Teak Patio Furniture Sets

Teak wood’s natural oil content protects it against harsh environments and rot. To test for quality, sprinkle water droplets over its surface; genuine high-grade teak will resist soaking up and will remain unchanged.

Create an inviting conversation area by the pool with all-weather teak sofa and chair sets featuring versatile cushion colors that match seasonal decor.


When looking for outdoor sets, durability should always be your number one concern. Teak patio furniture sets make an excellent investment; as their durable wood can withstand various climate conditions and insect invasion. Plus, with minimal upkeep required – and as one of the strongest species on earth it could last decades with proper care!

Teak wood’s durability stems from its natural oils and tight grain structure, which make it highly resistant to insects and the elements. Due to this property, staining or treating isn’t necessary in order to maintain its appearance – though extra protection can be achieved using teak oil on outdoor furniture surfaces.

Although some retailers advertise themselves as selling authentic teak wood products, many of these materials are actually lower grades of the material – such as Grade B teak which has lower oil content and may be more susceptible to rot, mildew or other issues. If sustainability is important to you then premium 100 percent Grade A plantation teak should be the choice for your outdoor furniture set.

Select pieces with timeless designs when purchasing teak patio furniture sets to ensure they will stand the test of time and will fit seamlessly into any future decorating scheme. Look for cushion colors and patterns that complement most color schemes, as well as classic styles that won’t become outdated over time.

One way to protect your new furniture is by moving it indoors during winter months when moisture levels are at their peak, when moisture levels can lead to mold and mildew growth in shaded areas and cooler weather. Furthermore, when not in use it’s wise to cover teak furniture with an outdoor furniture cover capable of protecting from rain or snow while still permitting you to use it during warmer seasons – this inexpensive yet simple strategy could extend its lifespan considerably!

Weather Resistance

Teak patio furniture sets are known for their long-term durability and weather resistance, making them an exceptional addition to any outdoor living area. Constructed from dense tropical hardwood, teak can withstand even extreme conditions including heavy rainfall and UV radiation while naturally repelling mosquito and gnat bites with little additional intervention needed from additional insect repellent measures.

Teak patio sets come in both traditional and modern styles to satisfy both your aesthetic preferences and accommodate the needs of both family members and guests. Choose from various styles, sizes, and finishes of teak chairs, sofas, coffee tables, side and end tables – or all three! – to create an exquisite dining area or living room space.

Teak outdoor furniture will transform your backyard into an inviting spot, whether for morning coffee sipping or entertaining family and friends. When selecting furniture to seat, keep in mind how many people need seating; modular teak sectionals allow for this flexibility by expanding with additional pieces as necessary.

When purchasing teak furniture, pay special attention to where it came from and how it was harvested. Reputable sellers will provide information regarding its origin and any potential damage or rot that might have occurred during shipping and storage. Make sure your furniture can withstand moisture by placing it away from damp areas where mold or mildew growth could take place; additionally, ensure it remains away from damp places that encourage it.

When possible, storing Teak outdoor furniture in cool, well-ventilated sheds during the winter can help preserve and extend its lifespan. Doing this will also reduce humidity levels that could otherwise cause its wood to crack or deteriorate quickly; keeping your teak covered with a waterproof cover may provide further protection. Moreover, avoiding places that provide central heating can preserve its integrity and prolong its lifespan.


Teak furniture brings sophistication and luxury to any outdoor space while withstanding the elements for years. When shopping for teak patio furniture sets, be sure to purchase ones made of top-grade wood so as to minimize maintenance requirements; lower quality teak may appear less costly but often requires more frequent upkeep as it doesn’t offer as much resilience.

Teak sectionals can make any patio into an elegant lounge or entertainment area. Our extensive collection offers traditional or contemporary designs to meet every design aesthetic and finish preference, creating the ideal backyard retreat for entertaining friends or relaxing alone.

At Eco Furniture Company, we are delighted to offer stylish yet environmentally conscious teak furniture. Our pieces come from plantations which follow stringent environmental and sustainability standards for genetic care, planting and cultivation practices and replanting trees for ecological sustainability – giving our pieces an extended lifespan without contributing to deforestation in any way. Our beautiful pieces stand the test of time!

Teak chairs make an elegant addition to any backyard. Unlike metal and wrought iron seating options, teak chairs add timeless character with their natural wood appearance, providing timeless charm to your decor. Plus, their incredible comfort will have you lounging outside for hours at a time. When selecting your teak chair make sure it meets the size and design specifications necessary; that way it can provide seating for friends and family while complimenting outdoor aesthetics perfectly.

Teak tables are timeless additions to any outdoor dining space, perfect for hosting large gatherings or intimate dinner parties alike. Our wide selection of quality teak tables can comfortably seat your guests. In addition, we carry stylish dining chairs that add the finishing touch; choose modern or rustic designs depending on the aesthetic of your backyard, or opt for our contemporary benches with lattice patterns for something different altogether!


Teak patio furniture sets with ergonomic designs put comfort first. Boasting sleek sanded finishes and top-of-the-line hardware, our dining sets include seating with contoured backs that support spine alignment as well as sloped runners that create a relaxing rocking rhythm. In addition, we carry comfortable Teak lounge chairs suited to poolside relaxation or backyard conversation areas that come equipped with side tables for drinks or snacks; our collection ranges from classic Adirondack styles to more contemporary pieces that seamlessly integrate into any space

Teak patio tables and chairs are highly durable investments for any outdoor living space, offering long-term use with minimal maintenance required. Naturally resistant to rot, water damage, insects, UV inhibitors and stabilizers also help keep its color vibrant; unlike painted wooden furniture which requires regular oiling sessions. Natural Teak wood needs only occasional cleaning with soapy water for cleaning purposes.

Teak outdoor furniture sets with dining tables provide the ideal way to host parties. Our selection includes options such as the Caterina 6 Piece Extendable Patio Dining Set and Rochester 7 Piece Teak Patio Dining Set; in addition we carry matching patio bar stool chairs which go perfectly with these sets. Likewise we also carry patio bar stool chairs which work seamlessly with these dining sets to complete their look on any patio or deck. When it comes to seating guests comfortably in an open air lounge space a Teak sofa set makes an excellent addition by providing cozy open air seating arrangements, with hanging lights overhead adding warmth while creating an inviting setting in which for guests to relax in comfort!

If you prefer solitude, a Teak chaise lounge offers the ultimate luxury for any backyard retreat. Set one up near your swimming pool so swimmers can sunbathe while sipping refreshing beverages or place one near your garden to appreciate nature and flowers.