Outdoor Wood Patio Furniture – A Beautiful Addition to Any Backyard

Wood outdoor patio furniture makes an eye-catching statement in any backyard, offering various colors and finishes to perfectly fit in with the rest of your decor.

Think carefully about where you plan to place your wood furniture. For hard surfaces like decks or concrete balconies, most types of wood will suffice.


Teak has long been a top choice in outdoor furniture due to its natural weather resistance and timeless good looks, making it one of the few types of wooden outdoor furniture which can withstand rain and snow without losing structural integrity or becoming vulnerable. Teak also stands up well against rot infestation and pest infestation compared to other materials for outdoor furniture use.

Teak furniture stands the test of time thanks to its rich natural oils which naturally repel moisture, providing it with natural resistance against rot, mildew and mold growth – an added benefit for homeowners. While plastic, metal and wicker can fade quickly in sunlight exposure, teak’s rich natural oils help it keep its original beauty for decades with little maintenance required.

When selecting teak patio furniture for your home, look for clean lines that showcase its natural beauty. Opt for tables with wide plank tabletops and thick post legs, or benches which provide ample seating – regardless of aesthetic preference, mortise-and-tenon joints provide greater stability and longevity than cheaper methods such as screws and nails.

Another thing to keep in mind when purchasing teak furniture is its maintenance requirements. Although this type of wood naturally resists water damage, it must still be cared for to prevent mold growth and mildew accumulation. One effective method for maintaining teak furniture is applying water-resistant oils; this will keep its finish from fading over time while protecting its integrity as a piece.

When purchasing teak patio furniture, always buy from a reputable source. Due to high demand for this wood and its illegal logging practices, purchasing your pieces from sellers who source from sustainable and responsible operations. If local sources are unavailable there are numerous eco-friendly online sellers selling their pieces – check them out now.


Acacia wood makes an excellent selection for outdoor wood patio furniture due to its natural coloring and grain, resistance to the elements, easy working characteristics and durable structure. Acacia’s Janka hardness rating is 55% higher than hickory; additionally its density makes it harder for dings or scratches. Acacia’s soft yet flexible characteristics allow it to be easily formed into buffets and other pieces in minutes after being freshly cut – ideal for backyard use – with drying becoming harder as durable hard surface forms over time – indeed one variety called Babul acacia has so strong and dense structure it was once used as shipbuilding material!

Select furniture made of sustainable acacia sources when shopping for furniture made of this species. Many varieties are FSC-certified, meaning that harvesting and treatment methods adhere to stringent environmental standards. Look for furniture crafted from trees grown without fertilizers or pesticides applied at harvest time in order to increase longevity.

When purchasing acacia wood patio furniture, make sure that its joints are sealed properly and all screws used to join pieces together are stainless steel or have a rust-proof coating – otherwise pieces could unravel over time, leading to costly repairs or replacements. Also look for furniture with mortise-and-tenon joinery rather than just glue or staples as this could add years of useful life beyond simply sitting outdoors on patio.

Ipe wood from Brazil’s rainforest has become increasingly popular over time. Like acacia, ipe is durable and resistant to the elements; however, its gorgeous natural grain can be stained out to bring out its true beauty. Additionally, both require regular maintenance including cleaning and oil application.

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Wood furniture has long been considered one of the most valuable and long-lasting materials. But not all types of wood are equal, so you should carefully consider your requirements before selecting an ideal type. Surface considerations will have an effect on its ability to withstand weather elements; hard surfaces like patio decks and concrete balconies tend to work just fine for wood furniture; soft grassy areas or areas with high humidity may necessitate choosing resin or metal as more resilient materials than wood for placement purposes.

Budget should also be taken into account, depending on the type and level of protection that you give for the wood you select. Furthermore, many species require annual coatings of stain or sealant to prevent moisture penetration; you should factor this cost and time commitment when maintaining your wooden furniture.

If you’re on a tight budget, our New England collection offers an affordable solution: poly lumber and aluminum outdoor wood furniture sets featuring our New England collection’s unique combination of real barn wood appearance and an aluminum frame built to withstand all sorts of weather. This gives your backyard that rustic barn wood feel without breaking the bank; plus its metal frames are easy to maintain so that more time can be spent outdoors enjoying yourself rather than maintaining their upkeep!


Wood patio furniture is perfect for relaxing and taking in the scenery, while pairing it with a fire pit to create an intimate setting for reading or sipping cocktails. There are various choices such as Adirondack chairs, chaise lounges and rocking chairs – ideal for any patio deck, front porch, backyard pool side area or balcony space – available that you can select. Some even include detachable tray tables!

When purchasing outdoor wood patio furniture, it is essential to keep in mind its intended placement. Humid conditions and large amounts of moisture can alter how the wood ages; some types may rot or mildew more rapidly while others require special protection against sun or rain as well as specific stain applications to remain looking their best.

Cedar wood is ideal for this kind of patio furniture as it resists weather damage better. Cedar absorbs and releases moisture slowly, which reduces cracking, splintering, swelling, warping and warping that often occurs with pine. Furthermore, cedar resists insects and fungus growth more effectively.

Plastic Adirondack chairs are another popular choice, often being less costly and available in more colors and styles than their wooden counterparts. Made from HDPE material which resists fading and cracking as well as being eco-friendly and recyclable – plastic Adirondack chairs make an excellent addition for anyone concerned with sustainability.

Wood Adirondack chairs are timeless classics that will add a classic elegance to your backyard. Their inviting slatted backs and wide arms provide maximum comfort, and can even be customized to suit your existing decor. Adirondacks make an attractive addition to any yard or garden space when combined with wooden tables for complete outdoor spaces.

When shopping for wood patio furniture, look for pieces with dovetailed or mortise and tenon joints – these tend to hold together better and be more durable than glue or staple joints. Additionally, all screws used should either be stainless steel or have some sort of protective coating to help withstand exposure to weather elements for prolonged periods. Rusting hardware could weaken its structure over time and cause the furniture to come apart altogether.