Tall Patio Furniture – Choosing the Right Height For Your Patio Furniture

When choosing patio furniture, it’s essential that all members of your family can comfortably enjoy being outside. This guide offers an overview of common table and chair heights along with seating solutions tailored specifically for larger bodies.

Bistro tables are slightly taller than coffee tables and often pair with two outdoor dining chairs to offer casual elegance that’s great for small spaces or large gatherings alike.

Dining Tables

Sitting down for family meals together is an integral part of family life and an invaluable tradition that strengthens bonds within your household. A large dining table gives everyone ample room to sit, talk and eat in comfort – our selection features styles and sizes to meet the needs of intimate dinners for two as well as gatherings with extended family or friends.

If you regularly host larger dinner parties and celebrations, look for an extendable table that easily extends to accommodate additional guests. Extending tables are great options for families looking to save on costs while still enjoying hosting special events and gatherings with an elegant feel.

Before purchasing an extendable dining table, it’s essential to measure your space and determine how many seats will need to be accommodated on an ongoing basis. When purchasing such an extendable table, be sure to store its extensions either within it or on its respective floor of your home; keeping them elsewhere could cause them to expand and contract over time and impact how well they fit when reconfigured.

Apart from accommodating more guests, extending dining tables offer other advantages as well. Not only can they expand to accommodate additional guests, but they’re also space-efficient solutions that reduce room layout needs for improved home design. They also help cut expenses by eliminating the need to purchase multiple tables or extra furniture when entertaining guests.

When shopping for an extension dining table, it is essential to pay close attention to its legs and supports. Some designs feature sleek pedestal bases that complement contemporary farmhouse and traditional dining spaces, while others may feature ornate legs and supports that work better in transitional and classic settings. We also carry pre-matched dining sets which contain both chairs and a table that are suitable for your desired style.

Bistro Tables

Bistro table sets can make an excellent addition to residential or commercial spaces of all kinds, as these two-seat tables and chairs take up minimal space while adding style. There are sets available that come in various colors to match any decor theme, making these versatile pieces suitable for dining, working and relaxing alike.

Bistro tables and chairs may not be ideal for large family dinners, but they make for stylish solutions for breakfast nooks, intimate dining areas, and cozy coffee nooks. Bistro sets also add a modern aesthetic to patio areas – these tall outdoor tables are made from top-quality materials so that they will endure in even harsh environments.

Bistro tables typically come in both wood and metal varieties, making it easy for you to find one that best meets your personal style and budget. Furthermore, most bistro tables are lightweight and easily portable; making rearrangement simple or providing accent pieces in various outdoor settings.

Add modern flair to your garden by including a glass top bistro table in it. These tables boast elegant metal frames with glass tops for an eye-catching finish and help reflect light for an expansive feel in any outdoor space. The reflective qualities also help make your garden appear larger!

Another type of bistro table is the wrought iron bistro table, featuring classic, timeless design with multiple finishes available to choose from. Marble top tables add an additional sophisticated element.

Coffee Tables

As the centerpiece of any living room, coffee tables provide stylish seating or display surfaces for keepsakes or mementos. Choose from various sizes and materials to find one that best complements your space: metal is ideal for contemporary homes with its durable yet chic design, wood offers rustic or traditional spaces a warm ambience; for something different try glass coffee tables which almost vanish into their surroundings while adding modern style into the mix!

Shape can also have an effect on its functionality; round tables are particularly suited to small rooms because their smooth corners won’t get in the way of tighter layouts. Trestle-style coffee tables also make an ideal choice, providing storage for remote controls and other items below its lower tier. If you prefer having clean and organized furnishings, consider purchasing one with drawers – these tables provide extra storage while freeing up room on your tabletop to showcase books of various colors or house plants!

Before shopping for your ideal coffee table, take careful measurements of the space to ensure it fits and won’t obstruct other seating areas or traffic routes. If unsure, visit a Bassett showroom and speak with a design consultant who can assist in selecting an accent table to complement any living room design scheme.

Counter Height Tables & Chairs

Counter height tables make an elegant addition to the kitchen island or breakfast nook, accommodating two or more diners comfortably at once for casual dining, providing extra tabletop space for serving platters and drinks. Many styles feature pedestal bases or tulip silhouettes for traditional, French country, mid-century modern aesthetics that pair nicely with any chairs or stools between 24 to 26 inches in height.

This Glambrey 3-piece counter-height dining set will elevate your style with a contemporary aesthetic and mixed materials. Crafted of steel and engineered wood for durability and an attractive dark finish finish. Stools feature footrests to support back of feet for comfortable seating.

With its minimalist design and family-friendly upholstery, this versatile counter-height set is an excellent addition to any dining room decor. Featuring wood grain tabletop and seats upholstered with easy-clean polyester fabric that goes with most color schemes, as well as a leaf that transforms it into a round design capable of seating six comfortably, it makes the ideal centerpiece.

Counter-height tables offer another advantage to balconies and smaller spaces: they take up less floor space than standard-height tables while offering clear views over railings. Plus, counter-height sets have extra legroom than regular dining furniture – even featuring footrests so shorter family members can find comfortable spots at the table! They’re also great choices for outdoor entertaining since many feature weatherproof designs that withstand the wear-and-tear effects that often accompany outdoor events.

Bar Height Tables & Stools

Bar height tables bring dining into more informal surroundings by making dining accessible to more diners, with comfortable sitting or standing arrangements that encourage socialization while enjoying delicious food and beverages. Also referred to as pub tables or gathering tables, these tables create an enjoyable dining experience and social environment when hosting.

Bar-height tables work best when combined with stool seating. Bar stools typically range in height from 28″ to 33″, and some feature footrests for additional comfort. Bar height tables are great options for smaller spaces as they don’t take up as much floor space than standard dining tables; some styles even include built-in open shelves for additional storage or display purposes.

While bar height tables and chairs may be less formal than traditional dining sets, they still make an elegant addition to any home. Ideal for socializing with family and friends and hosting dinner parties in an area specifically designated for eating and entertaining, bar height dining tables come in many styles making it easy to find one that complements existing decor.

Before purchasing a bar-height dining table, always measure and leave space for future furniture purchases. Mark off dimensions with masking tape to test how well the table will fit before making a commitment.

Opting for a counter or bar-height dining set is the perfect way to maximize seating in smaller spaces, accommodate taller family members who require more legroom, and create an ideal dining atmosphere on balconies and patios. Plus, these sets make an excellent spot to dine while taking in views of your backyard and beyond!