Recycled Plastic Patio Furniture

Recycled plastic patio furniture looks stylish and contemporary, and its lightweight composition allows it to be moved, rearranged or stored away with ease.

Recycled plastic outdoor furniture uses raw materials from post-consumer waste such as milk and detergent bottles, which are then melted down to form strong and durable plastic lumber. If desired, colored dye can also be poured directly into it for customization purposes.


Recycled plastic patio furniture is one of the greenest outdoor furniture options on the market. Constructed from post-consumer recycled milk bottles, soda cans, and other plastic containers otherwise headed for landfills, recycled plastic furniture pieces are melted down before being colored using dyes and formed into various shapes necessary for their creation. As a result, attractive yet long-term durable patio pieces that will look fantastic in any backyard or outdoor living area!

As this type of patio furniture doesn’t use heavy materials like wood or aluminum for construction, it makes transport and rearranging simpler if guests come over or you want a change in decor. Plus, its lightweight nature also makes putting it away and out for storage easier should that ever become necessary.

Recycled plastic used to craft this kind of furniture is an incredibly resilient material, designed to withstand all of the elements found in outdoor living areas and backyards. It won’t warp, rot or absorb salt spray from ocean spray as some wood might, while being easily cleanable with mild soap or water for easy maintenance and won’t attract mold or mildew like some types of patio furniture might.

Furniture that recycles post-consumer plastics helps to reduce both waste and pollution from production of new plastics, and save energy through energy conservation while preventing air and water pollution that would occur if this material were dumped into a landfill. In addition, this form of plastic is safe for human touch and use.

Many people worry that plastic used in outdoor furniture will appear cheap and tacky; however, this misconception is untrue as plastic has been engineered to closely resemble high quality natural wood grain with several color options that mimic that of more costly outdoor pieces like wrought iron or other exotic pieces.


Buy recycled plastic patio furniture is an effective way to reduce environmental waste and help the planet. Not only are the pieces durable compared to wood furniture but they’re also resistant to insects and rot, saving money and resources!

Post-consumer plastic waste from milk jugs, detergent bottles and other household goods is the main source of raw materials used to produce outdoor furniture and plastic lumber. Once cleaned up and processed into HDPE (high-density polyethylene) polymers, these materials can then be used to make outdoor furniture. Various color choices like cherry red, cerulean ocean blue and sand hues are offered – these hues are added by mixing dye into the melted plastic material, giving customers unique colors for their furniture or plastic lumber purchase!

Marmax Products, Polywood and Loll Designs are among the many companies who specialize in recycling plastic to create high-quality patio furniture, such as picnic tables. Polywood stands out as being one of the leading companies specializing in this area with products like lounge chairs and adirondack benches built to last a lifetime and with fade-resistant Sunbrella fabrics to protect colors against UV rays.

Recycled plastic furniture pieces are built to withstand even the harshest environmental elements like salt spray, strong winds and rain without succumbing to damage or rotting, unlike natural wood furniture which cannot. As such, recycled plastic pieces make great choices for families with children, pets and active lifestyles.

One drawback of recycled plastic furniture may be its cheaper aesthetic; however, many companies are working tirelessly to develop molds and styles more aesthetically pleasing – the new moldings for recycled plastic furniture come very close to matching the look of wood or wrought iron patio sets.


Recycled plastic furniture can often be less costly than furniture crafted from other materials like wrought iron, due to the reduced labor-intensive manufacturing process. Furthermore, recycled plastic patio sets tend to be lighter weight and easier to move around to accommodate guests or alter your style.

Recycled plastic furniture will last long in direct sunlight thanks to most (if not all) recycled plastic being UV protected – meaning your outdoor furniture won’t require refinishing or staining, nor will its color fade.

Recycled plastic furniture is water-resistant, making cleaning effortless after any spills or accidents. Simply wipe down with a cloth or hose and you can be back using your furniture right away! Furthermore, this material is insect and rot-proof as its nonporous surface does not allow moisture to enter and prevents mold fungus or insects from damaging it further.

Recycled plastic furniture can also be an ideal option for residents in areas prone to extreme weather conditions like high winds and heavy rainfall, thanks to its lightweight design that makes moving it effortless during gusts of wind without fear that it might become airborne.

Recycled plastic patio furniture is another good way to help save the environment. Made from plastic that has been extracted from landfills and cleaned before being broken down into small pellets for molding into furniture pieces. Recycling this way also reduces tree cuttings for furniture production – helping prevent deforestation and other environmental problems in turn.

Pottery Barn offers stylish yet eco-friendly outdoor furniture. Recycled plastic outdoor seating such as chairs, sofas, and tables such as Polywood Euro dining sets feature similar aesthetics without needing as much upkeep as natural wood furniture would require.

Maintenance Free

Recycled plastic furniture offers very low maintenance requirements. No refinishing, rusting, or repainting needs to be done as often with other patio furniture options; all colors UV treated so no additional repainting needs to be done each year like with other options. Recycled plastic patio furniture will outlive other patio options and is an excellent investment that will last a long time in any home environment.

Recycled materials used in outdoor furniture make an impressive contribution to waste reduction. Taken from items like old skis, boards and clubs which would otherwise end up in landfills when their owners upgrade to new gear or retire their equipment, these recycled raw materials are then melted down and formed into solid pieces of outdoor furniture which look just like wood; thus leaving guests unaware that you have recycled anything!

Recycled plastic patio furniture can help reduce your environmental footprint. As a sustainable practice, this option helps save forests while not requiring toxic chemicals and being manufactured in an environmental-friendly facility powered by solar energy. Plus it’s affordable; making this an excellent long-term investment.

Polywood furniture is made of recycled plastic lumber that looks exactly like real wood but is much more affordable and long-term durable than its wooden counterparts. Each year, Polywood repurposes hundreds of thousands of milk jugs and water bottles from waste streams into sturdy poly lumber which requires no maintenance, fade resistance, eco-friendliness or safety considerations – perfect for you and your family’s patio or deck furniture needs!

By The Yard is another provider of recycled plastic patio furniture, offering high-quality outdoor sets made from recycled plastic and marine-grade polymer. Their pieces are extremely weather resistant and weather resistant to elements such as salt spray from the ocean; easy to maintain with no rot or crack in damp conditions; plus available in multiple styles and colours so you can find something suitable for your garden!