Large Patio Furniture and Umbrellas

large patio furniture

Large patio furniture comes in many materials and styles. If you prefer modern options, aluminum is often chosen due to its sleek finish that complements various aesthetics.

Consider hardwoods like teak and acacia for an elegant look in your outdoor space – both are naturally resistant to rot with stunning grain patterns that will add visual interest.

Outdoor Seating

Selecting the ideal patio furniture creates the atmosphere for a relaxing backyard retreat. Select from dining chairs and tables tailored specifically to your family, a comfortable lounge to allow poolside lounging or accent tables or fire pits as part of your seating arrangement.

When choosing outdoor seating, keep both your yard size and use in mind when making a selection. For entertaining dinner parties, a sturdy dining table equipped with sturdy chairs able to seat several people will be required – for larger gatherings such as backyard barbecues or family dinners a ten-piece dining set may provide sufficient capacity.

If you enjoy reading or relaxing while sipping on something refreshing, an outdoor chaise lounge may be your ideal seating solution. These stylish chairs come in various styles from traditional wood to sleek synthetic wicker; look for high-density polyethylene (HDPE) wicker for lasting durability. A woven chaise is an excellent addition to any space; alternatively consider opting for a folding metal outdoor chair when space becomes an issue.

Outdoor dining can be an ideal solution for larger spaces, but you can also create a cozy al fresco family room by selecting pieces such as an outdoor sofa and loveseat – from compact bistro sets to multi-piece outdoor sectionals seating systems.

For a modern aesthetic, there are plenty of outdoor seating options made from metal and concrete that feature sleek weatherproof coatings to resist rust and corrosion. Or for something elegant yet weather-resistant try purchasing teak outdoor furniture sets which naturally have weatherproof qualities.


Attracting guests for dinner parties or enjoying family meals outdoors requires having an ample patio furniture set for dining. From bistro tables and small sets with seating such as an ottoman to larger 12-piece sets that include sofa, loveseat, chair and ottoman combinations – you’re sure to find what works perfectly in each space in your home! Visit each room page to browse some options that fit right in. For assistance if needed from our design services team.

This mid-sized outdoor dining table can comfortably seat four place settings while remaining compact enough to fit on smaller patios. The weatherproof tabletop keeps things dry when dining outdoors; chairs and ottomans fold away easily when not needed; add a sunblocking umbrella for even greater shade during hotter summer days!


Once you’ve selected a large patio furniture set that perfectly matches your space and accommodates guests, the next step should be adding the finishing touches. Accent pieces add the perfect amount of style and personality to your outdoor area while unifying it all into one cohesive design. Choose from an array of modern updates as well as classic elements to create an inviting atmosphere for family and friends to gather in.

Consider multi-person seating options when planning your patio set. Most large patio sets provide two distinct forms of seating so your guests have the freedom to sit either on sofa style chairs or stand-alone seats, giving them ample options. If you want something with rustic charm, rattan and wicker seats offer casual style while being available in numerous sizes and shapes.

Aluminum accent furniture offers a classic yet contemporary aesthetic. Not only is this material lightweight and sturdy, it comes in various finishes to fit into your outdoor furnishings beautifully – tables can serve as dining or coffee tables while side and end tables add depth and diversity to seating arrangements outdoors.

Garden stools are another highly versatile accent piece, easily adapting to various spaces while providing guests with comfortable perches to relax on your patio setting. Plus, these stylish pieces can bring a burst of color into the outdoors when combined with complementary furniture sets!


Patio umbrellas (commonly referred to as sun shades or awnings) extend protective fabric overhead to provide cooling shade and UV-blocking protection, as well as complement any outdoor furniture arrangement. When shopping for large patio umbrellas, ensure they match both the seating area size or table dimensions as well as provide ample coverage; taking into account how many people will be using the umbrella when selecting its size is also advisable.

If you need an umbrella large enough to shade dining tables measuring up to 84″, look for options with 13″-16″ shade diameters. These umbrellas pair perfectly with patio furniture pieces offering large shade areas, as well as being great options for commercial settings like restaurants.

Considerations when purchasing a large patio umbrella should include how it will be stored, its opening/lifting/closing mechanism and durability. A center-pole umbrella stores more efficiently as it doesn’t take up horizontal floor space when closed; some designs feature arms that collapse into their frames further reducing storage requirements; some models even include levers or cranks to make opening/closing canopy easier.

When purchasing a patio umbrella, select fabric that provides fade-, water-, dirt- and mold-resistance. Frontgate offers an assortment of premium umbrella fabrics including acrylic and polypropylene with two-year warranties to provide peace of mind for buyers.

Opt for a sturdy patio umbrella frame to protect it from extreme weather conditions, like high winds. Fiberglass and aluminum frames offer the best defense, while wood may offer classic aesthetic but may rot and decay due to prolonged moisture exposure or salty air exposure.

All-Weather Wicker

All-weather wicker furniture is constructed using UV-treated fibers that can withstand outdoor weather. Resin wicker typically comes in one to two color choices; however, for added style diversity you could mix in other materials like teak or metal for unique combinations that combine traditional with modern aesthetics.

Resin wicker furniture is made of resins extracted from plant matter and molded into shape to form its weave on chairs or sectionals. Next, this type of wicker is mounted to a non-rusting aluminum frame which comes in different colors to match your decor and can also accommodate resin wicker furniture with ease. Low maintenance needs exist with resin wicker furniture but keeping it dry and clean can extend its longevity; since moisture-repellent resin absorbs heat quickly; thus increasing risk of dryness over time without proper protection if exposed directly sunlight – therefore ensure that as much as possible direct sunlight exposure as much as possible to prolong durability over time!

Natural wicker furniture may look stunning, but its beauty can’t withstand rain, sleet and snow as well as other inclement conditions. Therefore it is best suited for indoor or covered patio use only; in addition, frequent steaming sessions must take place to maintain its softness; which can prove challenging with busy families.

Large wicker dining sets, sofas and accent pieces can transform your patio into an inviting space for entertaining friends or reading a good book. Shop our selection of wicker furniture now to find your ideal set; our collection offers various styles, brands and finishes that cater to every taste – you may even discover an attractive storage chest designed specifically to hold cushions and other accessories!