Recycled Plastic Patio Furniture

plastic patio furniture

Recycled plastic patio furniture can help reduce environmental footprint while saving money at the same time. Not only is it durable, but its easy upkeep ensures it looks its best year-after-year.

Recycled plastic furniture comes in various styles and colors, some even mimicking natural wood grain patterns. Furthermore, recycled plastic is highly weather-proof without needing special maintenance techniques or upkeep techniques.

Easy to clean

Recycled plastic furniture offers an effortless way to furnish your outdoor space, without worrying about maintenance requirements or special cleaning methods. Simply rinse it off with water from a hose or wipe down with soapy water and damp cloth and scuff marks will disappear instantly, leaving it looking brand new again! Plus, its color remains protected from sun fading, giving you years of enjoyment before having to refinish or repaint.

Top recycled plastic brands such as Bailey have designed their plastic lumber to resist rust and corrosion, feature built-in UV stabilizers to stop their colors from fading with sunlight exposure, and resist moisture and abrasions.

White vinegar or commercial glass cleaner may help remove tough stains from plastic patio furniture, providing another way to take on stubborn spots. Just ensure not to use harsh substances such as bleach that could potentially wear down the surface and discolor it further; additionally, always perform a spot test of any homemade cleaning solutions before applying them across all of your pieces.

Baking soda is an affordable and multifunctional household staple that is an ideal cleaner for plastic furniture, helping remove stains while deodorizing dark-colored pieces that absorb odors. To use it, simply wet down your furniture using a garden hose before generously applying baking soda with nonabrasive sponge or scrub brush, let sit for several minutes, rinse out, then hose it off again before drying it with soft towel.

If you detect signs of rodents in your backyard, it’s time to install some pest deterrents. Repellants designed to deter insects can also help deter rodents. Gnawing rodents often target wicker or foam furniture for nests; so it is vital that patio furniture be properly secured with tight-fitting lids and screens if possible; alternatively you could add a bird feeder into your garden to attract birds with seeds that repel rodents instead.


Plastic furniture may seem cheap at first glance, but its durability should not be taken for granted. Plastic outdoor furniture sets are built to withstand even the harshest of weather conditions without discoloring under sunlight like natural materials such as wood do; additionally they’re easily maintained using damp cloth or sponge to clean them easily – plus many sets come in various styles that fit right in with your home’s decor!

Plastic patio furniture offers many environmental advantages over other forms of outdoor seating options, being constructed out of recycled plastic and thus helping reduce waste and preserve natural resources. Once recycled plastic is melted down and formed into furniture pieces it makes an aesthetically pleasing and long-term addition to any backyard or patio space. Recycled plastic furniture will outlive other forms of patio seating solutions!

When looking for long-lasting outdoor furniture, plastic chairs and tables offer easy maintenance with their sturdy construction and excellent weather resistance – rain, snow and strong winds will not affect them! Additionally, their mold and mildew resistance means no staining or chemical treatments are needed – perfect for covered porches and patios!

Plastic patio furniture manufacturers provide an abundance of styles, colors and sizes of plastic furniture that is affordable yet lightweight enough for easy rearranging of spaces. Furthermore, many brands even manufacture this furniture right here in America so workers are protected and receive fair wages.

Plastic is not only durable, but its strength-to-density ratio makes it ideal for outdoor furniture applications. Plastic can withstand high-impact damage without shattering into pieces or ripping upholstery – an added advantage! This makes plastic the ideal material choice.


Enjoying fresh air and taking in the beauty of an ecological garden or backyard is a wonderful way to relieve stress and build positive emotions. But you can elevate the experience even further by investing in recycled plastic patio furniture made for outdoor use.

Recycling poly furniture has come a long way since its days as cheap, flimsy plastic in first apartments or condos; nowadays recycled poly furniture is stylish, luxurious and eco-friendly. Made using an innovative process that converts post-consumer waste into durable outdoor seating made of plastic lumber with color that goes all the way through so scratches won’t show as easily.

Another great aspect of durable plastic patio furniture is its wide variety of styles. Color options can range from bright hues to mimicking wood grain textures – making this option suitable for any home regardless of its overall style or landscape design. Furthermore, due to being lightweight it can easily be moved around to accommodate guests or change scenes as required; making this choice an excellent investment.

Your plastic garden furniture can be tailored to match your unique style by choosing from among a range of finishes, with natural being the most common but other options such as black, brown, and white being available too. Patterns and textures also give this furniture an eye-catching aesthetic in the backyard.

Jack Greco offers one of the widest selections of high-end plastic furniture in Rochester and throughout the nation, providing stylish pieces made from eco-friendly recycled plastic material for patio use that are long-lasting and eco-friendly – giving your home that eco-friendly touch that it needs! Contact our experts at Jack Greco now if you want eco-friendly recycled plastic patio furniture in your home! Our stylish yet durable pieces can help find you that ideal piece for your space.


Plastic patio furniture is a cost-effective solution for updating your outdoor living area without breaking the bank. Available in an assortment of styles and colors, you are sure to find a style and color combination that reflects both your individuality and that of its surrounding environment. Incorporating pillows, covers, decorative items or lighting solutions into the mix can add additional depth during nighttime hours and help create an inviting ambiance in your yard.

When purchasing plastic patio furniture, it’s essential to take the climate in your area into account. Some types of plastic are susceptible to extreme temperatures while others need UV ray protection; furthermore, some plastics crack or become brittle over time. If durability is what you seek then recycled plastic products could be more sustainable alternatives; they are crafted using waste plastic collected through recycling programs compared with using wood or metal materials.

Recycled plastic patio furniture is eco-friendly and comes in an assortment of attractive finishes, from sleek modernist styles to natural wood looks that perfectly suit the decor in any room. Furthermore, recycled plastic is great for households with children or pets as its surfaces won’t be affected by spills or stains caused by accidents on the furniture itself.

Many companies employ recycled post-consumer plastics such as milk and detergent bottles in their recycled outdoor furniture production, melted, molded and colored into plastic lumber with fade-resistant finishes for use outdoors. Many of these companies are committed to minimizing environmental impacts associated with their products while at the same time taking up less landfill space.

Plastic patio furniture’s lightweight nature and ease of mobility makes it an excellent choice for people who frequently rearrange their seating arrangements to accommodate guests or reflect an evolving aesthetic, as well as for people with limited storage space.

Many manufacturers utilize various materials when crafting plastic furniture, with some using eco-friendly approaches like recycled plastic to produce their outdoor pieces. CR Plastic Products’ outdoor seating uses recycled plastic which reduces garbage bags that end up in landfills or oceans; additionally they use HDPE, an extremely tough and durable material which won’t mold, rot, or splinter with their wide variety of colors available to choose from.