Skyline Design – Luxury Outdoor Furniture Prices

skyline design outdoor furniture prices

Skyline Design creates breathtaking collections that add an air of luxuriousness to any outdoor space. Crafted from essential materials like teak, rattan and synthetic weaves – their products are durable enough to stand the test of time season after season.

Formerly known as Kingsway Cane Furniture, this company has since evolved into one of the premier luxury outdoor furniture brands. Their modern pieces can often be seen at top hotels and resorts as well as celebrity homes.


Skyline Design provides luxury outdoor furniture of the highest quality with stylish designs made to withstand time. Their collections feature materials like rattan, synthetic weaves, rope and aluminium that will withstand time. And with an array of styles, colors and finishes available there’s sure to be something perfect for every taste – find something at Skyline Design that speaks to you today.

Skyline Design furniture can help transform any outdoor space into a paradise, featuring gorgeous contemporary designs guaranteed to enchant. Their furniture has graced luxury hotel terraces worldwide for decades – as well as being beloved among decor enthusiasts and acclaimed interior designers.

This brand takes great pride in their commitment to quality and durability, using premium materials like aluminium and teak wood that can withstand extreme temperatures, as well as offering three year guarantees on their products. Furthermore, all their rattan work is handcrafted, adding character and making the pieces one-of-a-kind.

The brand’s most recent offerings stand as testament to their dedication to innovation and quality, such as the Dynasty Outdoor Seating Collection which offers modern yet elegant seating solutions that can fit in with any environment – as well as being highly adaptable with its flexible curved lines.

Skyline Design stands by their commitment to environmental sustainability with quality woven products made with materials such as Viro by REHAU and Raucord by REHAU which offer chemical, UV resistance and all weatherproof premium furniture, safe for the environment and 100% recyclable.

Skyline Design has built its international brand on innovation, quality construction and outstanding customer service – hallmarks that define luxury outdoor furniture manufacturing. Their collections offer stylish dining sets, loungers and daybeds to turn any outdoor space into an inviting sanctuary for relaxing, entertaining or simply unwinding.

Luxury rattan furniture from this company is widely recognized for its exquisite craftsmanship. Their expert artisans specialize in crafting unique bespoke designs that are both beautiful and functional, creating products designed to provide comfort while being functional. Their attention to detail shows in each piece of bespoke furniture created.


Skyline Design specializes in luxury outdoor furniture and craft their collections using long-lasting weatherproof materials such as rattan, wicker, rope, synthetic weaves teak and aluminium to produce pieces with modern style and an opulence built to withstand any climate or terrain. Incorporating multiple colors and fabrics allows customers to personalize their design.

Skyline Design not only manufactures luxurious rattan and wicker outdoor furniture, but they also produce an extensive line of accessories such as cushions, throw pillows, umbrellas and lamps that add elegance and sophistication to any space. Their luxurious yet durable products will stand out from the competition and last season after season – creating a memorable outdoor space.

Skyline Design was established in 1978 under its former name of Kingsway Cane Furniture and has since evolved to become one of the world’s premier manufacturers of natural rattan furniture. Employing over 1,500 staff worldwide, they strive to offer unique designs that enhance living areas – featuring collections by world-renowned designers like Noel Royo Asenjo’s dynamic DYNASTY line; Belen Burguete with her inventive CLEO collection; and Santiago Sevillano’s creative daybed; there’s sure to be something suitable for everyone here!

Their selection of outdoor furniture encompasses dining tables, sofas, chairs and armchairs crafted with superior materials ranging from teak wood and stainless steel frames to Sunbrella performance fabrics that are bug resistant, washable and UV ray proof – as well as removable cushions that can easily be cleaned or replaced when necessary.

Skyline Design rattan furniture stands the test of time with its groundbreaking design featuring a rust-free aluminum frame and high-grade polyurethane foam for maximum longevity and comfort. Additionally, each frame goes through a multi-stage powder coating process designed to resist corrosion and blistering while its cushions have quick-dry foam fillings which help preserve their shape and size over time.

