Investing in Restaurant Patio Furniture

restaurant patio furniture

Investment in restaurant patio furniture will increase seating capacity of your business. When selecting materials for this outdoor furniture, be sure they can withstand daily use as well as weather conditions.

Consider your restaurant’s color scheme or design theme when selecting patio furniture for their outdoor area. Grouping visually appealing dining height and bar height tables together with various chair and barstool styles adds drama to any outdoor space.


An attractive patio can become an inviting outdoor dining area with the right tables. Commercial outdoor furniture includes dining, bar and bistro tables designed to withstand natural elements for long-lasting durability; many restaurant operators add patio chairs as seating options, creating an idyllic retreat where their patrons can dine and unwind comfortably.

Restaurant outdoor tables may be constructed from metal, wood, resin or other materials such as reconstituted stone. They may feature either a solid table top or one with slats that allow rainwater to drain away; many also come equipped with umbrella holes for additional shade options in the dining area. Table bases often consist of metal such as aluminum that won’t rust and resists corrosion from water and other substances while being painted flat black rust-proof paint; wooden bases like teak need regular care to avoid rotting and graying over time.

Most commercial tables feature weather-resistant finishes to withstand rain, sleet, snow and other environmental hazards. Some finishes also come equipped with antimicrobial protection to decrease bacteria growth on surfaces. Resin and composite wood tops offer additional durability by resisting staining caused by food or beverage spills as well as scratches or dents caused by normal use.

Although certain table materials may be more robust than others, all restaurant patio tables must be designed and constructed to withstand heavy loads and frequent usage. Make sure table and chair legs don’t wiggle loose or wobbly, which could result in injuries for guests should they accidentally trip on them. Many table bases contain levelers which help compensate for uneven patio floors; these should be checked and adjusted prior to every seating session.

Restaurants can choose between several height options for their patio tables, such as dining height between 28-30 inches tall, bar height (40 to 42 inches), ADA compliant outdoor tables that meet Americans with Disabilities Act requirements for wheelchair accessibility as well as convenience tables that fold down legs when not in use, making storage and transport simpler.


Restaurant patio furniture must withstand constant use, making durable chairs essential. Not only do they help make the restaurant more comfortable for customers to sit in and savor your delicious cuisine, they can also make dining al fresco more pleasant for all! Whether it’s furnishing a cafe patio, hotel rooftop dining space, or another alfresco dining space we have commercial outdoor chairs in an array of styles and materials designed to meet all of your dining requirements.

Chairs crafted of natural teak wood, aluminum and synthetic wicker are suitable for covered outdoor restaurant patios as well as fully exposed spaces. Our chairs are built to withstand weather elements like rain, wind and sun without succumbing to wear-and-tear damage over time; as with all commercial restaurant furniture pieces however they should be protected from prolonged direct sunlight; for optimum results if located in sunny locations we suggest placing large umbrellas over tables to shield customers from excessive heat.

Alongside chairs, we also carry bar stools and lounge sets designed for commercial outdoor seating environments. Bar stools can help increase serving capacity at each table by seating more customers at each seat; our comfortable outdoor lounge chairs provide space for customers who would rather socialize while waiting.

Style can speak volumes about a business. Our chair models feature sleek lines and unique designs to help create an inviting environment that appeals to clients while reflecting your brand identity. Furthermore, stackable chairs provide easy clearance during inclement weather or when reconfiguring floorplans.

Your restaurant patio could benefit from adding sofa sets and benches depending on the clientele you attract, as these cozy pieces are great for customers looking to lounge around and socialize – freeing up more tables for diners while providing them with an enhanced dining experience. As with chairs and stools, they come in different styles, finishes and materials that fit seamlessly with existing decor.

Seating Options

Restaurant patio furniture provides extra seating while adding an inviting atmosphere, designed to withstand the elements and last for years. By expanding your restaurant space and increasing customer traffic, patio furniture is an effective way to expand the customer base and expand revenue. When purchasing patio furniture it is essential to plan ahead and identify your individual requirements prior to shopping; consider the type of atmosphere or theme your restaurant wants to convey when making selections based on ensuring furniture matches with it seamlessly.

Tables form the backbone of an outdoor dining area at your restaurant. There is a range of styles and sizes available – rectangle, square and round tables are among your choices, while square-edged options can seat more customers simultaneously when combined into larger groups. Round tables tend to feature cleaner aesthetics than their rectangular counterparts, as their tops can be constructed of laminate, melamine, stone or wood with various finishes and drainage holes for liquid drainage. Furthermore, restaurant chairs come in all sorts of styles to complete this look. Chairs come with metal, wooden or plastic frames and may be covered in vinyl, cloth or leather upholstery. Large-volume restaurants may opt for stackable chairs to save storage space. Benches provide another seating option that can accommodate larger groups as well as provide more seating on patios; many benches feature drainage slats or mesh designs to drain excess water away and ensure guests remain comfortable.

Other restaurant furniture includes host stations, podiums, and stands designed to house wait staff or hosts. When coupled with tables they create an inviting entrance or can be placed near entry doors; some come equipped with wheels for easy mobility; these pieces can even be moved out of the way when customers arrive!

After you have determined your seating requirements, it is also vital that you carefully examine your restaurant patio space to assess how much furniture will fit within its confines. Any walkways must remain clear so customers can navigate freely around it safely.


Storage options for restaurant patio furniture are essential when not being used. Since you must remove it prior to winter for cleaning and maintenance purposes, having somewhere secure to put it will keep its condition in great shape and save you from having to prep the dining area again when spring comes around. Furthermore, having somewhere to store it could come in handy should you need repaint or make repairs before bringing it out again.

Foldable and stackable chairs make an excellent way of storing furniture. They take up minimal space when not being used and can easily be moved when required, adding seating on busy nights or being moved out of the way for dancing or special events. You’ll even find restaurant patio furniture sets to match any dining room decor.

Commercial outdoor bar stools are another popular seating choice for restaurant patios. Made of aluminum, resin or faux teak to withstand weather and other elements, these commercial outdoor bar stools can easily be stacked for storage and come in different styles to complement your restaurant’s interior design.

If you’re concerned about keeping your restaurant patio furniture safe at night, purchasing an alarm that sounds when someone moves the furniture can help reclaim any missing items and is more efficient than chaining everything every night. This solution can especially come in handy if there is plenty of furniture that could easily be stolen such as tables and chairs.