High-End Patio Furniture

When looking for high end patio furniture, prioritize customer service over showrooms or warehouses. Companies that prioritize the customer offer customization services so you can ensure each piece meets your unique requirements.

Skagerak’s luxury teak furniture is FSC certified and built for generations of enjoyment. Their exquisite collections boast clean lines and simplistic shapes; complementing both traditional decor as well as being popular among upscale residential and commercial spaces alike.


Formerly known as Trip Trap, Skagerak crafts furniture and home accessories that combine Scandinavian nature with world-renowned designers’ ingenuity and expertise. Crafted from teak wood that ages gracefully over time to form an attractive silvery grey patina over time. Also incredibly resilient against weather and humidity changes.

Vibeke and Jesper Panduro, the company’s founding couple, emphasize Scandinavian heritage while modern everyday living in their designs, which emphasize clean lines and sustainability. Using responsibly-sourced wood for each piece they produce and recycling programs to extend its lifespan; their Reclassic initiative also helps extend its life cycle further by purchasing pre-owned Skagerak pieces back for resale, further increasing longevity of furniture pieces like Skagerak.

This brand, named for the strait that divides Denmark and Norway, emphasizes their Nordic roots as well as environmental responsibility. Their designs boast functional yet stylish features with superior craftsmanship reflected in every piece they produce.


Siebensee is an elite manufacturer of luxury outdoor furnishings that combine contemporary design and heirloom quality into elegant seating options, tables, and accessories that complement both modernist and traditional decor styles. Their Arena collection boasts exquisite seating solutions, tables, and accessories designed to blend in seamlessly at resorts, spas, and hotels across North America.

Kettal employs innovative materials and clever ideas in their high-end patio furniture designs, while still respecting environmental concerns. Their use of hole punched metal sheets to craft calyx-shaped chair shells exemplifies this.

EGO Paris stays ahead of the competition by working closely with both established and emerging designers to keep its aluminum and steel outdoor collections up-to-date. Their carefully considered products include dynamic coffee tables with raiseable trays as well as configurable lounge chairs that adapt perfectly to their surroundings.


Sifas furniture is designed with cutting-edge technologies to withstand even the harshest of weather conditions, from ocean salt air and UV sun rays, all the way through to harmful UV sun rays. From its screws that hold it together to its design for longevity – commercial Sifas furniture stands up against it all with ease!

Sifas provides an array of patio furniture options designed to meet any style or decor, from dining tables and lounge chairs, bar stools and barstools – as well as fabric choices such as earth tones that add organic warmth, jewel tones with vibrant color splashes or neutral tones that match up beautifully with any palette in your patio space.

Sifas patio furniture is easy to care for and durable enough for high traffic areas, making it the perfect addition to any outdoor space. With its charming designs and friendly character, Sifas furniture will become an integral part of any outdoor setting.

Lloyd Flanders

Lloyd Flanders is one of the premier names in casual wicker furniture. Since 1906, this family-run business has made significant advancements in modern casual outdoor and indoor woven wicker furniture; including all-weather options that are easy to care for and designed to last years.

The company uses the Lloyd Loom process to craft stunning yet durable woven wicker fabric pieces at 75% faster speed than hand weaving; an item which would normally take an expert weaver an entire day can now be completed within 15 minutes with this revolutionary method.

The company offers an expansive selection of premium teak wood furniture that can be easily combined with its wicker furniture for endless possibilities. Teak is an environmentally-friendly material and boasts many desirable qualities in patio and four season room furniture such as inherent strength and tight graining, making this material highly desirable in patio settings and four season room settings alike.


Mamagreen strives to design modern outdoor furniture that is both beautiful and functional. Their designs fuse modern aesthetics with quality materials like reclaimed teak and marine grade stainless steel. Each product is constructed to last, using at least 90% recycled or recyclable materials – including 90% of it coming from abandoned buildings!

Outdoor furniture must withstand an increasingly challenging environment – raindrops, UV rays and dust and pollen build-up are constant companions of its outdoor life. The industrial look of 2017 Mamagreen Olaf seating collection makes it a versatile piece suitable for a rooftop bar in the city or for hosting an intimate seafood dinner by the seashore wharf.