Skyline Design pieces are luxurious yet long-lasting, suitable for any setting from luxury hotels to small terraces. Their contemporary designs can work anywhere – they come in various sizes and shapes to fit seamlessly.


Skyline Design’s luxury outdoor furniture provides something playful yet reserved, perfect for both flamboyant or subdued environments. Their pieces are engineered to support human anatomy while remaining pleasing on the eye; intended primarily for outdoor use but often found inside refurbishment projects too! Depending on color scheme and fabric used, you can quickly achieve an opulent, modern feel which will stand the test of time.

Skyline Design furniture is handcrafted using quality materials like teak and aluminium that are weather resistant, suitable for British climates. In addition to furniture, Skyline offers an assortment of rugs and umbrellas designed to complement its furniture – with sizes and styles to fit every space; some even designed specifically to withstand elements and can easily be cleaned using cloths! Furthermore, accessories and lighting options are also provided through Skyline.

Skyline Design’s luxurious rattan furniture makes an aesthetically pleasing statement in any home, hotel or commercial property. Since 1978, this company has established itself as a leading supplier of natural rattan furniture in the UK. Their designers have implemented contemporary designs into their range of luxury outdoor furniture for a stylish modern aesthetic that combines comfort with functionality – top designers such as Noel Royo Asenjo, Belen Burguete and Santiago Sevillano have designed products exclusively for Skyline Design products.

Alongside sofas, daybeds and chairs from their collection comes dining tables as well as other functional pieces from this company. You can create an inviting yet relaxing environment for both visitors and family members by pairing their furniture with decorative elements like rugs for optimal garden aesthetics.

Furniture construction follows a rigorous set of protocols designed to ensure its long-term use and durability. Each piece of rattan is individually handcrafted by highly trained artisans before being expertly handwoven together into something durable yet aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, their latest technological advances improve performance while increasing lifespan – including their state-of-the-art coloring process which will preserve acrylic fibres for five years with vivid vibrancy guaranteed!


Skyline Design furniture, known for their exquisite contemporary designs, is an indispensable must-have for those seeking to turn their outdoor spaces into true paradises. Their pieces have graced terraces and decks of luxury hotels as well as being sought-after among decor enthusiasts and interior designers. No matter if it’s an extravagant lounge suite or minimalist dining set you seek, Skyline has pieces sure to fit both space and budget requirements.

Quality and durability are central elements in their furniture designs, which feature exquisite weaves woven onto frames made of the highest-grade materials such as teak and aluminium that can withstand weather-induced elements. Furthermore, their selection of fabrics allows customers to find hues and textures to complement their personal aesthetics.

Skyline Outdoor Furniture‘s collection of outdoor furniture provides something for everyone, ranging from dining sets and day beds to luxurious hanging chairs and hanging chair sets. Each design exudes opulence and comfort – making them the ideal addition to any home. Their DYNASTY collection epitomises elegance and sophistication; featuring stunning rattan hanging chairs perfect for relaxing in. Their Alaska table expresses their brand with undisputed class.

The Pacific Modular 3 Seater Suite is the ideal way to create an alfresco lounging area in style. Boasting modern style with soft yet hardwearing fabrics that can easily be cleaned and maintained, this piece comes in multiple colours for an array of garden settings.

Heri Rattan Garden Hanging Chair and Frame offer the ultimate relaxation. Featuring its distinctive shape for maximum comfort when sitting or reading, its moisture resistant woven material is moisture resistant, easy to maintain, and made from strong aluminium making this product long-term and resilient.

Skyline Design furniture pieces are carefully chosen to coordinate seamlessly, so that you can mix and match them to create the ideal seating or dining arrangement for your home. Crafted with premium quality materials by experienced artisans, you can be assured that these new furnishings will stand the test of time.