Custom Patio Furniture Ensures Each Piece Contributes to the Overall Comfort and Style of Your Backyard Retreat

custom patio furniture

An outdoor space should provide both relaxation and luxury, but stock patio furniture may not meet your vision for it. Custom made patio furniture ensures each piece adds comfort and style to your backyard retreat.

Patios are beautiful spaces that transform into relaxing retreats when filled with appealing furniture and inviting rugs, yet are vulnerable to dirt, dust and rain. Protecting your furniture with robust covers helps safeguard against weather issues and keep it looking its best!


An ideal outdoor space requires furniture tailored specifically to your needs, expectations, and lifestyle. Unfortunately, finding patio sets that meet these criteria may prove elusive; even when found, their cushions may leave gaps and awkwardness within the design.

Custom cushions offer the solution to these problems, creating a patio set that enhances both aesthetics and comfort levels in your home. Choose from an extensive range of colors, patterns and fabrics – including high-quality materials which are more fade-resistant, mildew-resistant and durable than typical outdoor cushions – as well as customize the details such as plush throw pillows and boxed or knife-edge corners.

CC Patio offers customizable furniture solutions for almost all of its furniture pieces, making it easy for you to find something perfect for your backyard oasis. Visit our Houston showroom or contact one of our expert team members – they’ll guide you through every step of the process with unrivaled precision and care in realizing your vision.


Cushion patio furniture provides you with all of the benefits of indoor upholstery without compromising durability or style outdoors. Deep seating cushions are available on most frame options – including dining chairs and lounge chairs, swivel chairs and rockers, chaises and gliders. Choose from hundreds of colors, fabrics and patterns that complement your outdoor space – mix-and-match pillows for an individualized look or choose one or two colors and coordinating patterns to achieve a more cohesive, consistent appearance. Add depth and dimension by accessorizing with throw pillows of different sizes; this will enhance comfort while adding depth and dimension while simultaneously increasing overall aesthetic appeal of outdoor living rooms.

Precision machinery combined with professional craftsmanship create pieces designed for long-term enjoyment outdoors. Find one that best complements your lifestyle and aesthetic needs!


Many people appreciate the natural charm of wooden outdoor furniture. Teak, bamboo and ipe are popular choices due to their durability, all-weather capabilities, strength and stunning grained finishes; as these natural woods absorb minimal moisture and age gracefully with silvery patina over time. However, these woods require careful upkeep as well as protection from rot, mildew, insects or rot by being treated with protective oils that minimize such issues.

Aluminum patio furniture can be durable in certain environments; however, corrosion may still occur under certain circumstances. To combat this risk, manufacturers often powder coat aluminum to provide extra protection. Powder coat colors can even be customized according to aesthetic preferences of patios. Corrosion resistance should always be a key consideration when choosing materials for patio furniture especially in climates where rain or salt spray may be prevalent.

Plastic patio furniture offers homeowners looking for an easier maintenance-free option than wood a great solution. Plastic does not absorb moisture and won’t crack or splinter; in addition to this benefiting the environment. Schleis suggests choosing fade-resistant colors if choosing plastic lumber; when purchasing an entire set, high quality products that offer long warranties should be prioritized.

Metal patio furniture is another popular option. Two popular metals are aluminum and wrought iron; both offer sturdy yet classic designs while aluminum is lightweight for humid or coastal locations; Wrought iron has superior stability to withstand most weather conditions, yet both materials may rust unless treated with protective sealant.

As well as treating furniture with protectants, homeowners can add further layers of defense by covering it with outdoor fabrics such as Sunbrella. Sunbrella was specifically developed for outdoor use and offers remarkable resistance against UV rays, mildew, and moisture – these fabrics will not only keep custom patio furniture safe but will also elevate its aesthetic and enhance comfort levels significantly.


No matter the style of outdoor space you envision for yourself, finding suitable patio furniture pieces will bring your vision to life. Contemporary patio pieces feature chic materials like metal accents and glass tabletops; with neutral colors and curvaceous forms creating an eye-catching design. When adding modern elements into your design scheme, mixing in traditional and classic pieces to maintain visual harmony in the space and avoid appearing cluttered or chaotic.

Trends change constantly, so keeping abreast of the latest in style when purchasing custom patio furniture in Houston is essential. Recent trends include synthetic rattan wicker-inspired furniture that looks more natural than its real-life counterpart; more resistant to damage from weather conditions than its real-world equivalent; easier care maintenance and less prone to deterioration; or aluminum furniture which offers corrosion and rust-resistance while being lightweight so it can easily be moved around or reconfigured on patio.

If you want to give the impression of more space on your patio, a sectional patio furniture set may help. With multiple sofas and chairs that can be arranged into different configurations to best fit the layout of the space available on your patio, sectional sets provide comfortable seating solutions while still being social. These sets offer ample opportunities to sit back in comfort while socializing with family or friends.

Patio dining sets are an ideal way for hosts who like to host guests on the patio. These sets include tables and matching chairs to give your patio an elegant and welcoming ambience, and come in various finishes so it is easy to find one that matches perfectly with your home’s aesthetic.

One of the newest trends in patio furniture is mixing styles to add variety and interest. Combining rustic wood table with modern lounge chairs will look exquisite; similarly, incorporating area rugs or pergolas between seating areas helps your patio feel cohesive and unifying. To keep an atmosphere that promotes relaxation.