Mamagreen Outdoor Furniture, known for their eco-friendly outdoor collections and unmistakable designer styling, boasts a boutique showroom in Lilyfield’s bustling suburb. Winning numerous design awards across the world for these dynamic collections that include unmistakable designer styling.


This fiber stands alone when it comes to its strength, weather resistance and durability – something woven by European and American designers into pieces of furniture that looks polished while being built to last.

Dedon was founded by former professional German sportsman Bobby Dekeyser in 1990 as a pioneer of synthetic outdoor furniture production. They own and operate their fiber production facilities to guarantee quality throughout the process.

Dedon offers three collections by Dedon: Brixx, Tibbo and Ahnda. Ahnda features a six-seat teak dining table designed by London architects Barber & Osgerby while Sebastian Herkner’s MBRACE lounge chairs have an eye-catching design ideal for poolside areas; their comfortable enveloping chairs look sleek while their sturdy teak bases ensure they maintain their sleek yet refined appearance.

EGO Paris

EGO Paris was created out of an entrepreneurial family spirit and the desire to showcase French excellence on the contemporary design scene, giving life to beautiful outdoor spaces worldwide with stylish yet intelligent premium outdoor furniture. Established by brothers Nicolas Sommereux in 2004, with the shared objective of embarking upon a human and entrepreneurial adventure together.

The company designs, fabricates, and promotes high end designer outdoor furniture to enable architects, interior designers, landscapers, 4 and 5-star hotels and high-end individuals – among their customer targets – to create personalized spaces of their own. Their aluminium structures offer over 300 combinations of colors and finishes to effortlessly fit into any environment.

One of their most acclaimed designs, which won a Red Dot Design Award, is the Tandem sun lounger, which features an asymmetrical frame with adjustable backrest to enable two people to relax comfortably together.

Kingsley Bate

Kingsley Bate creates stunning pieces for generations by fusing teak wood with stainless steel and woven materials sourced from Indonesia, like its harvested responsibly from controlled plantations operations. Their teak wood can either be left to weather naturally into a silvery patina over time, or treated with oil to protect its color and prevent the wood from turning gray over time.

Kingsley Bate Hudson collection furniture is expertly hand-crafted using materials that resist fading, tearing, and cracking – the seating constructed using all-weather woven natural cord eliminates cushioned seating altogether! Additionally, there is also a special order option of quick-drying reticulated foam if required.

American homeowners want their outdoor spaces to be enjoyable places they can unwind and unwind in, not simply used as an area for hosting guests. A combination of furniture can turn a backyard into an idyllic getaway.

Brown Jordan

Brown Jordan is widely acknowledged as the premier manufacturer of innovative, meticulously designed outdoor furniture. Established by Robert and Hubert Jordan in Pasadena, California in 1945, their goal has been to offer products with unparalleled quality that provide refined yet luxurious outdoor living experiences.

They offered not only a diverse selection of designs but also luxury materials, including tubular aluminum and vinyl lace (both newly available postwar materials) which made for some striking pieces.

Patio Furniture Supplies offers replacement slings for many Brown Jordan chaise models. Each replacement sling is carefully tailored to match its pattern, complete with rods. This allows homeowners to extend the lifespan of their love seat while saving money over purchasing a new one. STORIS supports EDI which reduces human error when configuring special order products.


Vondom is an industry leader in designing, manufacturing and commercializing avant-garde outdoor furniture such as planters, pots, lamps and rugs that create dialogue between nature and form. Their innovative products are created by world-renowned designers who understand Vondom’s vision of creating dialogue between environment and form.

Vondom’s luxury lounge chair will transform any indoor or outdoor space, adding dimension and depth. Combined with other Vondom pieces for an inviting ambience.

This stunning and stylish lounge chair is constructed of polypropylene reinforced with fiberglass manufactured through gas injection. UV resistant and weather-proof, it also helps create an environmentally-friendly option by being made with recycled plastics sourced from Mediterranean sea recycling centres – making this chair perfect for restaurants or hotels looking to enhance outdoor areas.