How to Choose Custom Patio Furniture

Custom outdoor seating will help your hotel meet its hospitality design goals and deliver an outstanding guest experience. Discover how you can select custom pieces that complement both its space and brand identity.

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Custom outdoor furniture offers unparalleled comfort due to precision machinery paired with skilled craftsmanship that goes into each piece. When lounging in a chair or recliner, custom pieces support your body by conforming to its natural contours for a more relaxing sitting experience.

Fabric plays an integral role in creating comfort from furniture. Some fabrics are specifically crafted to withstand everyday damages caused by use, like red wine stains and sun fading; and are even treated to prevent moisture seeping through cushions into frames for easy cleaning.

Add custom-designed seat and back cushions to increase the comfort of your custom furniture for an added layer of support. These cushions can be tailored specifically to your preferences when it comes to fabric, welting and foam – from colors to patterns! You can even mix and match patterns – just remember to maintain an appropriate color palette so as not to create an untidy appearance!


Durability should always be your top priority when purchasing outdoor furniture for either personal use or commercial properties, such as hotels, restaurants and other establishments. Load testing provides an effective means of testing furniture’s durability under different conditions by simulating various conditions and observing its response; then assess its ability to resist corrosion and damage.

Aluminum outdoor furniture is lightweight yet strong, making it a popular choice among many. It resists rusting and can easily be repaired and customized; scratches or blemishes can be removed using sanding or buffing, with powder coating being an ideal finish that resists UV radiation without chipping or peeling off over time.

Steel furniture is another durable option that’s both heavy and sturdy, offering exceptional support under pressure and being easy to weld. However, being exposed to the elements could cause it to rust; to protect its finish from this possibility, you’ll need to cover it in some sort of protective covering that prevents this process.

Steel furniture may respond to its surroundings by becoming hot or cold to touch, which may lead customers to keep it covered with protective covers or move it during extreme weather conditions. This could become a nuisance for customers and require them to keep it covered or move it when extreme conditions prevail.

Plastic patio furniture is often constructed of recycled materials and lasts for decades without fading or cracking, not to mention being eco-friendly – which attracts many customers. Plastic is removed from landfills, cleaned up and broken down into pellets before melting down with colorants and UV inhibitors added during manufacturing process.

Wood furniture can become vulnerable to rotting, mold and mildew over time; to ensure its longevity you should periodically apply a water-resistant finish and add two coats of wax twice annually to protect it from sun damage and maintain its aesthetic value. Lindsay Schleis of POLYWOOD recommends applying two layers each year of protective wax coating.


Patio furniture is essential to outdoor lifestyle, whether that means morning coffee indulging or cocktail parties and sunset cuddles with someone special. When outfitted with attractive rugs, throw pillows, ottomans and custom furniture pieces – your patio can look like a chic retreat.

Custom furniture can be created specifically to fit into your outdoor space perfectly, eliminating gaps that would leave it looking disorganized and disjointed. Plus, there’s a range of colors and styles to choose from: classic to contemporary pieces can meet every taste!

As part of your customized patio set selection process, the first step should be identifying what type of seating you prefer. A conversational set typically consists of a table and chairs made from traditional materials such as aluminum or wrought iron; this option is best for homeowners who value traditional aesthetics and styles.

Lounge sets provide a more relaxing option than conversational furniture and are an excellent way to entertain guests in comfort and style. Typically comprising of a sofa, loveseat, chaise lounge and coffee table – such pieces may also feature different materials like wicker or rattan!

For something a bit more modern, try investing in a sectional patio furniture set. They are flexible enough to adapt to any size patio and typically include matching ottomans for creating cozy seating arrangements ideal for both entertaining and relaxing.

Bar-height sets are an increasingly popular option when it comes to patio furniture, offering taller seating for hosting backyard events and extra convenience than standard sets. Most bar-height sets typically come with both bar stools and tables for easy storage and display.

When choosing a patio set, the final factor to keep in mind is aesthetic. Different manufacturers often feature their own signature styles; make sure that it matches with your personal taste.

Neutral colors and pale woods are currently the go-to choices for patio furniture trends, as these shades complement numerous interior design styles and can create an airy and refreshing patio aesthetic. On the other hand, brighter hues can give your space more personality; bright colors may also work well when surrounding by trees or greenery.


Custom patio furniture adds value to your home because it’s made to last and be more durable, often made of high-grade materials and available in multiple styles that can enhance its aesthetic while simultaneously making guests feel special – which further boosts its worth.

When purchasing custom furniture, it is essential that you carefully consider your space requirements. Select pieces that will fit seamlessly in your outdoor area without leaving large gaps between pieces – this will ensure they are both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. In addition, consider purchasing decorative accessories, like area rugs or accent pillows, to complete the look of your space.

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When hosting a backyard barbeque or party, seating can often be an issue. Instead of renting dining room chairs or plastic “stackables”, consider installing seat walls as permanent seating solutions to your stamped concrete patio – they also make great walkways or raised garden enclosures! With these versatile yet stylish walls in place, your backyard can become a functional space that impresses guests and adds value.