Protecting Your Patio Furniture With Cushions

Rain, snow or too much sun can have devastating consequences on outdoor furniture. A good rule of thumb would be to store cushions indoors when not in use and cover or store the furniture when not required.

If you want patio furniture that will stand the test of time without cushions, look for durable synthetic fabrics like olefin or solution-dyed acrylic that are bleach-cleanable and resistant to mildew and fading. These types of materials make a good investment.


Teak wood is naturally weatherproof, lasting decades without needing additional treatments or care. Producing its own oil to repel water, it makes teak an excellent material choice for outdoor furniture. No rot or pest issues arise with teak furniture either – making it one of the most durable patio options on offer. With minimal upkeep requirements required to protect and care for this investment.

Teak chairs and lounges boast ergonomic designs that put comfort at the forefront, boasting fine sanded finishes with high-end brass hardware to complete their luxurious aesthetic. Pair these pieces with an outdoor table of your own to create a space perfect for dinner parties, game nights and any celebration of any kind!

This armless teak chair boasts a contemporary aesthetic, perfect for any outdoor setting. Crafted from solid grade-A teak wood with all-weather machine washable cushions for all-season durability and featuring beautiful honey brown hues with tight wood grain, its design will look great while relaxing and unwinding in any backyard setting. Choose between different seat height options so you can find your ideal spot.

IPE wood is another fantastic choice for long-lasting, low maintenance outdoor furniture. This dense tropical hardwood is resistant to rot, fungus, insects and other forms of damage; like teak it withstands most climates without needing extra treatments or upkeep; however it may be heavier which may make moving and repositioning easier than usual.

Outer’s conversation patio furniture is specially tailored to suit small backyards, rooftops, patios and decks. Each modular seating set comes equipped with fade-proof fabric cushions that are stain-proof, stain-resistant and water-resistant for ultimate comfort and rearranging convenience. Each piece also comes equipped with an OuterShell that rolls out to protect cushions from raindrops, pollen and dirt accumulation while doubles as storage case when not in use.


Aluminum patio furniture offers low maintenance requirements, thanks to its resistance against rusting and powder-coated finishes that create an appealing finish. They’re lightweight, making it easy for transport or storage; but this kind of seating may be vulnerable to chips and scratches without proper protection such as cushions or covers.

If your outdoor space receives direct sun exposure, aluminum furniture may become hot to the touch and uncomfortable for use, reducing its lifespan as well as impacting its ability to provide dining or entertaining space. To safeguard fabric against damage from heat and sunlight rays it’s recommended that protective covers are utilized on such items.

Aluminium outdoor furniture can make an equally suitable option, since its lighter weight makes it easier to lift. Furthermore, aluminum has the added advantage of remaining intact even in windy areas and being less prone to breakage if hit by objects.

One of the many advantages of powder coated furniture is that it requires little in the way of maintenance or cleaning. Simply spray down with water from a garden hose or wipe down with mild soap solution to maintain its appearance, or wipe with automotive wax designed to protect and preserve powder coatings if it develops scratches.

Aluminum furniture’s versatility extends beyond the home to include pairing it with comfortable outdoor cushions to make an ultra-comfortable seating arrangement. Customers love how soft fabrics contrast against hard metal to provide an appealing contrast that many customers appreciate. Plush cushions add color to make your patio more welcoming!


Synthetic resin wicker furniture offers both casual and modern decor styles an ideal way to blend in. Resembling natural wicker but boasting much greater strength and durability. Many pieces also include aluminum frames to extend its longevity.

Resin wicker furniture is lightweight yet withstands most weather conditions well, featuring tight weave patterns that prevent any potential damages to occur and easy care requirements for washing. Be sure to buy only high quality HDPE resin wicker instead of PVC synthetics which could crack and dry out over time.

Synthetic wicker furniture can be used indoors or out due to its durability and resistance to sunlight; it makes an excellent alternative to natural wicker which can easily succumb to rain, snow or moisture damage.

Synthetic wicker furniture is created from a polymer that has been interlaced with fibers to emulate natural wicker in appearance, then coated with epoxy resin for strength. Once dry, it may then be pressed for strength before being combined with high performance cushions filled with soy-based products to reduce petroleum usage in its manufacturing.


If your wicker furniture doesn’t look quite as new, a fresh cushion might just do the trick to bring its original beauty back. Or add decorative pillows for even greater impact; try choosing ones in hues similar to patio decor or including natural elements such as leaves or branches for maximum visual impact; the natural hues of fabric will coordinate perfectly with planters and garden designs to tie everything together seamlessly.

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for wicker furniture that has seen better days, especially if it has been sitting idle. Just be sure to use outdoor-safe paint, since regular household spray cans will damage its fibers and cause it to fray or crack. Depending on its style, choose colors which won’t fade easily such as dark brown or green to help protect it against sun fading and wear and tear.

Or you could add new color by painting its frame. Just be wary; getting the hue exactly right may require professional advice before embarking on this DIY journey! Another way to revive worn out wicker chairs is placing them in partially shaded environments where their cool temperatures will help prevent their strands from sagging or drying out over time.

Another great way to give wicker sofas new life is pairing them with plants. The texture of leaves and fronds will serve as an eye-catching contrast against its smooth surface, giving your furniture the illusion that it has received an entire facelift!

A minimalist patio scheme requires choosing furniture in shades that complement pavers, gravel, walls and structural planting. This will create an airy yet refined effect ideal for modern backyard design. Chairs and benches with bold hues that work well under bright sunlight should also be considered options; bright yellows, azure blues and rich oranges make great options when choosing modern outdoor design pieces.