Best Time to Buy Patio Furniture

No matter if it’s an outdoor dining table or sofa set, getting the best value for your money is always key. Therefore, shopping during an off-peak season to avoid overspending on furniture purchases.

It’s best to purchase patio furniture in August through October as sale items come down in price as the season nears its conclusion.


Are You Planning on Transforming Your Backyard into an Enchanted Sanctuary with New Patio Furniture Pieces This Spring? For optimal prices and selection, spring is an ideal time of year to shop. Prices can fluctuate based on seasonal demand and other factors so don’t be discouraged from shopping at other times as well!

As patio furniture becomes increasingly popular during the summer season, demand can create higher prices from retailers competing for your business. But with careful research online and early purchases of quality outdoor pieces in early summer can help avoid crowds and the possibility that something popular might sell out by season’s end.

As winter draws near, retailers begin clearing inventory and offering sales. Now is an excellent opportunity to grab that perfect fire pit table, patio dining chairs or deep seating you have been eyeing for your patio remodel project!

Retailers offer special sales on holidays like Mother’s Day and Memorial Day as well as major shopping days such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so keep an eye out for special promotions to save on patio furniture sets you will cherish for years! Keep checking their websites frequently or sign up for their email newsletter to be alerted of upcoming sales – you could save big! Happy Shopping!


In terms of patio furniture, it’s wise to first take into account how you plan on using your outdoor space. For instance, if you plan on hosting backyard barbecues and are searching for dining sets before hammocks or porch swings. Once you know which pieces you wish to add to your patio space, taking time in finding the best prices will yield excellent returns.

Early spring is often the optimal time for purchasing patio furniture, as stores try to clear out their inventory ahead of summer’s arrival. You can find some amazing bargains online as many sites allow shoppers to subscribe to email lists or follow social media pages allowing them to be among the first informed when seasonal sales campaigns begin.

Summer marks an increase in demand for patio furniture, often driving up prices significantly. If you prefer thrifty shopping, it may be best to postpone making any purchases until after August 1st.

If you are set on purchasing outdoor furniture, then now may be the time. Patio furniture remains popular but retailers and big box stores want to clear out old inventory before winter hits; as a result, August through October is often when amazing deals on patio furniture become available.

Take advantage of holiday sales like Black Friday and Cyber Week to purchase patio furniture at steep discounts, while many ecommerce retailers run seasonal sales throughout the year.


As summer fades and cooler weather sets in, your attention may turn towards fall decorating and holiday shopping. But for outdoor space remodelling enthusiasts looking to redo their outdoor space this is also an opportune time to begin shopping for patio furniture – retailers will begin placing sets on sale to clear space for fall/winter items which could mean amazing deals for buyers!

From August to October, patio furniture prices begin dropping drastically as stores clear out inventory to make room for new products. By late October, you could save up to 70% off original price – making for an incredible deal!

Timing your purchase right is key when it comes to finding an amazing patio furniture deal. If you know exactly what item(s) you want and know which store or retailer offers it, sign up for their email newsletters and follow them on social media to stay abreast of sales as they happen. Many stores also host seasonal sales promotions like Black Friday and Cyber Monday that may offer great patio furniture bargains!

If you’re considering overhauling your outdoor furniture, now might be an opportune time to purchase. When the colder months hit, most people spend less money on their outdoor spaces as they turn their focus more toward indoor decorating – meaning less demand for patio furniture, which reduces its need to sell at full price.

However, if you’re more focused on value than aesthetics with your patio furniture selection, spring and summer may be your best options for shopping patio furniture. By searching online for quality pieces being released by designers to make way for new season’s collections, you could potentially score some unbelievable deals during these seasons.


Your patio furniture should look good and last, whether that means purchasing sleek chaise lounge chairs, an Adirondack chair and side table combination made from wood, or luxurious wicker sofa sets. However, keeping in mind your budget when making major purchases – particularly those designed to last outdoors – is of utmost importance.

Spring and summer tend to be ideal times for purchasing patio furniture. Many individuals are in search of outdoor pieces to add flair to their patio spaces for barbecues, pool parties and other summertime festivities; therefore, these seasons tend to see patio furniture prices at their highest.

Waiting until fall can bring amazing deals on patio furniture. Many retailers, both online and at physical locations, will be clearing out their inventory from last summer in order to make way for fall-season items, providing significant discounts – often up to 70 percent or more off of original retail price!

If you have your eye on specific pieces of patio furniture, signing up for email lists and social media accounts of merchants that sell these products could be useful in being first to know when sales start up again – that way, you could snag your favorite set of rattan chairs or all-weather sectionals before they’re gone!

It all depends on your particular circumstances and needs – for those seeking the newest models and styles, March or April is usually when manufacturers release their new releases; otherwise it might be best to wait until August when sales become available in full force.