4 Piece Patio Furniture Set From Bonita

4 piece patio furniture

Transform your patio or garden into an inviting seating area with this 4 piece outdoor furniture set, featuring a sofa and two chairs along with an attractive glass coffee table.

Durability should always be taken into consideration when purchasing patio furniture, with certain materials needing more frequent upkeep and special cleaning supplies in order to remain looking their best.


Material selection plays a huge part in how durable patio furniture will be and its ease of maintenance. Some materials require little time or effort for upkeep while others take more work and dedication. If time is of the essence for caring for outdoor furniture, select materials that can withstand harsh environments and seasonal changes for best results.

There are various materials for 4 piece patio furniture, each offering their own advantages and disadvantages. Heavy materials like stainless steel don’t blow away in windy conditions and are easy to maintain and resist corrosion; bare metal may rust so should be coated with an anti-rust product; plastic is another popular choice due to its affordability, yet can become hot under direct sunlight quickly, leading to faded colors over time.

Woven wicker patio furniture is another highly durable choice, available in an array of colors and styles that fit with any decor style. Woven wicker is usually composed of synthetic polymers such as PE or PP or natural materials like rattan; then this material is weaved onto a sturdy frame to form beautiful yet comfortable patio furniture pieces.

Teak wood, which is known for being both water-resistant and naturally antibacterial, is another popular material for outdoor furniture. Additionally, teak produces its own oil to repel insects and prevent rot. Although budget-conscious buyers might find alternatives more suitable than teak for their furniture needs.

Other outdoor furniture materials to consider for use outdoors include wrought iron, aluminum and tubular steel. While these metals are durable and easy to maintain, they may rust if left without protection against moisture and sun – something woven wicker doesn’t do – and don’t weigh as much in strong winds as wooden furniture does. Wood can be preserved by treating it with wood preservative or painted to provide a superficial barrier from moisture damage and sun exposure, although paint may chip off over time and crack.


Luxury patio furniture reflects its materials used, such as handwoven wicker that’s handcrafted around rustproof aluminum frames in various hues and designs to fit into any outdoor setting. Plush cushions made with Sunbrella fabric resist fading, moisture absorption, staining and other problems thanks to sunbrella fabric’s sunproof properties. A matching coffee table with storage space can turn an outdoor seating set into a lounge space; Bonita even makes outdoor wicker sectional sets with 3-piece sofa and 2 swivel-glider chairs!


Material choice plays an essential part in the durability of 4 piece patio furniture sets. Certain materials like wood and plastic may deteriorate over time when exposed to extreme temperatures or excessive moisture; others such as metal and wrought iron can better withstand these factors while being resistant against constant use or inclement weather.

Other considerations affecting outdoor furniture durability include its frequency of use and placement. If it will only be used occasionally for decoration or guests, only occasional cleaning and protection may be required; otherwise, more heavy-duty sets used frequently by multiple individuals will require greater durability to withstand wear and tear.

Climate is also an important factor when choosing durable furniture. Extreme heat or cold can crack wood while moisture can rust metal; consider purchasing pieces which will withstand these weather conditions or that can be brought indoors during extreme weather.

Some materials require special cleaning solutions or regular maintenance in order to remain looking their best; however, most can be maintained through regular cleaning, covering during harsh weather, and protecting from UV rays. To extend the life of your furniture purchase, select strong materials which can withstand harsh environmental conditions, and follow any care instructions for that material such as wood. Some types, like wrought iron may require being coated with protective finishes regularly while other such as copper may need refinishing every few years in order to preserve both beauty and strength; or be coated with protective finishes to prevent corrosion.


Your patio furniture collects dust, grime and pollutants as you relax with a good book or enjoy alfresco meals, which can compromise both its comfort and attractiveness. With regular cleaning routines and periodic rearranging to protect fabric upholstery from permanent damage.

Common materials used in patio furniture require minimal care beyond occasional washings with water and soap from a garden hose, however some require more specialized care and may take more effort each season to remain looking its best.

Wooden furniture should be cleaned using mild oil-based cleaners designed specifically for outdoor use or soapy water, either wiping down its surfaces with a cloth or soft brush and drying with air or dry toweling afterwards. Beware soaking porous weaves like those made with rattan, willow bamboo or synthetic wicker as this may cause them to degrade over time.

Metal furniture can be cleaned using mild liquid dish soap and steel wool pads for stubborn rust spots. Once finished, wipe it down with damp cloth before drying with clean, lint-free cloths. If the surface becomes dull or scratched over time, add a coat of quality liquid or paste auto wax according to manufacturer instructions for the best results.

Plastic patio furniture can be easy to maintain. Simply wipe with a clean cloth dampened in mild detergent and rinse well afterwards with clean water. In order to extend its lifespan and avoid UV discoloration from sunlight rays, store indoors or under a canopy when rainy weather strikes; additionally a protective cover in winter will extend its longevity further still.

Wicker furniture requires special care and maintenance in order to look its best. In addition to regular washings with soap and water, inspect the weave for cracks or gaps that might need tightening using wood glue. Furthermore, periodically apply quality waterproof sealant as advised by its manufacturer; spray lubricate any swivels or glides that might move as well as any umbrella poles to avoid corrosion damage.