hangings with woven accents – for an aesthetically pleasing yet casual vibe. Mix in earthy hues such as terra-cotta, deep greens and blues mimicking nature’s hues for an organic touch that adds an organic vibe too – think driftwood side tables combined with wicker chairs attached. Finally add natural-tone hues like Terra-cotta, deep greens and blues mimicking nature’s hues for an organic vibe.

Bohemian patios evoke an airy and relaxed ambience with hammocks or porch swings providing the ideal place to unwind. Drape one across a shaded corner of your patio or hang one from a tree in your yard as an inviting spot for reading or taking in nature’s gentle breeze while swinging gently back and forth. Adding low coffee tables with mismatched dinnerware completes the boho aesthetic for patios that exude boho chic charm.

If you prefer lounge chairs, opt for those featuring cushioned seat and back seating that’s comfy enough for lounging around on your patio. Woven chaise or rattan rocking chairs may also make for relaxing lounging options, and surround them with plush floor rugs for an organic touch that adds bohemian designs.

Bring out your sense of adventure and wanderlust with eclectic boho patio decor, such as macrame wall hangings and vintage lanterns. Planters provide the perfect setting to display herbs or small vegetables for healthy and flavorful additions to summer meals. Just remember to balance out this bohemian look with functional elements, such as dining tables or bar carts that provide ample surface area for drinks and snacks!

Comfortable Seating

Boho patio furniture‘s vibrant collection of colors and patterns helps you craft a uniquely personal outdoor space. Look for comfy seats with contoured backrests for optimal lumbar support, as well as fabrics that allow airflow.

Organic outdoor materials and natural finishes are key components of this style, from woven wicker chairs to wooden dining tables. Natural-colored fabrics like tans and browns withstand exposure to outdoor elements well, while bright hues like teal and red fade faster yet add fun pops of color.

Consider investing in a rattan hanging chair for a boho twist on traditional patio seating. It features an egg-shaped wicker frame with ash gray cushions for contemporary aesthetics combined with casual comfort; and cushion covers are removable and machine washable so your cushions stay looking good all season long!

Boho style can be captured through flowing fabric drapes that encase your balcony, shaded wicker daybeds and u-shaped sectionals reminiscent of nomadic aesthetic, table umbrellas with yellow or teal tones, nautical-themed decorative accessories and even table chairs which all lend themselves well to its free spirit aesthetic.

Mix It Up

If you love the concept of a bohemian patio but don’t know where to begin creating it, start by choosing key pieces – furniture, flooring and decor staples which will set the style. Once this step has been taken, find ways to tie these elements together with pieces you already have or can purchase at a discounted rate.

For instance, if you own a metal coffee table, pair it with an organic wood ottoman or rattan side chair to create an eye-catching combination and avoid creating too uniform an aesthetic in your room. Doing this can help provide balance among furnishings while simultaneously adding texture.

One approach is to choose materials with similar appearance across your pieces, yet with varied finishes or colors. For instance, you could pair two pieces made from similar material–say woven rattan loveseat and smooth wooden dining table–instead of competing styles to add visual interest and harmony in the overall space.

Find pieces in multiple forms that feature your preferred hue or pattern to easily bring them together. For instance, an ikat-inspired throw pillow could pair beautifully with solid cotton sofa cushions or even striped rattan sofa.

Small touches can also help bridge the gap between traditional and modern bohemian patio furniture, like adding a throw blanket that unifies two different styles of chairs. You might also use one color throughout planters and accessories – all adding up to an harmonious design!

Make your boho patio the envy of all with an eye-catching fire pit table as the centerpiece! A fire pit table creates an intimate and welcoming space where friends and family can come together after dark for fun gatherings. Add lamps such as lanterns, decorative sconces and chandeliers for additional ambience in the evening hours.

Boho-inspired patios may feature large spaces with plenty of lounge chairs, yet smaller yards can still feel spacious thanks to multifunctional furniture and smart organizational ideas. For instance, use a rattan settee as an dining table that seats four people; then pair it with round wooden tables and chairs that work just as effectively for additional seating options.