Modern Patio Furniture For Small Decks

patio furniture for small deck

Add modern seating and tables to your patio that add both decorative function and comfort. Choose from traditional patio chairs to stylish all-weather wicker furniture – you are sure to find a variety of designs suitable for both your space and aesthetic!

Consider symmetry when designing your seating arrangements to give the illusion of length on your deck. Two Grand Terrace cushion swivel balcony chairs placed either side of a petite table create an ideal spot for sipping cocktails or reading.

Single Patio Chairs

If your balcony doesn’t provide enough room for an entire patio furniture set, but you still wish to enjoy fresh air from it, consider investing in single chairs. Choose an Adirondack chair to relax while watching clouds drift by or an outdoor chaise lounge and settle back with a good book; many stylish chairs come equipped with comfy outdoor chair cushions in various colors and patterns that add an element of coziness.

An outdoor storage unit can keep your patio clutter-free and make items easier to access. Some styles feature hidden door designs for locking away valuables, while some even come equipped with seating incorporated directly into their design. If entertaining friends is on your agenda, look for tables equipped with handy bar surfaces that provide plenty of space for glassware storage.

An elegant sofa can make the perfect focal point for your deck area, but be wary when choosing one large enough for your small deck area. Choose sofas with slim profiles and sleek designs for tight spaces; alternatively consider purchasing two accent chairs to form a loveseat and add an ottoman or coffee table as necessary.

Nebraska Furniture Mart offers stylish furnishings to complement the style and lifestyle of small balconies, whether that means updating existing decor or creating something completely new. Find outdoor seating sets and tables, cozy accent chairs, outdoor storage solutions and other patio furniture designed specifically for small balconies online or visit your nearest store to browse their options in person.

Propane Fire Pit Table

Propane fire pit tables offer an elegant and practical solution to outdoor living during the crisp fall and winter months, particularly on small decks with limited room for in-ground holes, wood burning basins or terra-cotta chimineas. Furthermore, gas fire tables are safe to use in screened-in porches provided they have proper ventilation; unlike wood fireplaces they do not produce sparks that could build up behind screens and do not release carbon monoxide that accumulates within enclosed spaces.

Choose a propane fire table with modern aesthetic and dimensions that complements your patio furniture. Many models feature a hidden propane tank stand when not in use; others may offer sturdy bases and surfaces suitable for serving as coffee or end tables; some models even come equipped with an integrated flame sensor which automatically shuts off gas supplies if the flame accidentally goes out.

Most propane fire tables provide you with different BTU outputs to help determine your ideal temperature level for the space in which you’re placing it. A higher BTU number indicates more heat production; select one with this feature if planning on using your fire pit in cooler fall and winter months.

Create a cozy setting around your propane fire pit table by pairing it with an inviting outdoor chair. Swivel rockers and Adirondack chairs feature soft cushions covered in durable performance fabric for hours of relaxing enjoyment with family or friends – add throw blankets for maximum warmth!


A simple bar stool adds an airy, open feel to a small deck while providing extra seating without taking up valuable floor space. Look for weather-resistant finishes on bar stools to avoid rusting over time and maintain their attractive appearance; traditional styles such as wicker or metal may give an air of timelessness while more rustic wood slat designs offer rustic outdoor flair. Having matching patio chairs nearby allows for seamless entertaining when larger crowds arrive at parties or events.

Addition seats are essential in most backyard decks, particularly those with smaller yards. For a compact setup, opt for a corner sectional that maximizes seating without taking up too much room. @vintagesplendor used an elegant modern patio sectional and matching love seat to maximize her limited deck space; she decorated it further by placing some round plants beneath a canopy for an inviting gathering spot that felt natural extension of her living room.

If you prefer an easygoing lounging atmosphere, consider purchasing two deck chairs with overstuffed cushions as they provide the ideal spot to cuddle up in during movie night on Friday or just relaxing while sipping sweet tea on an afternoon siesta. For something bolder try attaching swinging cushioned chairs to shiplap roofs via thick ropes for movie watching nights – or rocking chairs that provide comfy outdoor lounging environments.

Alternatively, consider furniture with built-in storage solutions like drawers or under-table shelves that provide surface area to store napkins and utensils, while stackable chairs provide ample seating when dinner parties roll around. Or consider an outdoor accent table that acts both as coffee and side tables!

Outdoor Accent Tables

Outdoor accent tables add the perfect finishing touches to any seating arrangement and provide surface areas for drinks and snacks. Choose from small patio side tables designed to pair with lounge chairs to large coffee and end tables perfect for larger arrangements, each of which offer different sizes ranging from small patio side tables with built-in storage compartments for cushions, pillows and outdoor accessories to versatile ones that can serve as coffee tables, ottomans or plant stands – choose wood, wrought iron metal or porcelain finishes that suit the rest of your outdoor furniture set!

Your deck’s dimensions and usage will ultimately dictate which patio furniture works best. Begin by considering what activities you enjoy most outdoors, such as dining, entertaining or relaxing with a book and cold drink. For instance, if hosting dinner parties is what draws you outdoors most frequently then look for 3- or 4-piece outdoor dining sets with sturdy chairs and durable tables that can seat four people.

For small backyards with limited space, creating symmetrical seating groups to visually expand your deck can help. A pair of Grand Terrace cushion swivel balcony stools on either side of an umbrella creates an expansive and welcoming ambiance.

Start by adding decorative accents that help tie together your decor theme, such as hanging plants, cozy throws and plush pillows. Rearrange furniture seasonally to update its look in your backyard. Jordan’s Furniture provides patio furniture for small decks and other outdoor spaces – our selection features traditional and modern designs from brands like Tracey Boyd, Ty Pennington and Laila Ali – and offers seasonal rearrangement of our inventory to keep things looking their best.

Dining Chairs

Dining chairs make an excellent addition to small decks, providing a convenient place for meals or conversation. Instead of shopping for patio sets, find individual outdoor chairs that suit your space instead – from mid-century modern designs to rustic farmhouse styles – as well as various colors and materials like teak or acacia wood chairs, aluminum patio furniture is great in coastal environments where harsh weather may damage other materials, while aluminum can withstand winds better than wrought iron and is less susceptible to rusting over time.

When purchasing patio dining chairs, keep several key factors in mind when making your selections. Consider how many people will typically sit at your table and whether or not you plan on entertaining large groups; as well as whether a round or rectangular table would best meet your needs and whether an extendable one with removable leafs could accommodate more seats for seating expansion if entertaining frequently.

When shopping for a patio dining set, look for tables with built-in storage solutions for napkins and utensils that won’t fit on the surface of your table. Other space-saving features may include drawers or under-table shelves as well as stackable chairs or folding tables with folding chairs – these features can all help save space while saving on costs.

An outdoor table can feel isolated when placed in its corner of your deck, so add more style by layering a patterned or textured outdoor rug on top of it. When looking for fade-resistant synthetic fiber rugs or recycled materials that stand up against the elements, opt for fade-resistant options like fade-resistant polyester yarn. Indoor/outdoor options made from soft materials like wool or cotton might also work well as indoor/outdoor solutions.