Skyline Design Outdoor Furniture

skyline design outdoor furniture

Skyline Design offers luxury garden furniture made of high-grade materials designed to withstand even the harshest climate. Their products will add elegance and sophistication to your outdoor space.

Choose from Malta collection’s restful, classically elegant curves or Topaz collection’s modern and sleek designs for an outdoor space that boasts moisture resistance finishes. Both collections boast moisture resistant coatings.


Skyline design outdoor furniture is constructed using high-grade materials, ensuring its long life. Not only is it environmentally-friendly and 100% recyclable, its finishes are moisture resistant while textiles feature washable fabric materials – adding even greater comfort for use around your garden or home. Established by brothers Jose and Emilio Revert in 2001, this brand of luxury garden furniture quickly rose to global fame, producing pieces designed by Noel Royo Asenjo, Belen Burguete and Santiago Sevillano among many others.

This brand specializes in luxury wicker furniture crafted with synthetic and natural fibers woven together by highly skilled artisans in Indonesia to form unique pieces of furniture. As such, the brand has won several awards and accolades worldwide for its products, which can be found sold across multiple markets.

Choose from an array of styles to enhance the interiors. For instance, the Malta collection adds classic appeal with its restful curves and shapes for a sophisticated, elegant appearance in outdoor expansion areas. Or you could go modern with Topaz collection’s lightweight aluminum frames and award-winning fibers which provide sleek yet durable furniture pieces.

Furniture from this brand comes in various colors and fabrics to meet your individual tastes. Fabric treated with a special formula renders it fade-resistant, weatherproof and machine washable at 40degC – making this furniture perfect for busy lifestyles!


Skyline Design provides an expansive selection of colors and weaves ranging from neutral hues to bolder ones, giving you plenty of choices that meet both your personal taste and existing decor in your outdoor area. When making the best decision for your patio or pool area, take into consideration your landscaping, accessories and climate in your region when making a selection.

Skylines luxury outdoor furniture is constructed of high-quality materials designed to stand up against extremes in weather, such as dirt and debris that could stain or damage wood surfaces. However, regular cleaning should still be conducted to prevent build-ups that may stain the wood surface over time and damage its appearance. Furthermore, investing in furniture covers could extend its useful lifespan while protecting your investment and keeping its appearance.

This company is internationally acclaimed for the high-quality of their products, which span living and dining sets to daybeds and loungers. Their JOURNEY, DYNASTY KUBU, Spartan and ONA collections adhere to contemporary aesthetics while remaining versatile enough for any project imaginable. Furthermore, special attention is paid to technical details so as to guarantee durable yet easy maintenance pieces.

Designers from this team take inspiration from nature and its elements when crafting furniture that is both beautiful and functional. Each piece is engineered to support human form for maximum comfort and luxury; additionally they come in an array of colors and finishes, and can even be combined with custom lighting systems to bring life and light into any room.

Skyline Design takes its commitment to clients beyond providing furniture alone; offering them a full experience that includes customization and design services. They work closely with customers to design a custom solution tailored precisely to each customer’s individual needs and requirements. Their extensive industry experience enables them to offer advice and recommendations that help ensure successful projects. They offer accessories like rugs, umbrellas, outdoor planters and custom lighting as part of the package as well.


Skyline Design wicker furniture is built to stand the test of time. Constructed using quality materials and handcrafted by skilled artisans, each piece boasts intricate details. Furthermore, Skyline offers a selection of rugs, umbrellas and outdoor planters to complete the space-planning experience and create an inviting and welcoming space for guests. Make sure you add these accessories when planning out your design plan!

Modern and linear designs dominate this brand’s collections which employ only premium weaving materials like Viro(tm), Raucord by Rehau, Ecolene and Polystrand to craft high quality lightweight weather resistant styles that stand the test of time. These synthetic fibers boldly revolutionize design providing chemical, UV resistance all weather proof premium furniture safe for the environment and 100% recyclable.

Skyline Design collections are timeless and fashionable, perfect for accommodating any lifestyle and interior design aesthetic. Mix-and-match pieces to create the ideal look in any room in your home or office; mix and match to achieve that perfect look; the company offers customized dining, living room seating sets as well as lounger and daybed sets to fit into any size or space perfectly.

Outdoor woven sofas from this company include the DYNASTY KUBU, JOURNEY and SERPENT models. Each has an inviting aesthetic influenced by Mediterranean scenes while remaining light yet robust enough for easy transporting and seating comfort. Deep cushioning will allow you to unwind after an exhausting day!

This collection of woven sofas can be personalized to your taste, from various stains and colors that match existing decor, to adding custom cushions or pillows that add comfort. For a casual yet unassuming aesthetic, JOURNEY collection’s unassuming, restful curves offer just the perfect solution.

Luxury outdoor furniture offered by this company is durable and will stay beautiful for many seasons to come. Maintenance is straightforward and weather conditions will not compromise its integrity; simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth when cleaning dust or debris build-up occurs.


Skyline Design offers an expansive selection of luxurious outdoor furniture designed to fit into any home, combining modern technology and centuries-old craftsmanship to produce high quality chemical and UV resistant outdoor furniture that withstands various climate conditions. Their Dynasty collection boasts a sofa with an inviting Mediterranean aesthetic created using black aluminium strapping complemented by deep plush cushions – ideal for relaxing under the sun or conversing with family and friends!

This brand pays great attention to every aspect of their products, using materials designed to withstand weather conditions and last a long time. Their aluminium frames are powder-coated for extra rust-resistance while teak wood offers water resistance; additionally, their furniture comes upholstered in weatherproof materials which repel moisture and dirt effectively.

Skyline design furniture is created by talented artisans with decades of experience producing top quality pieces. Their rattan is hand-woven for strong and long-term use; fabrics fade-resistent for easy maintenance; their wicker is 100% recyclable for an eco-friendly option – an excellent way to bring nature into any space.

Skyline Design utilizes only premium weaving materials when crafting luxurious and unique designs that can withstand all climates. Their synthetic wicker is constructed using polyethene material which offers resistance against salty air, humidity, temperature fluctuations and rainfall as well as being highly durable with many colors sizes and densities available for customization.

This luxurious brand is well known around the globe for their exquisite luxury outdoor furniture. They have long been providing hotel chains, but now also private customers can purchase this exquisite furniture designed by top designers in the industry – sure to add style and comfort to your outdoor living spaces. Their Drone collection includes an eye-catching sofa with unique rounded edges as well as armchairs and coffee tables; making this seating set the ideal way to complete the experience.