Add a Touch of Class to Your Patio With Wrought Iron Furniture

patio furniture

Add an air of elegance to your patio with stylish wrought iron furniture. Wrought iron tables, chairs and benches never go out of fashion – they make for timeless pieces that won’t blow away in windy environments! Wrought iron furniture also provides great protection in case it starts raining a lot; its weight keeps it secure on its base.

Combining patio furniture styles is an art that requires careful thought. To avoid an overwhelming look, choose pieces with complementary colors and textures.


A stylish patio can elevate the way you entertain and relax with family and friends. Seating arrangements should include chairs, loungers, sofas and tables that encourage conversation and connection between individuals seated on it. Frontgate provides an extensive selection of top-quality patio furniture designed to accommodate every backyard layout and style.

Classic and traditional seating such as wrought iron benches and nostalgic wicker rockers create a warm, welcoming ambiance in any space. Adirondack chairs make the ideal poolside companions while cozy benches on your porch offer timeless charm for hosting brunch gatherings or relaxing poolside in Adirondack chairs.

If you need versatile seating solutions, such as reclining chairs and ottomans, they make for comfortable and flexible options that transform from lounge chairs into recliners for flexible sitting arrangements, while all-weather coffee and side tables keep beverages and snacks close at hand. If your space is limited, explore loveseats that make the most of cramped balconies or tie together sectional seating arrangements.

Consider investing in sturdy materials that can withstand the elements, like aluminum dining sets and swivel rockers; lightweight aluminum dining sets and swivel rockers make excellent choices for breezy climates; teak and coated wicker furniture are both moisture resistant as well as resistant to rust. Be sure to replace upholstered padding regularly on dining chairs and chaise lounges or opt for all-weather cushions that easily wipe clean – alternatives could include replacing regular cushions with all-weather cushions that provide protection.

Bare metals like wrought iron may rust over time when exposed to rain and moisture, so to protect your investment make sure your new furniture has a protective finish like powder coating or vinyl that provides easy maintenance and long life. If working with more robust material like stainless steel then consider applying an abrasion-resistant coating which reduces scratches and dents; with proper care your patio seating should stand the test of time while looking beautiful year after year!


Outdoor dining requires patio furniture that’s both durable and attractive, from natural materials like wicker or teak, through metal tables and chairs for more modern aesthetics, all the way to maintenance-free options such as poly lumber which offers stylish pieces resistant to rot, mold and mildew. There is something suitable for every space and vision out there so don’t settle on one look; find furniture that perfectly satisfies both.

When selecting dining chairs for clients, take into account their preferred seating type and comfort level. If guests like to lounge around or read, swivel rocker chairs with comfortable foot rests might make an ideal option; in high traffic areas consider stackable patio chairs that save storage space while still quickly clearing away tables for food service or other events.

As part of your assessment of their patio’s size, when determining how many seats are necessary. To assist them with this task, have them create a layout of their space and measure its seating area to gauge how much room will be necessary – this will ensure chairs and tables are placed correctly while still leaving plenty of room for guests to move about freely.

Before purchasing outdoor furniture, your clients should carefully consider both maintenance needs and environmental considerations that could influence its use. If their patio is regularly exposed to sunlight, UV-resistant tables and chairs might be essential; otherwise if wind gusts tend to blow through frequently they might require weatherproof materials like aluminum.

By keeping these issues in mind, your clients can purchase patio furniture that best meets their specific needs. Furthermore, communicating this information to them so they understand how to take proper care in using and caring for their new seating, thus increasing its lifespan and usage potential. You might remind them to store cushions away when not in use and wipe down chairs and tables using solvents designed for outdoor use when wiping down their furniture.


Outdoor lounge chairs provide stylish and relaxing places for lounging around or reading in the sun or shade. Available in an array of sizes, shapes and materials to meet any backyard design aesthetic, they are an essential piece. When planning a pool backyard design consider selecting chairs crafted from water-resistant materials like resin wicker or teak to prevent mildew buildup due to constant exposure.

Some outdoor lounge furniture is designed to withstand the elements and requires only minimal care, while other pieces need regular cleaning and attention in order to stay looking brand new. Consider your backyard space as well as existing patio furniture when determining how many and which kinds of lounge chairs will meet your needs.

For an added decorative touch, choose lounge chairs with decorative cushions and pillows in colors that make you happy. Add rugs for additional underfoot comfort, while accent tables between your lounge chairs allow you to store books, drinks and other essentials easily accessible from each seat.

Luxury full rounded wicker chaise lounge chairs add the perfect resort-like experience and provide ultimate relaxation in the backyard. Perfect for napping after a long day at work or catching some summer rays near a swimming pool.

When you need a break from gardening or cooking, BJ’s Home and Leisure lounge chairs provide the ideal relaxation retreat in your backyard. We offer everything necessary to transform it into an oasis of leisure including conversation sets as well as full sets of chairs, sofas and loungers at club member prices.


A well-designed patio must include both functional and decorative accessories to maximize its potential. Such items help you maximize the use of outdoor furniture for years to come; durable outdoor furniture covers protect the sofa, chairs, tables, etc. against rain, wind and sun damage while keeping accessories clean helps prolong their lives and prolong furniture longevity.

Enhance your patio with versatile lounge pillows to complete your wicker or rattan chaise lounges, featuring colorful prints for an unexpected pop of color in any decor scheme. Find matching throw pillows to adorn your woven sectional; with geometric, floral and patriotic designs available you’re sure to find an array of colors and patterns perfect for matching any lounge design scheme!

Add another element of style and colour to your patio decor by including planters in its decor. There are numerous types of planters available to complement the style and furniture on your deck or patio, from handwoven poly-rattan designs in rustic brown and farmhouse white hues, galvanized metal vintage styles or handwoven poly-rattan styles with drain holes for easy watering – ideal for your table or corner of the deck.

Add an elegant, relaxing element to your patio by placing a fountain. These features come in all kinds of sizes and shapes – from natural-looking designs to more modern or minimalist models – even some that resemble ferris wheels for added fun!

Though perhaps less practical than other patio furniture accessories, a patio table lazy Susan can make for a welcome addition to any backyard retreat. These handy devices enable easy access to food and beverages when entertaining while still sitting comfortably on an Adirondack chair or teak dining table. These lazy Susan models may include center openings designed for umbrellas or circular bases attached directly to existing tables – with options that open all around or with center openings that connect directly with existing tables as options.

Your patio accessories could also include park benches, tiki bars, ottomans, receptacles and swim suit racks – perfect for both residential and commercial spaces alike! Furthermore, adding unique pieces encourages guests and family members to use your outdoor space more frequently during hot summer months.