The Most Durable Patio Furniture

Durability should be your number one consideration when shopping for patio furniture, and should remain one of your main goals. Longer-lasting outdoor pieces will withstand all elements and last you years longer.

Metal patio furniture, like wrought iron and aluminum, is typically the most long-term durable choice. Metal is naturally resistant to corrosion and easy to keep clean – ideal materials for patio seating!


Wood patio furniture has long been one of the classic and elegant choices for style and comfort, thanks to its inherent strength. Wood can withstand rain and snowfall with minimal weather damage. When selecting wooden furniture pieces made of hardwoods such as teak, acacia, eucalyptus or white oak; such pieces feature beautiful grains which add aesthetic charm.

Wrought iron makes an attractive, classic, timeless, lightweight choice for your backyard that is both lightweight and corrosion resistant, particularly when exposed to salt water, which can damage other metals. It’s lightweight enough for easy transport while being easy to maintain and clean while being resistant against salt corrosion damage which could destroy other metals.

Aluminum patio furniture offers an attractive modern solution. Not only is this material lightweight and highly durable, it can also be powder-coated in any color of your choosing for easy powder coating. Aluminum is also easy to maintain and clean while withstanding harsh weather conditions – though scratches and dents still exist as possible issues.

When purchasing a metal patio set, it’s essential to remember the sun’s UV rays can quickly fade finishes and fabrics, necessitating you select one with a protective layer to combat this fading process. Some metals also tend to rust easily so avoiding those may also help.

Wood patio furniture can be very long-lived when properly treated; however, maintenance requirements vary by material. Regular application of a waterproof sealant is essential as well as sanding down its surface before staining or painting it with new hues. Furthermore, solid pieces made of solid rather than composite wood material provide more durability for outdoor living environments than their less resilient composite counterparts which crack, warp and rot over time compared to treated and high quality solid pieces of wood furniture that has been chosen and cared for properly.

Recycled Plastic

Recycled plastic patio furniture is made from recycled materials, making it an eco-friendly and long-term investment. Available in an array of styles and colors, its ease of maintenance makes it simple. No splinters or cracks to worry about while water damage, sunlight fading, chemicals and even weather damage won’t wreak havoc; lightweight so easy to move around when desired!

Polywood offers the widest selection of recycled plastic patio furniture available today, including chairs, tables and other outdoor pieces. Their product warranty further attests to their quality craftsmanship. When purchasing recycled plastic furniture sets from Polywood make sure Sunbrella fabrics are used for cushion covers as these are highly resistant to UV ray fading.

Most plastic patio furniture is created from post-consumer bottles and other waste that would otherwise end up in landfills or oceans, then melted, molded and shaped into durable outdoor pieces that look like wood but require little upkeep – including classic Adirondack chairs with sloped seats for optimal seating comfort.

Resin patio furniture is another popular option made of plastic polymers derived from petroleum industry byproducts, and comes in various colors to match its range of natural material looks, such as stone. Furthermore, resin is water-resistant to withstand outdoor elements without warping under pressure.

Furniture made of plastic is often cheaper than its wooden or other counterparts, which can save you money over time. Furthermore, its lightweight nature makes it easier to move around or rearrange if necessary for an event or simply changing up the layout – something other materials might struggle with. Finally, plastic furniture tends to scratch less frequently than its competitors, making it an excellent option for families with children or pets that may put undue wear and tear on outdoor pieces.


Wrought iron patio furniture offers a classic aesthetic for any patio. Made of strong yet flexible material, wrought iron can withstand wind gusts while being painted or powder-coated to match existing decor perfectly.

However, wrought iron can rust quickly when exposed to moisture, including dew on patio furniture, raindrops falling onto tables and chairs or splashes of water during outdoor events. Any time moisture reaches iron it can lead to corrosion and discoloration of its metal surfaces; to avoid this happening opt for pieces with corrosion-resistant finishes instead.

Stainless steel patio furniture can provide another durable choice, as this material is stronger and more rust-proof than aluminum, making it suitable for weight-bearing pieces like dining tables or sofas. Plus, its production can use recycled metals – an environmental plus!

The only drawback of stainless steel may be its higher maintenance needs compared to other metals; its surface can become scratched more easily. This issue can be remedied through using covers and cushions to shield furniture from weather elements while regularly wiping the surface down with mild cleaner or polish.

All three types of metal patio furniture can become hot in direct sunlight and should be brought indoors during the evening hours for safety. Since metals do not absorb and transfer heat as efficiently as wooden furniture does, you must plan accordingly depending on your climate. With proper treatment and maintenance, however, durable patio materials such as iron, steel and bronze offer years of stylish yet comfortable use in patio spaces worldwide. When shopping for durable patio furniture that best fits your needs, be sure to compare each option for style, weight and maintenance needs before selecting something to last years in backyard entertaining areas alike!


Aluminum patio furniture is a top choice because of its resistance to corrosion, nonwarping nature and ability to tolerate extreme temperatures. Furthermore, its sleek aesthetic makes it easily combinable with various styles – homeowners can pair an aluminum sofa with its matching loveseat and lounge chair to create a cozy retreat they can share with family and friends alike.

Aluminum furniture tends to be more economical and lightweight than its metal counterpart, making it an excellent way to update outdoor living areas on a budget. When purchasing, be mindful that lower-priced models might not be as durable.

When purchasing aluminum outdoor furniture sets, look for frames with thick and reinforced frames to withstand rough weather conditions and accidental bumps. Also check for powder coating and nontoxic paints which protect against moisture build-up or fade over time.

Add cushions made of fade-resistant and waterproof fabrics to extend the lifespan of your aluminum patio furniture, keeping its cushions looking new for longer. When selecting cushion covers, select colors and patterns that stand out against the metal frame instead of blending in, as this will draw more attention to it if your aluminum set features light hues.

Aluminum patio furniture offers many benefits when it comes to its maintenance, such as being easy to keep looking its best. A simple wash down with mild soap and water should do just the trick to maintain its fresh appearance, but for deeper clean-up requirements such as scrubbing or refinishing you may require power washering as an efficient and swift method of removal.

Aluminum furniture may be durable, but it’s not designed to withstand stormy conditions. If you live in an area with strong winds, heavy-duty fabric covers should be used on non-use pieces to protect them from being blown away by strong gusts of air.