Patio Furniture Weights Keep Chairs and Tables From Blowing Away

Patio furniture weights prevent chairs and tables from blowing away in strong winds. They allow homeowners and restaurants to take full advantage of outdoor living without fear of their furniture getting dislodged by strong gusts of wind.

Aluminum does not rust like steel does and can even be treated with powder coating for added durability and lightweight compared to iron.

Bungee Cords

bungee cords may provide an effective and inexpensive solution to keep light outdoor furniture secure during strong winds. Bungee cords are an easy and cost-effective solution, available in different lengths to meet various security needs – as well as being color options to match patio furniture or home decor schemes.

Some types of bungee cords are specifically designed to secure patio furniture. This may involve saddle-style bungees that can be easily slipped over the arms and back of chairs to secure them, sand bags that wrap around table legs or chairs and waterproof versions that can be placed into chair seats in case it rains, and you could also make do-it-yourself furniture weights using plastic bins filled with water or sand and attached them directly underneath chairs, sofas or tables – or you could simply create DIY weights using plastic bins filled with water or sand to secure tables and chairs!

Bungee cords are widely used for tying down tents, tarps and rain flies. Their primary function is reducing stress on eyelets by holding them securely, as well as providing added stability during high winds. Most often they come equipped with a polyester sheath resistant to abrasions, oils, ultraviolet radiation and wear for durability and safety purposes.

Use bungee cords to bind multiple pieces together for extra security in stormy weather and create a bulky mass that won’t easily shift from wind gusts. As an additional measure, secure pieces to immovable objects in your yard such as trees or poles for further assurance.

Bungee cords offer an effective yet discreet method for holding down outdoor furniture covers, especially chairs that tend to fling off during strong gusts of wind. When selecting covers made of heavy fabric and with tight fitting seams, it is vital that bungee cords don’t allow water seepage in through seams which could potentially cause further damage.


When the wind strikes, an improperly secured table or chair could topple over and cause injury as it hits, damaging furniture and outdoor structures in its path. Even gentle summer breezes can create hazardous conditions, and should it pick up suddenly a lightweight table or chair can become airborne and fly across a balcony or through a window; but simple solutions exist that could save this patio furniture from becoming airborne.

Stakes can help keep outdoor furniture from flying away on grassy patios or lawns. A straightforward method for using stakes to secure chairs or tables from flying off includes anchoring them around their legs with heavy-duty garden stakes or special screw-in deck anchors that provide additional security – this makes the area around these legs as dense as possible, preventing wind from pulling it over by pulling on it directly and sending it flying over.

Consider lashing chairs and tables together so they provide more mass against wind than an individual chair or table alone – particularly useful for large patio sets with multiple chairs or tables, yet easily achievable with some bungee cords.

Instead of placing chairs directly on the ground, sandbags may help. You can purchase these at gardening or home improvement stores, or you could DIY by filling a large sack with sand and tying it to chairs yourself. There are even umbrella-weight bags that wrap around an umbrella’s base to provide stability during high winds – great for protecting top-heavy umbrellas from toppling over but still suitable for any patio furniture piece!


An unexpected gust of wind can quickly uproot patio furniture or outdoor umbrellas from their spots. While it would be ideal to bring these pieces indoors during stormy conditions, this may not always be feasible or practical. Therefore, there are ways you can secure it to prevent it from blowing away.

Sandbags provide an inexpensive and straightforward way to add weight to the legs of furniture. Filled with sand, gravel, pebbles or other items – some saddle-style bags may even feature straps attached directly to their pole bases for secure placement – they can provide extra support and further protect its legs.

Bungee cords can also be an affordable and accessible way to secure furniture, readily available at most hardware stores and big box retailers. Bungee cords can be used either to tie individual pieces of furniture together, or bind them securely against something nonmoving like walls, fence posts, or stair railings – in fact stretchy bungee cords may even help create bulkier masses that resist wind movement more effectively than loose furniture can do.

Though not as secure, this method works well in grassy areas that do not feature roofs or structures overhead. Sand anchors are set into the ground, then used to secure furniture using chains or cables passing through an opening of one anchor and through part of it – then secured using either padlocks, combination locks, or other locks.

Consider circular patio furniture weights as an inexpensive and more stylish alternative to sandbags for use as patio weights. These lightweight weights are designed to securely sit under almost any umbrella or furniture pole while looking great. Available either empty for you to fill yourself, or prefilled and factory sealed – there’s sure to be one available that meets your needs!

Dense Plants

Densely-packed woods like teak, cedar or old-growth cypress tend to be more resilient against weathering than their counterparts; however, these pieces still require periodic upkeep in order to prevent rot and mildew build-up. Look for materials that resist mildew quickly while being easy to clean, such as polyester fiberfill which is machine-washable but mold resistant or earthquake gel which prevents outdoor furniture from blowing away in windy conditions.

Windbreak plantings provide another option, blocking wind in specific areas with dense shrubbery or small trees that act like windbreakers and also provide decorative touches in your landscape design. Dense plantings also help manage weeds more effectively.