Selecting a Patio Furniture Table and Chairs

patio furniture table and chairs

Make the most of outdoor living with our patio furniture tables and chairs. Perfect for patios, porches and piazzas alike, our collection is built to withstand rain or shine with ease.

No matter if it’s early morning coffee or post-swim sangria, an outdoor dining set provides the ideal setting to unwind and enjoy great food with loved ones. Explore our selection of stylish dinette sets and bar-height tables today.


Size should always be taken into account when purchasing patio furniture table and chairs to ensure optimal operation of your dining set. With so many sizes of outdoor tables to choose from, it is vitally important that you select one which meets the needs of your space.

Planning the space for your dining area requires at least 3 feet of available seating and walkway space around the table as a general rule, however this may change slightly depending on its shape or style.

There is also an assortment of heights for patio tables and seating arrangements to suit different lifestyles and aesthetic preferences, including coffee tables suited for use with lounge chairs and sofas, which typically measure around 19 inches short of traditional dining tables.

Bistro tables offer another stylish solution to bring elegance into your backyard dining experience. When combined with outdoor bistro chairs that measure 28 to 34 inches tall, these tables create an intimate yet casual dining space, often ideal for smaller patios.

Dining tables that range in height between 26-30 inches are the most commonly seen patio table height and come in various designs and shapes to meet any need. They work well with various outdoor dining chairs from classic to contemporary styles.

Counter height patio tables, frequently combined with bar stools, make an excellent addition to informal patio spaces that double as gathering places. These 34 to 36 inch tables can also be paired with 24 to 26-inch counter height chairs or stools for additional gathering spots on your patio.


When creating patio furniture tables and chairs, sturdy materials that can withstand rain, snow, sunlight and temperature fluctuations should be chosen for construction. Wood is often chosen due to its natural warmth; teakwood has long been considered ideal. Acacia wood provides another popular outdoor choice due to being durable yet weatherproof while being easy to work with when creating sets of tables and chairs for patio use.

Aluminum outdoor furniture is an excellent option, thanks to its lightweight nature and resistance against rusting or corrosion from exposure to rain, salt, or sunlight. Plus, there’s a wide range of colors to match your backyard or patio decor!

Stainless steel offers an alternative to aluminum in terms of strength and durability, though it still rusts or corrodes over time. Some varieties, like galvanized stainless steel, contain higher levels of chromium content for corrosion resistance than regular aluminum. Wrought iron furniture also makes an interesting statement but tends to be much heavier.

Patio furniture made of wicker is another popular option among homeowners, offering both durability and weatherproof qualities, but may require more regular upkeep due to rattan’s tendency to fade, rot, or become moldy over time.

Other patio furniture material options include acacia wood, which is both weatherproof and long-lasting, and concrete, which adds an industrial charm that complements many decor themes. Unfortunately, concrete can become extremely heavy when filled with water or other liquids and therefore difficult to move around easily.

Personal preference ultimately dictates which material to choose for patio furniture. If you want something modern that accentuates the clean lines in your backyard, aluminum patio furniture might be best; otherwise try rustic teak. Or mix and match different materials to create something truly suited to you and your style!


Patio sets require tables and chairs that complement each other stylistically while offering sufficient seating for your guests. Thankfully, there are various styles of outdoor furniture suitable for any setting or special event.

Williams Sonoma Home provides an expansive selection of tables and chairs designed specifically for use outdoors. Choose lounge chairs featuring classic rattan weave or intricate metal designs for lasting enjoyment, as well as ergonomic support chairs featuring rocking action swivel tilt chairs with ergonomic support and rocking action, ottomans which double up as coffee tables or footrests and upgrade with teak patio furniture which begins as rich golden hues but weathers to a unique patina over time.

At Outdoor Solutions Plus, we carry dining tables for every outdoor gathering imaginable, whether that means hosting a family dinner or an intimate brunch. From standard oval and square tables to unique shapes that pair beautifully with chairs or bar stools – there is sure to be one just right.

When looking for more casual seating arrangements, we offer patio coffee and side tables that pair nicely with lounge chairs or sofas. These casual tables come in various heights so that you can select one suitable to your space; perhaps selecting a low-profile cocktail table as a conversation area centerpiece or opting for formal dining at one of our high-top dining tables is what will do the trick!

There are various table and chair combinations that can help create an inviting outdoor seating room, like combining a commercial resin patio table with aluminum bamboo look outdoor restaurant chairs for example. This sets an intimate yet welcoming ambiance in your outdoor space that encourages conversation among family and friends.

At our outdoor furniture shop, the ease of cleaning a patio table and chairs should also be considered when selecting them. Certain materials require more upkeep than others, but our selection features plenty of outdoor pieces that require little upkeep – our wicker and wrought iron tables can simply be wiped down with damp cloth to clean off dirt and debris, while polyester and sunbrella fabrics resist moisture as well as stains for easy maintenance.


Comfort should always be top of mind when purchasing outdoor furniture sets, particularly chairs that will become the focus of most of your time spent outdoors. Look for chairs with good back support, arm rests that fit ergonomically to your body shape, soft yet durable cushions made with weatherproof fabric or coated cushions to ward off mildew or sun damage and that are easy to keep clean if you have pets or children; easily removable covers may also help.

Before purchasing patio furniture tables and chairs, first determine how many people will be sitting comfortably in your outdoor space. This will enable you to determine what size and style of tables and chairs would work best; make sure there is enough space for everyone in the group – this may mean opting for larger tables or even sectional sofas in order to meet all guests’ seating requirements.

When purchasing chairs, select those crafted from weather-resistant materials like metal or wood. Aluminum chairs are great options as they’re sturdy and rustproof while wooden options offer more creative customization opportunities to match any decor style. Be sure to inspect each joint to make sure they’re properly welded before purchasing anything made out of metal – for patio furniture tables and chairs it should have powder coating to prevent rusting.

Polyrattan garden chairs make an excellent addition to any patio. These stylish chairs feature a stylish curved back with breathable fabric for optimal comfort, making them lightweight enough for easy maneuverability and storage. In addition, there is a variety of colors and textures available so you can find just the piece for your outdoor space.

Acacia wood tables are another popular option for patio furniture. With their durable yet aesthetic slatted tabletop and easy maintenance requirements, acacia patio tables make an excellent addition to your outdoor dining area or lounging spot. Many come complete with matching chairs for complete seating arrangements.