Skyline Design Outdoor Furniture Reviews

skyline design outdoor furniture reviews

Skyline Design collections are sleek and linear, using only high-grade weaving materials for their products. Skyline has revolutionized design with furniture made of chemical resistant, UV proof, weather proof high tensile strength materials which is safe for the environment and 100% recyclable furniture – revolutionizing design by revolutionizing it!

SIMEXA Wholesale Outdoor Furniture Specialists have been offering Skyline Luxury Garden Furniture since 2003. Their exquisite collection of ornamental pieces adds sophistication to your garden space.


Skyline Design uses only high-grade materials in producing their luxury outdoor furniture, and are dedicated to precision engineering. Their hand-woven rattan furniture features natural viro cane for durability and style; and Skyline utilizes only top performance fabrics that will withstand the rigors of British weather as well as constant use and exposure to sunlight without becoming worn over time – as well as being breathable, bug resistant, washable fabrics for ease of maintenance.

The company provides an array of styles from modern to classic so that you can find exactly the piece for your home. Their pieces also provide endless customization options from cushion color selection to weave designs – not to mention customer service representatives available to assist in building an outdoor furniture set that works.

Skyline Design outdoor furniture pieces that have become particularly popular with their customers include loungers. Their Strips collection, for example, features an exposed white matte aluminum frame interspersed with silver walnut viro fiber strips in order to achieve an exquisite and modern aesthetic that adds beauty and interest to any garden space.

Skyline Design not only provides functional outdoor furniture but also aesthetic art, sculpture and ornaments to add relaxing qualities to any garden or terrace, such as statues featuring Buddha, romantic figures or lighting that doubles up as an aesthetic feature.

UBER Interiors is one of the UK’s few approved stockists of Skyline Designs, so please visit our showroom and experience their exceptional quality for yourself. We can assist in selecting pieces to complement the decor in your room and offer advice on matching outdoor pieces with interior furniture.


Skyline Design offer an exclusive collection of luxury outdoor furniture designed by some of the world’s acclaimed architects and designers such as Noel Royo Asenjo for his DYNASTY collection, Belen Burguete for her CLEO line and Santiago Sevillano’s daybed – providing sophistication and relaxation in any outdoor space. Their designer garden furniture can also include seating, sofas, daybeds dining tables lighting to meet every requirement for modern outdoor living spaces.

Many of their designs draw their inspiration from nature itself, including trees, flowers and other greenery used as elements in the pieces themselves. These elements help create an uninterrupted transition between interior and exterior spaces within your home. Furthermore, this company offers some purely aesthetic statues and art pieces which add character and personality to gardens of all kinds.

Skyline Design’s luxury outdoor rattan furniture is both long-lasting and low maintenance. Made from only premium weaving materials such as Viro, Raucord by Rehau, Ecolene and Polystrand for maximum tensile strength furniture with chemical resistance for 5-Star hotel brands and architects/interior designers as well as exceptional customer service with precise engineering, Skyline Design provides durable pieces with precision engineering at its core.


Skyline Design luxury outdoor furniture’s durability should be one of your primary concerns when selecting pieces for your space. They only use high quality materials and precision engineering in their furniture designs, ensuring long-term use. Their powder coated aluminum is thick enough to withstand knocks, scratches and rusting; teak wood used is exceptionally strong while remaining moisture resistant due to tight grain structures and natural oils which limit water absorption – perfect for seaside projects!

Skyline Design uses durable materials like Viro synthetic wicker, Raucord by Rehau and Ecolene woven polystrand – which are all chemical and UV resistant – in their pieces to make sure they last as long as possible in British weather. They’re easy to keep clean, colorfast and eco-friendly!

Skyline Design offers a selection of rattan furniture in many different colours and weave styles, as well as fabrics that are known for their performance and durability – such as Sunbrella which provides breathable bug resistant material designed to meet high performance criteria.

Skyline Design’s expansive selection of outdoor furniture allows you to seamlessly extend your living areas outdoors, including seating, dining and lounger sets as well as daybeds and an impressive collection of sculpture and ornaments to complete the space. Their luxurious designer garden furniture is popular among 5-Star hotel chains worldwide as well as interior designers and architects worldwide – see it for yourself at SIMEXA who are licensed stockists of Skyline Design collections!


Skyline Design is an upscale designer luxury brand known for producing breathtaking outdoor furniture with an original, contemporary designer aesthetic that has quickly become one of the go-to collections for 5-Star Hotel brands around the world and leading Interior designers and Architects alike. Their comprehensive garden furniture range encompasses seating, sofas, daybeds, dining tables parasols and lighting designed by leading artists such as Noel Royo Asenjo’s DYNASTY collection; Belen Burguete’s CLEO line; Santiago Sevillano’s innovative daybed; all to name just a few of their designs by top designers such as Noel Royo Asenjo’s DYNASTY collection while Santiago Sevillano innovated daybed innovations among others.

Skyline Design products are manufactured with only the finest weaving materials such as Viro(tm), Raucord by Rehau, Ecolene and Polystrand for maximum environmental safety and 100% recycling. These advanced synthetic fibers have dramatically revolutionized design by providing chemical resistant furniture that stands up to UV light exposure while being weatherproof and 100% recyclable – further revolutionizing design!

Skyline Design prides themselves on creating seamless interior-outdoor design. Their furniture reflects this understanding, with comfort, style, and functionality being of equal importance as any room inside of your home. Aesthetic art pieces, sculptures and ornaments can help transform your garden into a space truly tailored to you and your individual lifestyle.