Sling Patio Furniture

sling patio furniture

Ideally suited to areas prone to high winds, sling chairs provide unrivalled stability in high wind environments. While lawn chairs use vinyl straps, heavy wall and cast aluminum frames used by sling furniture provide resistance against strong winds.

Sling patio furniture boasts many key advantages over other forms of outdoor furnishings, so keep reading to discover seven reasons for selecting sling patio furniture:

Water Permeable Fabric

Padded sling furniture provides the height of relaxation poolside at hotels, resorts and tropical paradises. Combining foam or fiberfill comfort with double fabric sling seating to provide stylish yet sturdy seating that dries quickly. Commercial sling chairs come with both high and low back designs so patrons can create a seamless poolside area they’ll love using.

Sling patio furniture tends to be less expensive than alternatives like teak, wrought iron and cast aluminum due to the fact that its material doesn’t add much cost.

Sling patio furniture is ideal for wet climates as its material will not absorb any water and its cast aluminum frames are water-resistant to avoid rusting from being exposed to moisture. As a result, snow or rain is easily cleared away while its impact will quickly dry off compared to other forms of patio furniture materials and cushions.

When it comes to waterproofing sling furniture, there are two distinct tests you can employ for best results. One test measures the amount of water a fabric can handle under hydrostatic pressure; another measures how fast water penetrates a fabric. Finally, there is the dynamic pressure method which measures speed of penetration through fabric.

Both tests can help to accurately gauge the waterproof properties of a sling fabric, but the dynamic pressure method is often more precise due to how fast water penetrates fabric based on how much is in contact with its surface. In general, fabric with higher cover factors are likely to possess better WVP but reduced HP.

Durable Aluminum Frames

Sling furniture is an attractive outdoor solution designed to withstand adverse weather conditions, with pieces constructed of powder-coated aluminum frames which are resistant to damage caused by elements like abrasive sand, UV rays and mildew growth. Furthermore, its maintenance requirements are low: fabric can easily be washed using mild soap and water while aluminum frames should be wiped down regularly using damp cloth to eliminate dirt or debris accumulation.

Sling patio furniture adds sleek and modern style to any garden or backyard. Available with metal frames in various finishes and an assortment of sling colors to choose from, you can create your own custom look – pairing black frames with crisp white slings is ideal for creating an elegant and sophisticated aesthetic, while white frames combined with vibrant tangerine slings can add an exciting splash of color that makes any patio feel truly welcoming!

Sling patio furniture’s lifespan depends heavily on how well it is maintained and cared for. To extend its longevity and maintain its functionality and style for many years to come, it is vital that its storage in times of severe weather is prioritized, along with using covers or protective coverings when not in use. By following these simple guidelines, your sling patio furniture could last decades while offering you both functionality and style that you love!

Harmonia Living’s Coastal collection provides durable yet stylish sling patio sets perfect for hotel patios, resort decks and beach-front dining areas. Each chair in this collection boasts a powder coated finish for an aesthetic touch while featuring strong quick-drying fabric that can stand up to harsh weather conditions – the ideal combination for hotel patios.

Easy to Move

Sling chairs feature lightweight aluminum frames designed to move with you and breathable, porous fabric that’s soft and comfortable. Plus, there are different designs and color options to suit any patio space, whether hosting an outdoor dinner party or simply reading in the sun!

Sling furniture makes an excellent addition to poolside seating thanks to its ability to dry quickly after each use and its lightweight frame that allows it to be quickly moved for cookouts or when keeping an eye on kids playing in the water. Furthermore, because no waterproof coating needs to be applied like teak or wrought iron alternatives do, sling seats and lounges can even be used during more inclement weather conditions.

Sling furniture offers another distinct advantage: replacing its fabric is simple and cost-effective; should any of your chairs begin showing wear, replacement material can easily be ordered at an inexpensive price point compared to lawn chair webbing or vinyl strap repairs which may take much more effort to complete.

Shop sling dining sets, bistro and bar sets, single sling rockers, double gliders, reclining chairs and ottomans from top manufacturers for your backyard oasis. Select from an array of frame finishes and fabrics from their wide selection to find something to meet the style needs of your home – then relax while sipping cocktails while nibbling snacks all season long – easily rearrange sling furniture when entertaining makes this type of seating the ideal solution for anyone who loves hosting!

Easy to Clean

When purchasing outdoor furniture for their home, one should take several factors into consideration, including climate, usage, style and storage needs. Sling patio furniture is an excellent option as it is attractive, durable and requires little upkeep – not to mention providing ample comfort without cumbersome pillows or cushions being carried around with you!

Sling outdoor furniture is made of non-porous material that resists mold, mildew and biofilm growth – making cleaning quick and effortless for homeowners. Aluminum frames can also be easily cleaned using damp cloth.

Regular cleaning of sling chairs is important to prevent the build-up of dirt and grime, to maintain optimal conditions for comfortable seating. Use a damp white cloth dipped in mild soapy water to wipe down sling fabric to remove any stains or marks; rinse aluminum arms and legs completely afterward in order to avoid damage or rusting, then use liquid or paste waxes on them for shine and protection.

Before each use, it is a good idea to ensure all hardware on sling chairs and tables is tight and secure, as loose hardware could result in the chair or table swaying or falling over. A silicone spray can also help lubricate swivels on chairs and glides on tables; for optimal results it’s advised to reapply clear water-repellent preservatives containing mildewcide and penetrating semitransparent stain every one to three years to minimise sun damage as well as protect aluminum frames from rust damage; if unsure which product to use, consult your manufacturer’s instructions.

Available in a Variety of Colors

Sling chairs, sofa sets and lounges come in an assortment of designs from traditional to modern. Plus, there are numerous color choices so that you can find just the right look for your backyard patio design. Fast-drying sling material and sturdy aluminum frames that hold up against weather are additional perks that add durability.

LuxeDecor offers an expansive selection of sling seating from top brands like Tropitone and Woodard, featuring chairs and chaise lounges from this type. Their stylish designer fabrics can withstand outdoor elements for years of enjoyment – perfect for patio patio furniture. Additionally, these pieces are water resistant so cleaning them is simple. Enjoy these high quality pieces today at LuxeDecor!

Many of the sling chairs we carry are stackable, making them easy to rearrange when hosting guests on your patio. Their fabric and aluminum frames are resistant to rusting so that you can keep enjoying these pieces for years. Sling chairs also require minimal upkeep: simply rinse off when dirty with a garden hose!

Rancho Sling Collection chairs feature an assortment of vibrant color choices for sling chairs. Choose striped chaise lounges to add a beach-themed deck layout, or opt for solid colored chairs as neutral designs that blend in well with any backyard landscape. We also provide various frame finishes so that your sling chairs match other patio furniture or decor in your yard.

Discover our wide selection of sling dining chairs, sofas and chaise lounges to find the ideal seat for your patio. Mix and match these seats with other sling patio furniture pieces as well as add cushioned seats or benches for an aesthetically pleasing effect.