Cinder Block Patio Furniture

Cinder block patio furniture is an easy and cost-effective way to add seating to any backyard, providing seating solutions at an attractive price point. Easy assembly makes this stylish furniture both durable and affordable.

Before beginning to glue the blocks, place a tarp or plastic over the ground to avoid paint splatters and dry fit all blocks to ensure they fit seamlessly together and correctly in their respective spaces.

Easy to assemble

Cinder block patio tables or garden benches are one of the easiest projects you can undertake on your own, without needing to involve professional services or hardware stores. Plus, you’re free to customize its design according to your style and space; make yours modern or rustic, add cushions for additional comfort if desired!

Cinder blocks can also be a popular choice for creating planters. These simple structures can be assembled quickly and look fantastic in any garden or backyard space; their height can easily be adjusted according to individual tastes, making them great decorative pieces or additions that protect plants from the elements. You can add a roof for additional protection.

Cinder block benches are another popular DIY project. Not only can they add style and affordability to any outdoor area, they are relatively cost-effective to produce using either wood or reclaimed cinder blocks as the building material. You can paint these benches to match any decor while they offer very comfortable seating solutions.

To build a cinder block bench, begin by constructing a four-block base. Next, apply concrete adhesive to one small side of one cinder block before placing it atop of this base so that its adhesive-coated end faces away from the long side of your base. Repeat this process with all three blocks.

Once your blocks have been assembled, add wooden planks for the seat. Allow for plenty of leg room by leaving some distance between each plank; once your bench is complete, paint it using outdoor spray paint to cover any exposed construction adhesives.

Create a stunning cinder block coffee table to match the decor in either your bedroom or living area, creating an original piece that will enhance both spaces. This project requires minimal materials and time – perfect for DIY enthusiasts looking for a fun DIY challenge!


Cinder block is one of the toughest materials for creating outdoor furniture and it is easy to maintain. Perfect for benches and dining tables alike, as well as planters; popular among landscapers; with multiple colors to add a unique flair to any backyard!

Cinder blocks can be found at any hardware store for an affordable price. Friends and family may have extras lying around too! When handling heavy cinder blocks, be sure to wear protective gear such as gloves and steel-toe boots; lifting can lead to broken feet if handled incorrectly! Likewise, before beginning any project it’s wise to ensure you have all necessary supplies; doing this will avoid making unnecessary trips back and forth from stores and suppliers.

Before beginning to assemble your cinder block bench, be sure to spread out a tarp for protection of the surrounding area and to protect any plants or objects nearby from overspray of paint. In addition, you will require a paint brush, face mask (if spray painting), rubber gloves and possibly even an extra drop cloth in case any leakages occur during assembly.

Once your foundation is laid out, apply a generous layer of mortar or adhesive on top of each block to secure them in place. Place two cinder blocks atop of the first row with their hollow side facing up so as to place more layers above it and secure with additional adhesive or mortar as soon as this second layer has been put into place.

Once your cinder block bench is finished, it’s time to decorate it! Choose any color you’d like, add seat cushions for maximum comfort, place flower pots on either side to give a unique aesthetic, and place decorative pillows for additional seating – this DIY project takes only hours! Plus! It’s even quick!


Cinder block furniture can add visual interest and personality to your backyard. From outdoor benches and fire pits to dining tables and firepits, cinder block furniture offers endless creative opportunities in terms of visual interest and personality! Easy assembly, durable construction and paintable surface options all combine to make this furniture perfect for matching the decor in any space – an opportunity for DIY enthusiasts and creative types alike to unleash their inner artist.

Cinder blocks offer an inexpensive and creative solution to growing plants in your garden or patio, making them an economical way to do so. They can also be stacked as stairs to lead up to backyard seating areas or pools, painted any color from bold hues to subtle tones, stained with different stains for an aged effect and painted with paint that gives your blocks their own individual personality.

Cement block projects offer another creative twist: creating a planter/counter combination is another fun cinder block DIY idea, perfect for succulents or low maintenance plants like herbs. Or you could make an entire bench featuring built-in planters! This project can easily be completed within several hours by families with kids! Just wait 24 hours after finishing before using your bench as glue needs time to cure!

When crafting cinder block furniture, selecting the ideal materials is of utmost importance. If using your block as a seat, for instance, make sure it is weather-resistant and comfortable so that it remains safe regardless of weather conditions. Furthermore, concrete sealer can help protect its surface against moisture and sunlight – essential considerations when building furniture from cinder blocks!

Cinder blocks can make an ideal material choice when building walls and structures in your yard, such as retaining walls, foundations and garden walls. Cinder block structures often combine with other materials like wood or brick for additional strength. Furthermore, they’re popular choices when creating fences and patio covers.


If you’re searching for ways to save money while adding an original look to your backyard, building cinder block furniture may be just what’s needed. Not only are these pieces affordable and straightforward to create – there are tutorials online to get you going – but you’ll be able to add personalization via paint or accessories if desired!

Cinder blocks can be used for many kinds of furniture, from chairs and tables to benches and even bed frames if cost is an issue. Thanks to its elegant aesthetics, cinder blocks fit right in with a variety of decor styles.

Use cinder blocks to construct your patio and add cushions and pillows for additional comfort and style. Cinder blocks are sturdy enough to withstand the elements and will remain standing for many years, providing excellent outdoor seating without needing regular maintenance or replacements.

Cinder block furniture’s beauty lies in its versatility: you can easily customize and create it yourself! DIY cinder block furniture makes an eye-catching statement in any yard and is an affordable solution compared to other forms of furnishings – plus, creating your own piece allows your creativity to blossom! Plus, this DIY furniture project provides great exercise for developing artistic muscles.

Cinder block patio furniture has become a trendy trend in home design. The minimalist style makes cinder block ideal for those who appreciate raw materials and bold textures, creating an eye-catching yet modern aesthetic that can be further personalized by vibrant art, books, accessories or potted plants and herbs displayed on it. Plus it’s highly affordable and long-term durable so can easily fit into various rooms within your home!

If DIY isn’t your cup of tea, pre-made cinder block furniture can be found online and at local retailers alike. Choose the color and size that best matches your home or garden; once painted with weather-resistant acrylic latex paint.