Better Homes and Gardens: Buying Patio Furniture on a Budget

better homes and gardens patio furniture

An inviting patio is key to creating a relaxing and enjoyable space for family and friends to gather, but quality should never be sacrificed in its design. Although bargain-priced furniture may save money upfront, it often ends up in the trash after only one season of use.

Lightweight aluminum patio furniture is easy to move and clean; rust is not an issue either. Plus, its wide selection of styles fits in seamlessly with outdoor decor ideas.

Set a Budget

Finding furniture to enhance your outdoor space can transform it into an inviting getaway that draws guests and accentuates the architecture of your home. But choosing furniture doesn’t need to break the bank: even though some inexpensive pieces might provide additional seating or accent pieces, most of your budget should go toward durable pieces that will stand the test of time.

Before making a final purchase, it’s also essential to test out various seating and tables. While cheap plastic or metal chairs might look appealing at first, over time they may become worn-down and start rusting over time – for greater longevity opt for all-weather pieces like wicker, cedar or teak pieces instead.

Another cost-cutting tip for outdoor spaces is selecting colors that complement those found in your home exterior and/or landscape, rather than going with something completely dissonant and disjointed. Furthermore, intelligent design can help make sure neutral-colored furniture will stand the test of time; for instance, pairing dark wrought iron tables with light all-weather wicker loveseats or two chairs in soft blue hues will ensure you will get ample use out of it over time.

Look for Form Follows Function

An appropriate setup of patio furniture can make any backyard more welcoming, so when shopping, take time to carefully consider your needs, the amount of time spent outdoors, and who will be sharing this experience. Don’t just buy anything on sale immediately, think carefully and shop wisely before making a decision that could end up costing more in the end than expected!

Some homeowners may prefer an elegant barbecue and large table for entertaining; others will opt for more relaxed settings with comfortable chairs that invite lounging around.

Better Homes and Gardens Ravenbrooke 4-Piece Patio Wicker Conversation Set with Blue Cushions provides the ideal blend of style and comfort. This set consists of a loveseat, 2 swivel rocking chairs, and a coffee table and features hand-woven all-weather wicker over durable powder-coated steel frames, deep cushioned seats covered with fade-resistant Weather Guard fabric, plus fade resistant fade resistant fade guard fabric weather protection on fade resistant weather Guard fabric weather shield fabric deep cushion seats that require minimal maintenance to keep its look. Easy clean up!

Try It Out

If you’re on a tight budget, thrift and discount stores may be your first stop when looking for patio furniture. But keep in mind that you get what you pay for when it comes to outdoor furnishings: cheap plastic resin chairs may seem appealing at first, but over time will discolor and degrade in direct sunlight. To create the ideal backyard retreat or the hub of family and friend gatherings, invest in quality pieces that’ll last more than a season or two.

If your budget can’t stretch to high-end patio furniture, modular options that allow for mixing and matching components may be better suited to you. For instance, a teak sectional with one armless loveseat and two sectional chairs could easily be reconfigured into U-shaped seating for dinner parties or reading nooks without worrying about storage during wintertime. Such flexibility gives you maximum use from your outdoor furniture without the hassle of winter storage concerns.

If you live in a cold climate, consider storing your patio furniture in a shed or barn at the end of each summer season to extend its lifespan and save yourself the hassle of searching for replacement pieces at the start of next summer. Even if it’s made from all-weather wicker or teak materials, such as storage will extend their lives as well as save you the headache of purchasing all new furnishings each time spring arrives.

Choose Comfortable Seating

When it comes to lounging comfortably on your patio, furniture must be comfortable. A great way to test this is simply sitting in each chair or sofa you are considering for extended periods without feeling unease – that should indicate which choice would work best.

Your lifestyle and how you use the space outdoors should also be taken into consideration when making these choices. For example, if you enjoy hosting guests for outdoor meals and parties, having chairs that seat six to eight would provide enough seating capacity to comfortably host larger gatherings like dinner parties and social get-togethers.

Alternatively, if you prefer lounging and reading in your backyard, a chaise lounge is an ideal way to do just that. With adjustable backrests that enable reclining positions that vary from upright and down to recline backwards, a chaise lounge allows for optimal relaxation in any position you desire.

One of the key aspects of purchasing patio furniture is avoiding purchasing cheaper pieces. While these may seem more wallet-friendly, these often feature cheaper construction and provide no warranties or customer support services. By investing in higher quality pieces that last many years you’ll save yourself money which you can spend elsewhere like purchasing a grill or umbrella for outdoor living spaces.

Choose Durable Materials

Patio furniture comes in various styles and materials. Your patio set should reflect the style of your home while standing up against weather elements.

The strongest patio furniture pieces are composed of metals like wrought iron, cast aluminum and stainless steel. These materials can withstand outdoor elements without needing to be painted or treated with chemicals; however, rust may occur so be sure to monitor its location if your furniture is located outdoors.

Wood patio furniture has become an increasingly popular option. Soft woods such as pine and cedar may rot if left untreated; while hardwoods such as teak and jarrah can last decades when properly cared for. Although these pieces tend to cost more, if properly taken care of they could last 50+ years with proper treatment.

If the maintenance required of wood patio furniture becomes an issue for you, aluminum sets might be the better option. Aluminum furniture is easy to keep clean and won’t rust in humid climates. East Oak’s powder-coated aluminum frame resists weather elements while textilene covers its seat cushions for UV light resistance and sleek modernity.

Go Aluminum or Wrought Iron

Iron and aluminum are both long-lasting metals often used to craft patio furniture, offering many benefits that make them popular choices when searching for chairs, sofas or tables for their outdoor spaces.

Both materials are easy to keep clean and resistant to corrosion, yet both come with their own set of drawbacks that should be taken into account before purchasing furniture made from either of them. Iron is notoriously heavy and may pose difficulty when moving furniture around to accommodate guests or weather changes, while it also responds rapidly to temperature variations by becoming hot and cold during different seasons – this makes sitting for extended periods more uncomfortable than expected.

Steel is generally preferred to iron, as its temperature changes don’t cause as dramatic an adjustment. Unfortunately, welding it is more complex and more costly. Furthermore, its susceptibility to rust and corrosion makes some types of stainless steel varieties more corrosion-resistant than others.

Cast aluminum makes an excellent alternative to wrought iron as it doesn’t rust and comes in various styles and colors to meet everyone’s taste. Maintenance is simple as well; just wipe down its surface occasionally with soapy water or use car wax as protection to keep looking its best!