Protect Your Outdoor Patio Furniture With Cushions

outdoor patio furniture cushions

Your outdoor patio furniture‘s appearance and feel are further enhanced with high-quality cushions from various fabrics that have been treated to resist moisture, mildew and sun rays. These cushions come in various designs that add depth and character.

Precisely measure the shape and dimensions of your cushion to achieve the best fit possible. Choose fabric texture, style, durability (or skip this step if only need foam), then FoamOrder will size and cut custom outdoor cushions specifically designed to meet your needs.


Outdoor vinyl furniture cushions have quickly become extremely popular due to their durability and affordability, being easy to care for while withstanding harsh elements. Vinyl upholstery fabrics are abrasion resistant and come in both tasteful neutrals and bold darks for easy matching in high traffic areas. In comparison to cotton, vinyl has lower absorbency levels preventing any long term moisture buildup; therefore preventing mildew/mold growth from taking hold over time.

Acrylic fabrics offer a more luxurious experience than vinyl; they’re lightweight yet still incredibly durable, fade-resistant fabrics ideal for patio chair cushion fabrics. Light and breathable, you can enjoy being outdoors without overheating or cooling off quickly. When purchasing solution-dyed varieties of acrylic fabrics to ensure they last long-term and remain vibrant over time.

Sunbrella fabric makes an excellent addition to patio seat cushions, with its high performance tightly woven weaving designed to repel water while protecting the foam in your cushions from exposure to direct sunlight. Sun rays won’t even penetrate this layer allowing you to relax in your backyard oasis with complete peace of mind!

To prevent mildew and mold from growing on outdoor vinyl furniture cushions, regularly wipe them down with a solution of Borax, mild detergent and warm water to keep them clean and smelling fresh. Storing them away when not in use will also extend their lifespan and keep them looking brand new for years.

Protecting outdoor furniture from the elements takes the right materials and care, but can extend its lifespan while keeping its beauty. By covering and protecting cushions from rain and dirt, they’ll stay looking their best all summer long – they’re ready for whatever comes their way! With just a bit of TLC from you, your cushions will be set for their next big party!

Cotton Canvas

When shopping for outdoor furniture cushions, be sure to pay attention to their materials of construction. Cheap fabrics can lead to mold growth and fade faster, decreasing their lifespan over time.

Quality manufacturers often offer stylish yet long-lasting fabric options, featuring waterproof coatings to withstand the elements, fade-resistant colors that won’t lose their vibrancy over time, and waterproof coatings for waterproof protection.

One of the most widely-used materials used for outdoor furniture cushion fabrics is polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). This durable and water-resistant thread won’t stain easily, and its resistance to melting makes it an excellent choice when exposed to food or beverage spills.

Cotton canvas is another cost-effective and water-repellant material to consider for outdoor cushion materials, being inexpensive and water resistant as well. However, its durability lags behind synthetics; mold and mildew growth is commonplace and should be protected with waterproof sealant annually to extend its longevity.

Woven polyester fabric makes an excellent mid-grade option for outdoor cushion fabrics, offering durability and easy care, but may become hot when exposed directly to sunlight. Woven polypropylene offers similar qualities but better weather protection; this material is commonly found on outdoor pool furniture cushions or boat covers.

If you want the ultimate luxury experience, consider cushions made of Sunbrella fabric. This patented solution-dyed acrylic yarn locks color into its yarn so it will never fade or wear over time; additionally it is 100% waterproof, mold and mildew resistant and chlorine safe; making this premium material one that will stand the test of time for many years to come. Although more expensive upfront, Sunbrella cushions will outlive their counterparts by many years!

Comfort should also be a top consideration in selecting fabric for outdoor cushions, and this includes checking their dimensions and whether or not they’re reversible, which will enable you to switch up their pattern by simply flipping over. Quality foam fill can provide support for both back and neck issues; different densities are available depending on personal taste.

Solution-Dyed Acrylic

If you’re searching for outdoor fabrics to protect against fading and mildew, solution dyed acrylic fabrics like Sunbrella may be your answer. Their solution dyeing process involves mixing pigment with liquid acrylic before professionals spin it into yarn to achieve deep saturation of color that won’t fade over time – creating soft yet breathable fabric resistant to mold growth, chlorine water treatment, salt water exposure, UV radiation exposure, as well as chlorine bleach cleaning agents and UV rays.

Solution-dyed acrylic fabrics not only protect against the elements, but are soft to the touch as well. Water repelling properties make solution dyed acrylic fabrics ideal for outdoor patio furniture cushions – providing quick drying times as well. However, as acrylic fabrics can be flammable you should ensure you keep any outdoor cushions away from open flames to ensure safety for everyone involved.

Olefin fabric first came into use during the 1950s. You’ll find this inexpensive, recyclable material used everywhere from milk jugs to outdoor cushions and rugs – from milk jugs to milk bottles! Constructed of recycled plastics and other human-made substances, olefin makes an eco-friendly choice with long-term resilience that won’t fray or pill easily and is resistant to water, mold and mildew growth as well.

Olefin may not be as durable as cotton or linen, but it remains an economical and long-term outdoor fabric solution. Plus, its hypoallergenic qualities make it great for those with sensitive skin as it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals!

Spun polyester outdoor upholstery fabric offers another cost-cutting alternative. Breathable and quick to dry, spun polyester is similar to acrylic linen but less costly; its advantages include being breathable and drying quickly while still being absorbent enough to wick away rain or moisture quickly. However, for optimal use it’s wiser to select UV protected fabric or spray its UV spray onto it for extended lifespan and less sun damage.