Small Space Patio Furniture

small space patio furniture

Add flair and functionality to small outdoor spaces with patio furniture designed with these spaces in mind. Opt for chairs and tables that take up minimal space when stored away; these pieces should stack or nestle away easily for convenient stowage.

Accurate measurements will enable you to make informed purchasing decisions for small outdoor areas. Look for seating that doubles as storage, an expandable table that serves as both coffee table and side table and more.

Stackable Chairs

Find a chair-table combo that perfectly complements your small space patio furniture set by opting for stackable designs. These chairs can easily stack one on top of each other when not being used, making storage sheds or garage spaces much more efficient when not needed. They typically also boast slim profiles to fit between sofas in small outdoor seating areas.

Stackable patio chairs are great choices for people who wish to maximize the use of their outdoor spaces without incurring excessive storage or maintenance expenses. Furthermore, this type of furniture makes entertaining guests easier by accommodating unexpected seating requests without incurring an added storage burden.

While mixing and matching various styles of furniture for your patio has its advantages, it’s also wise to remember that doing so may throw off the balance of an outdoor space. Over-accessorizing can quickly turn a welcoming space into one that feels cramped or oppressive instead. Therefore, for optimal results on smaller patios or balconies it would be best to opt for one cohesive seating style for the seating arrangement.

Small Sofa

Small sofas can turn a compact living space into an inviting sitting area for family and friends. From modular sectionals to one-seaters, the options for upholstery colors, cushion styles, arm style height and seating depth are virtually limitless when selecting your perfect small sofa. Multifunctional pieces such as daybeds, sleeper chairs or tables with extension leaves also work perfectly in smaller areas.

Before purchasing small space patio furniture that includes a sofa, it is wise to test its ability to pass through a narrow doorway. Doing this can inform you as to whether you must remove legs or cushions in order to fit it through, and if scooting through is difficult try holding it horizontally at an crooked angle with another person for added support.

Color plays an integral role in how your sofa makes you feel. Lighter hues tend to open up spaces more, while bold or eye-catching patterns may give off an energetic bohemian aesthetic. To create an ideal relaxing atmosphere, stick with neutral and pastel tones.

Initialize your space’s main function so you can select furniture to meet those needs. For example, if you plan on hosting large gatherings on your patio, invest in a larger table with more seats; stackable chairs and a small sofa as extra seating may also come in handy for other areas. Accent stools double up nicely as side tables while bar carts add both storage space and extra seating options; Denise developed two plans for her 8’x 10′ patio using standard Vista sofa and loveseat seating as well as Small Space Vista modular seating to add two extra seats while Harper tables work great as side tables – she even added stackable chairs!

Round Tables

Round tables are not only great space savers on a small patio, they are also fantastic at opening up smaller areas by providing easy navigation around all surfaces of a round dining set – no crowded corners to worry about when playing cards or hosting trivia night! Furthermore, many of our tables feature pedestal bases which allow more legroom for everyone sitting at the table.

For an easy way to set up a dining table for four, look for a compact outdoor bistro table and chairs like the Sirio Valentine 3-Piece Swivel Wicker Patio Dining Set. Featuring an attractive rippled designer glass top on an lightweight metal framed base and three swivel chairs with triple slat backs, textured seats, integrated arms and stackability to save storage space – these modern pieces make setting up your table easy and space saving!

Pick furniture with multiple uses to keep a small patio neat and functional. Ottomans that serve both as extra seating or storage for pillows and blankets can help minimize clutter, giving your space a cleaner appearance. Tables featuring built-in side storage compartments can also come in handy; modular patio furniture may also be an effective way to meet changing needs in design plans for small space patios.

Recreate the illusion of height in your backyard with vertical accents such as trellises, wall-mounted planters and tall lanterns to give the appearance of height in your yard. A trellis or vines growing over the top of a table can make a patio seem larger while potted plants placed strategically can add visual interest and visual diversity on a small porch. Lighting also works to highlight these vertical elements for safe walking as well as setting an atmosphere when enjoying drinks and appetizers outdoors.

2 Chairs & a Side Table

If you have a small patio, chairs and side tables are essential to seating yourself and hosting guests. Folding tables help save space, as do chairs that double as seating when not in use such as modular one-seat sections and stools. There’s even patio furniture designed specifically to meet the needs of smaller areas like convertible tables and stackable chairs!

Patio tables serve as the centerpiece of outdoor furniture sets and provide a perfect place for resting a beverage, setting out food, or just lounging in the sunshine. Coffee and dining tables work particularly well in small spaces while outdoor furniture sets for small spaces come with various materials, sizes, and finishes that can withstand outdoor conditions – such as durable woods, wicker, and stainless steel furniture sets that stand up against nature.

Small space patio furniture comes in all sorts of styles and colors to match your decor, from classic black to contemporary white. A round or rectangular table gives the most flexibility while selecting a chair with swivel capabilities allows you to move around a table easily.

Pottery Barn offers plenty of outdoor furniture options designed to meet the needs of small spaces, whether you’re trying to decorate a tiny patio or just need more seating options. Choose from their selection of high-quality patio chairs, sofas, loveseats and dining tables – not to mention accessories like accent tables that serve as tabletop storage and outdoor pillows that bring color and comfort into any backyard setting. Plus you can shop all at once!


When shopping for small space patio furniture, you will find various seating options that fold or slide away for easy storage space. In addition, accent tables offer ample storage capacity within them and towel/trash receptacles help keep debris off patio tables, chairs and walkways.

Create more storage on your patio by building a DIY outdoor table with hidden compartments using a free plan. Not only will this give you plenty of table top space when entertaining guests but the hidden compartments also double as easy-access storage areas for board games, puzzles and craft supplies – as well as being attractive enough for everyday use!

Pottery Barn offers many folding small patio furniture sets perfect for small patio spaces ranging from sleek powder-coated steel options to homey pieces like wicker. When shopping at Pottery Barn, lightweight pieces that will easily fit in and won’t succumb to external factors like rust, mildew and warping due to temperature changes are key features to look for when selecting folding small patio sets.

To create the illusion of a larger patio space, consider opting for round or rectangular pieces over square tables in order to increase walking space and visual appeal. Lighter colors also work wonders at reflecting sunlight and making your small patio appear larger than before. Arrange furniture near windows or natural sources to make your patio appear brighter and larger, making the area appear larger as well. If artificial lighting must be added, choose soft warm-toned bulbs instead of harsh white bulbs in order to avoid creating an overly stark and stark appearance. Whenever it comes to large items like patio cushions and chairs, an outdoor storage bench is an ideal solution. These cabinet-like units are specifically designed to hold furniture before folding up neatly into one corner of your patio when not in use. Plus they’re great places for gardening equipment, pool toys and other miscellany!