Comfortable Patio Furniture

comfy patio furniture

Relax poolside or just kick back after a day of grilling with comfortable patio furniture that offers support and comfort. Choose from rocking chairs that provide soothing back-and-forth motion to reclining chaise lounges that allow you to recline into various positions.

Consider purchasing a set crafted with eco-friendly, synthetic wicker that stands up well to sun and rain, yet is soft to touch and comes equipped with performance cushions for additional comfort.

Chaise Lounges

Simply nothing beats settling back in an outdoor chaise lounge to unwind from an active day outdoors. With various colors, styles and seating options to choose from you are bound to find one perfect for your backyard escape. But when shopping for a chaise lounge, take into account other factors that will determine its comfort, such as how often it will be used, local weather patterns and available space. Consider options like stackability, wheels and collapsibility when storing your chaise lounge during off season or rainy days. Also decide between sling or cushion seating material options as each has their own distinct appearance and advantages. Aluminum is lightweight, easily transportable and ideal for outdoor use, while teak offers natural beauty that stands up well to temperature changes without overheating in direct sunlight. Finally, wicker offers timeless style with minimal maintenance requirements.

To keep yourself protected from the sun’s harsh rays, invest in an outdoor canopy designed for chaise lounge chairs. Not only will it add a resort aesthetic to your backyard but will provide additional relief from heat as you read a book or sip on wine – for added weatherproofing pair them with outdoor side tables for additional protection from elements!

Contrasting with traditional sofas, chaise lounges are designed for use in a more reclined position. First introduced in 16th-century France by social hostess Madame Recamier to provide guests with comfortable relaxation during conversations between friends and family, modern chaise lounges can now be found either attached to sectionals or as standalone long chairs in living rooms around the globe.

If your backyard is big enough, why not set up a row of outdoor chaise lounge chairs near your pool for an inviting poolside retreat? Pair them with matching patio dining table and chairs to complete the look, and don’t forget to use a high-quality patio furniture cover to extend their lifespan?


Ottomans are versatile pieces of furniture that serve both as footrests and coffee tables, providing both seating and storage solutions. Many ottomans feature built-in storage compartments while others convert into serving trays for drinks or nibbles. Plus they look great when dressed up with vibrantly colored or patterned fabrics that create the focal point in any room!

Ottomans make for excellent seating solutions in tight spaces that lack enough floorspace for couches or chairs, such as front of sectionals to break up long sofas or multiple smaller round ottomans grouped together around a coffee table for cozy seating arrangements. Round ottomans can even work wonders in bedrooms without much floorspace – their round shape works beautifully when placed under bed frames that lack storage. Their circular form works particularly well in bedrooms at Soho Farmhouse that offer luxuriously decadent or casually relaxed looks depending on upholstery details used at The Ned.

A tufted or plush fabric ottoman makes for the ideal footrest when used as an incontinence aid, providing both warmth and comfort underfoot. Large models with soft microfiber or velvet covers make putting on shoes easier; larger models with memory foam material which both supports and cushions feet and legs may make this an excellent outdoor seating solution during warm months. Some ottomans even come equipped with memory foam materials which offer both support and softness – perfect for those experiencing foot and leg discomfort.

Ottomans provide more than a cozy place for feet; they also add extra seating in living and family rooms. When placed directly in front of a sofa, an ottoman creates an exclusive area for relaxing and unwinding, or can serve as an edge under a TV stand that viewers can lean against while watching movies or television shows. A sturdy surfaced ottoman can even double up as coffee table with built-in storage compartments to hide away books, remote controls or other essential accessories from view yet remain close at hand.

Ottomans come in an array of colors to ensure you find one to complement your decor perfectly. Blue ottomans in particular work well across layouts, providing either a relaxing or energetic atmosphere – opt for classic tufted blue ottomans for classic appeal, or go modern with deep navy hued models for more modern aesthetics. Green ottomans provide both comfort and vibrant pops of color to bring life and energy into any home environment.

Sectional Sofas

Sectional sofas are an effective way of providing ample seating for family and guests. Available in various configurations and designed to suit the space and your style preferences, these versatile furniture pieces can easily adapt as your seating needs or the mood change in the living room. Plus, their design makes rearranging easier if desired!

Before purchasing a sectional sofa, take time to determine who will use it and which activities matter to you most. A sectional with chaise lounges may be ideal for relaxing and reading by the pool, while for parties and entertainment you may require something with sofa and chair combinations that enable people to gather comfortably around – perfect if hosting guests regularly!

Next, decide the fabric for your sectional. There are a variety of choices available – including performance fabrics that resist stains and moisture as well as washable slipcovers that make cleanup simple when necessary.

Other material options for sectional sofas include olefin fiber, vinyl and solution-dyed acrylic – each material providing its own set of benefits. Olefin fiber is a synthetic material with superior durability and easy maintenance requirements; vinyl provides more comfort in cooler weather; solution-dyed acrylic is great for families due to being easy to maintain while remaining soft-touch for years of outdoor use.

Once you know which type of upholstery you desire, shop for colors to complement your space. A neutral gray or taupe sectional is great at fitting in with virtually any color palette; while bold blue or red colors add instant drama. Finally, find a coffee table to balance out the sleek lines of your sectional; there are many round, oval and rectangular tables available on the market.

Ergonomic Pieces

Numerous patio furniture pieces designed with ergonomics in mind offer maximum comfort for users. From lounge chairs that allow users to recline into zero gravity positions to rocking bistro sets perfect for sipping coffee or tea, ergonomic patio pieces provide both style and practicality. Ideal for people suffering from back pain, repetitive strain injuries or carpal tunnel syndrome who want a relaxing way of working without impacting their health and well-being negatively, ergonomic patio pieces provide solutions that allow them to remain comfortable while remaining productive at work without risking their wellbeing or their productivity negatively.

As hospitality spaces continue to expand, it is crucial that guests have access to an array of seating options. From sofas and chairs, ottomans, garden benches and more; there’s sure to be something suitable for any space! When curating a seating area it is also essential that the overall feel of the hospitality space is taken into consideration and how each piece fits together seamlessly for maximum comfort and luxury – this will leave a positive first impression with guests!

Alpha’s team can assist with all your ergonomic furniture needs – for your own home or hospitality business – whether that means shopping ergonomic furniture yourself or looking to expand. We provide full-scale floor plans of your space before offering suggestions based on individual preferences and needs. Additionally, you can arrange to visit one of our showrooms at a convenient time of your choosing so you can try some pieces out first-hand!

Back and neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive stress injuries can cost businesses big money. According to the Health and Safety Executive, MSDs cost British employers over PS15 billion in lost wages during 2016/2017 alone! But there are ways you can stop these problems before they happen in the first place – one being providing employees with office chairs that offer adequate back support as well as height adjustability so they can sit in an ergonomic posture.