The Best Patio Furniture Covers

best patio furniture covers

Staying outdoor furniture protected for years can make life simpler, saving your favorite pieces from harsh sunlight, thunderstorms and winds. Finding quality patio furniture covers may provide just the protection needed.

These covers help safeguard furniture against natural wear-and-tear and rust damage, with various styles and sizes to fit into your furniture and outdoor environment.


Once you’ve invested both time and money in creating your ideal patio, keeping it looking its best requires using proper patio furniture covers to safeguard it against weather damage and dirt accumulation. Watertight covers are especially helpful, preventing furniture from blowing around in wind gusts while staying secure against rainstorms. There is no shortage of covers on the market that fit each need perfectly – find one perfect for you now.

First and foremost when choosing patio furniture covers is material quality and durability. Look for covers made of resilient, water-resistant materials such as polyester that allow water to evaporate quickly so mold and mildew won’t form on your furniture, protecting it from UV rays as well. Regular washing with mild soap and water may be necessary to keep it looking its best, as sharp objects could puncture or damage it easily.

Some outdoor covers are specially constructed to be windproof, allowing you to take full advantage of your outdoor space even during windy conditions. These covers are an excellent solution for areas with strong winds or frequent rainstorms. Others feature solution-dyed fabric which repels both water and UV radiation; these more luxurious options will look good for longer.

If you’re purchasing new patio furniture, it is wise to also invest in a cover. Cover testers are great way to see whether your chosen cover fits properly before installing and enjoying your new furnishings.

An investment in patio furniture covers is a smart way to make the most of outdoor space and protect furniture from the elements. Covers will protect from weather elements while making sure that outdoor living spaces can maximized their potential.


Many stores and online retailers sell generic covers that claim they can fit all furniture types, but if you want long-lasting patio furniture it is wise to invest in customized covers designed specifically for each piece of patio furniture. Such covers will fit better, providing better protection from rain and other forms of weather conditions, while being made from materials less likely to fade over time.

Breathable patio furniture covers allow moisture to escape through them, helping prevent mold and mildew buildup and rot on exposed surfaces. This is particularly crucial if you live in an area with high humidity levels; thus breathable covers are an effective way to preserve the quality and life of your outdoor furniture while saving on expensive repairs.

When selecting a patio furniture cover, be sure to carefully consider its material and color. A durable material that resists fading is best. Furthermore, its color should complement that of your furniture that it will protect and cleaning should be straightforward so as not to stain with dirt or mildew build-up.

Another aspect to take into account when selecting furniture covers is thickness of material. Thicker material means more durability; thin materials cannot withstand weather elements and could tear or become brittle over time; while thick and durable covers will protect furniture from harsh rainstorms and weather conditions.

A breathable cover will feel soft against your skin while offering protection from sun damage. Not only will it keep water out, but also dust and pollen away – an invaluable investment for anyone with outdoor furniture! Investing now may save the hassle of replacing it later!

Easy to Install

Patio furniture covers are specially-made covers designed to easily slide over outdoor furniture when not in use, typically made of weather-resistant fabric with zippers or drawstrings to secure them in place and zipper pockets to store umbrellas and pillows when not in use. Many also come equipped with vents designed to circulate air and prevent condensation which could otherwise lead to mold or mildew growth.

Some covers also feature tenting devices to divert rainwater away from pooling on their fabric or furniture underneath, making them more durable and extending its life. There is a variety of sizes available – chairs and tables alike can be protected as well as entire sets! Most come in neutral tones to complement any decor and blend seamlessly into their surroundings.

Before purchasing a patio furniture cover, it is essential that it fits properly around your furniture. Covers that are too small may leave gaps where dirt and moisture can seep in, while too-big covers can be difficult to install and may rip or tear during installation. To avoid these difficulties altogether, look for covers tailored specifically to meet the size requirements of your set of furniture.

Selecting durable material that’s easy to keep clean is another key consideration when purchasing patio furniture covers. Polyester fabric covers are highly recommended, as they’re strong and long-lasting while remaining breathable – the latter factor making these ideal solutions for those seeking reduced maintenance requirements for outdoor furniture.

Whenever shopping for new patio furniture covers, beware of one-size-fits-all covers sold by large retailers. Such covers don’t always fit perfectly over your specific furniture pieces and could actually cause more harm. Instead, look for covers equipped with straps or elastic hem cords so they stay put and don’t shift around on your furniture.

Easy to Remove

Patio furniture covers provide your furniture with protection from the sun, rain and snow while keeping it looking brand new for longer. A patio cover extends its lifecycle by keeping it looking new while prolonging enjoyment of it outdoors.

Cleaning outdoor furniture covers is key to prolonging their lifespan and keeping them looking great, but you must first understand which fabric types your patio furniture covers are made from – each requires its own specific cleaning solution and method.

Some fabrics can become stained more easily than others and may need specific cleaners in order to remain durable over time. Therefore, it is wise to read the label of patio furniture covers prior to purchasing them in order to gain an idea of how best to care for them and which cleaners are appropriate. This way you will know exactly which cleaning solutions will not harm or discolor them over time.

Most covers can be machine washed, but it’s important to heed any instructions on their label so as to prevent damaging fabric and UV protective coating. In addition, dry them in a shaded area after washing for optimal results and UV protective coating protection.

An investment in quality patio furniture covers can help maximize your outdoor space and extend the lifespan of chairs and tables. There is an assortment of protective covers designed specifically to fit individual pieces as well as sets.

Many of these covers are water-resistant, meaning that they can withstand even heavy rainfall without causing damage to furniture underneath them. Furthermore, they’re designed with tie-down points so as to remain stable during windy conditions – which means they won’t blow away!

Some covers are even designed with breathable materials that allow air to circulate and prevent condensation. Other models come equipped with mesh vents to help dissipate any heat that builds up within them; meaning that even during those scorching summer days, your furniture remains covered while keeping you cool!